CrackBerry Podcast 061- Surprise! It's a bonus podcast with CrackBerry Idol flavor...

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By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2010 07:15 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast

Our year-end CrackBerry Podcast is coming up soon (we'll be recording that the week after xmas and before new year's), but in the meantime we have a special surprise for all our loyal listeners out there... a bonus podcast with some special guests! Craig, Adam and myself are NOT on this show, but we do have Bla1ze holding down the reigns with three of our former CrackBerry Idol contestants who are now contributors to CrackBerry - Joseph, Alicia and Kerri! 

Take a listen as the four talk on the BlackBerry news of the week and tackle some reader emails. Keep in mind this one was recorded on Friday (had some technical issues in getting it up but it's all good now). Enjoy the show!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 061- Surprise! It's a bonus podcast with CrackBerry Idol flavor...


I knew all the ways to flick my first day with OS 6 I don't know how a seasoned BlackBerry user could miss any of that!? But I'm more of a BlackBerry fanatic than addict :)

Podcasts can be very good (listen to the Guardian weekly football podcast as an example of how it ought be done). Despite the good knowledge and writing skills of the participants here it was just mailed in at best. The pauses when the phone people chimed in were rough (sort out in advance how the anchor quater backs the phone participant's contributions) not having a person designed to be an "anchor" is a problem, (or was Blaise, who chortled inanely when everyone else spoke, the anchor?). Also, I hope no one expected a discussion of Kevin's first class review of the 9780, the "I like my 9700" better bit could have lead to discussion but the panel just couldn't be arse'd. Even if people are friends it's important in a podcast to tease out the discussion that, among friends, goes said with just a few "ok, yeah, excellant". Yes Kevin did say it all in his review, but the podcast is best off assuming that it hasn't been read, summarizing his comments and then discussing them. The knowledge is there and with a little bit of thought these podcasts could be superb, as is they're a lightweight, often annoying, version of the forum.
That said the flick down tip was great! :)

ps - "me no speaka English"?

If Kevin can't do it again just don't have one, with Kevin it's good, without him it's dire.

In regards to Mike L. and his constant dodgeiness to questions, in almost every interview, I have to say it is getting quite annoying.

The biggest question I have for him is how long is this life cycle of non QNX devices are going to last, and when can we start thinking about qnx on our handheld