CrackBerry Podcast 062: 2010 BlackBerry Year in Review Special!!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2010 03:09 pm EST

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That's it. 2010 is history. Following up on last year's 2009 year-end special, we jumped on the podcast lines this morning to take a look back and say farewell to the 2010 BlackBerry year. It was definitely an interesting 365 days for RIM. The company has seen its greatest success ever in terms of units shipped/sales/profit, yet at the same time has had to deal with more competition and changing consumer tastes.

We go through it all in this one, including our thoughts on what we may see in 2011, so sit back, grab some bubbly, and listen to Adam, Bla1ze, Joseph and myself ring in the New Year CrackBerry style! Enjoy the show, and Happy New Year! 

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CrackBerry Podcast 062: 2010 BlackBerry Year in Review Special!!


Around the 74 minute mark, Kevin starts to talk about RIM should take on what Apple does which is make one phone per year but for each family of device. RIM definitely needs to do this but the thing that ultimately hurts them are the EXCLUSIVES.

If RIM stopped doing the exclusives, they would be so much more successful in North America. I'm sure that there are tons of people that wanted to buy a Torch but were not willing to switch to AT&T.

RIM has so much potential but they seem to be so out of touch at this point that they may not really get rolling until 2012 or 2013 which is WAY too long.... seriously.

I'm glad Kevin was back, the podcast without him (other than his brief appearance) just wasn't the same.... On another note I totally vote for Joseph being a podcast regular from now on, he has been a great addition over the past few!

If you look to some of the older CrackBerry videos on YouTube, and also some older CrackBerry podcasts, Kevin has had (various) iPhone's for quite a while, and while I personally consider myself a die-hard CrackBerry addict, I also have 2 iPhones, both of which I use to kill off idle time with when I'm horribly bored and don't have any BBMs in need of a response. c:

It's impossible to speak about other platforms (which we often do) without owning at least one of them. The difference is tools and toys, lol.

I never listened to the older podcasts. I just started listening, albeit occasionally, approximately around July.

Likewise. I love RIM/BlackBerry as well, and I too bought an iPhone recently. However, I ended up selling it for the very reasons I bought it; to kill time doing things I didn't have to. Whether it was web browsing, watching videos, listening to music, holding it in my hand whenever I was out so people could see I had an iPhone etc etc. It took me about a month to realize my life was much better with BlackBerry, even with the limitations of the OS and hardware, and I was more productive.

It speaks volumes that even those of us which love RIM/BlackBerry and REALLY want them to succeed knows that we could have it much better in a lot of areas somewhere else. But that, of course, is not very logical. Logical, nonetheless, but not very. If that was the case we would sell/trade many things in our life just to have the best out there that we could. 'Mom, I could have a better mom, so I'm going to trade you in for a new Mom 6000.'

Have to keep in mind that not everyone that voted in the blogs may have made their way into the forums, and also in your poll you didn't separate the Bold 9650 and Bold 9780 so the numbers could be a bit skewed on that aspect :)

Kevin said he has a BB and an iphone for wasting time. Whew. For a second there I was thinking I was a freak for carrying around both. :)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Users finally gets the Official OS6 from Verizon, please make sure to podcast this announcement on your next podcast in case people are uninformed, Thanks and keep up the awesome great work guys!