CrackBerry Podcast 060: Verbal BlackBerry Bold 9780 review, BB6 debate, rumors & more!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2010 07:21 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast

Finally!! It's been just over six weeks since our last podcast (my bad - I blame CB Redesign as soaking up all my time), which means we cover a lot of good stuff in this show. While my written BlackBerry Bold 9780 review will be hitting the blogs soon (Monday Tuesday, don't miss it!), in the mean time you can listen to our verbal review.

We dive into this discussion just a few minutes in. From there, we cover a bunch of other BlackBerry talk of late, including the Kik craziness, BlackBerry Style and Pearl 3G user impressions, and some of the latest rumors for things to come in 2011. Unfortunately Craig couldn't make this one as we recorded during the day, but we had CrackBerry Idol runner-up Joseph Holder fill in.

We hope you enjoy episode 60. And we PROMISE to be back before the end of 2010 with our super duper Best of 2010 year end show!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 060: Verbal BlackBerry Bold 9780 review, BB6 debate, rumors & more!


Haha.  I was hoping no one would notice (missed it until just now, myself).  It was my first podcast.  (insert sheepish grin).

Kevin, I've been using a 9700 with the leak for OS6 and haven't had any of your glitches. I swear these devices all have unique I definitely don't see any significant reasons for anyone to upgrade to a 9780. Thanks for the Podcast, enjoyed it!

Could os5 be loaded on the 9780? Hence a return of full functionality with the 9780 hardware upgrades :)

Great show! Until the last few minutes anyways, then it seemed to lose focus. There doesn't need to be a strict format or line up of subjects, necessarily, but everybody being focused on the conversation, whatever it's about, is very helpful. Even if you're just talking about what brand of jeans you wear, actually having a real conversation is what makes the difference between a good podcast and a not so good of one.
I really liked the in-site and comments concerning the likes and dislikes of OS 6 on a non-touch screen and the back story on the Kik situation. I do hope we don't have to wait another 6 weeks for the next show.
And as far as your proposed pole is concerned, whether we would listen to a show without Crackberry Kevin, which one of you is Kevin? :)


Not sure who is slower; Crackberry coming out with Podcasts or RIM coming out with new technology!

Nothing but love CB crew!

yay!! after a long wait... thought CB has given up on their podcast.. love your podcast wish it was more weekly based or biweekly.. anyways great podcast hope to hear from you guys more often ^^

OMG here I thought that the podcast was over or that you were waiting for the Playbook and QNX.
PLEASE have one every week even if Kevin is not on it. Sorry Kevin but seeing so much news and no podcast for 6 dam weeks drove me nuts if Kevin is on every other week than I think that works just fine. Come on guys TiPb is on two times a week (some times three) every week even with one person sometimes, I much rather have a podcast rather than no podcast.

I can see kevin is feeling what others are feeling about rim outdated os and bugs they can't ever fix. I love my droid x. Unless rim does something better im not going back. What about angry birds for bb nope device is to weak.

Odd, it's not showing up on my BB Podcast app, even when I refresh the podcast list :-/

Can't wait to listen to it once it shows up.

Loved the show! Im so glad I won the book! (Donnie Jett) Keep the podcast coming. They are the highlight of my podcast listening (Even when off subject)

No offence Kevin, Id listen without you being on just to get the podcast. It would not be the same, but Id survive. Maybe you could call in for a while like you did while on vacation that time. Better if you were there, but either way...

Also, I went back to the 9700 after the Torch to try out OS6 and I dont mind it. I'm with you guys about the views though. Funny thing, I touched the screen twice right after installing OS6!

thats funny the 9780 is having that issue with the back light not going out all the way. I had the same issue with 9700 on OS6 I targeted to the Bedside Mode function.. Setting ur phone back in bedside mode and then taking it back off will fix the issue on the 9700. So you dont have to shut down the device.. Thanks so much for your review, That really makes me not want a 9780 after all. After downgrading back to OS5 I can also concur it is much more productive.

Great to see the podcast back! With Blaze writing for Android Central and Craig appearing on the Android Central podcast is was starting to get a little depressing around here! Even with the nice re-design of the site. I really hope RIM can get a move on with integrating QNX into their phone lineup. They are already missing this holiday season with the playbook and there are tons of storm users with upgrades burning holes in their pockets and they want a storm 3 or new blackberry touchscreen to get their hands on. Especially on VZW. Sad to say people are leaving crackberry in droves to go to Android Central. Stop the bleeding RIM!

I'm sorry but this podcast seemed a bit lame and unfocused; just a bunch of guys chatting in front of a PS3 or something.

To be honest Kevin your 9780 is screwed up because of the plethora of junk apps you've probably running on it. I've had my 9780 - Rogers 1day before official release [stores' stock at Skydome].

Backlight time out works, no issues. Battery life is still king like 9700. haven't had need to pull battery yet. The browser is INCREDIBLE even vs the mths I've used the IP4 or 6mths using IP3GS.

I'll agree about the transitions to other screens [ALL> Favourites> Media> Downloads> etc] but why not adjust your layout, sensor sensitivity, or even turn ON keyboard app launch shortcuts.

I get the feeling you're complaining over something you've wanted so much for months - and doing so ONLY because your kick-back cheque was not as big as you where expecting. I said this is a "feeling" I have; if this was Engadget I'd point to this ONLY as being the sole reason - so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Stop complaining about such a great device and look for a solution because they exist, please. BTW: I'm more efficient using the BB6 vs BB5 and I've been using and troubleshooting [BES] BB's for the past 5yrs.

There is one thing I've been looking for yet haven't found a solution - but that is another thread. PS: show some 9780 love.

I've been using OS6(358) on my Bold 9700 and have really enjoyed it. I see a few glitches. When I use social apps and view an RSS feed, the post doesn't display or takes a long time to appear. I've found that by entering options and then backing out immediately, I can get each post to display. This issue makes me miss running Viigo. Other than that, I've only noticed two othre issues that stand out. Textbox copy paste appears to be missing in a few spots. Finally reduced memory was an expected issue which is a bit of a bear.

Overall OS6 just feels smoother to me than OS5. I'm hoping the memory issues are improved in official releases. The browser is definitely worth the other annoyances for me at this point. I would love to have a Bold 9780, but due to current economics, I think I'll wait a while to upgrade.

Regarding the scroll sensitivity and views annoyance. Have you tried changing the horizontal scroll sensitivity in options? I suspect that with a little tweeking, you can reduce your inadvertent view shuffling. [ Options > Typing and Input > Trackpad sensitivity ]

My settings default to 60 for both Horizontal and Vertical. I tested briefly and it seems that reducing the horizontal sensitivity setting to 40 helped. I haven't tested over any real length of time, and there might be side-effects in other apps such as browsing.
YMMV, but it's something to try.

Hey, you didn't mention about "automatic font size adjustment" on OS6 browser, on non-touch screen like 9700 and 9780 device.
It's still not available right?

Good podcast CB crew! Missed them and can't wait for the next one. I have been wanting to switch from the 9700 to the 9780 but now I'm not so sure I want too...I knew there wasn't much difference but the 5mgpix camera and the extra memory I'm sure make it faster with the OS6 on it than the OS6 on 9700. Which I must say I have been using for about 3 weeks now and like it a lot. There are a few little glitches but its the same with all technology. The thing that gets me the most is the phone rebooting while I'm talking on the phone. Wish I got to play around more with my phone, maybe during holiday standdown here on base I'll get too.
I'm also curious as to what RIM will do with the Playbook. Only time will tell...ohyeah LOVE the new look of CB, was pleasantly surprised when I clicked to my daily BB fix. :o)

Come on guys sort out the sound quality! Very difficult to hear at times.
One guy sounded like he was down the corridor and another sounded like he was about to eat the microphone! Such school boy errors makes you all look like amateures.
Please a little more effort in getting some sort of balance next time thanks.

The fact that you guys came back for another Podcast provides you all with mulligans. so it's a wash. We all know how you really do the work.

Kev it sounds like you want the same things that Storm2 users wanted. Just hand over the webkit browser and some of the eye candy and functionality of OS6 and we'd be fine. Personally, I loved SurePress and when the Storm3 comes out, I will be missing it if they failed to integrate an on/off option for it. Can we talk about that next podcast? Us Storm users need our fix too.

I was given the 9780 as a warranty replacement for my dead 9700. I had to wait soooooo long for it to arrive I bought a used 9700 as I was going through crackberry with-drawl.

I now have both the 9700 and the 9780 and I have to pick one to keep.

I am a BB 5.0 O/S power user with maybe 3000 hours of experience on the 5.0 O/S and know most of it well -have my outlook synced to my bb and various PC's and lovin' that power and redundancy of my key enterprise data.

The O/S 6 seems very awkward with no touch screen. In your review of the 9780 you said 15 to 30 times a day your home page view would switch accidentally...Did u figure out how to fix that? Perhaps some setting(s) under options?

Does the wi-fi work on the 9780? I see conflicting reports online. But I rarely need to use the wi-fi anyways.

There is some icon on the 9780 that says "social feeds"...Can I get the social feed app on my 9700? Is social feeds really that helpful? -what are the key benefits of social feeds? I did review a video on social feeds but to me that level of social interaction is better on a PC vs a smart phone, unless you are hiking in the mountains and desperate to see all your RSS feeds, see the latest Twitters and Facebook updates....I know depends on person's needs/

I don't really need the 5MP camera. Does the double on board memory really help that much? I mean I have the 8GB micro card for media and I've never noticed any need for more than the 256 on board memory.

I am leaning towards staying with the 9700 as the 6.0 O/S is too klunky for me...I'm too used to my 5.0 O/S and don't want to go back to 0/S kindergarten, which is how I felt after playing with 6.0 for a few short and frustrating minutes.

How long do you think the 5.0 O/S will be supported? I would guess for a couple of years or more as there are so many happy users of 5.0 but maybe I'm wrong...comments?

ALSO something that i haven't figured out on BB 5.0 O/S is when you create a music play list, and you go to play the list, for me it keeps playing the same single song in a loop ( the first song on the play list of say 10 songs) and i have to manually advance to next track vs a traditional play list that just plays the songs one after another automatically...

Thanks to CrackBerry Kevin for making such a great community...Hello to all my fellow Crackberry-ers!

and Season's Greetings to all!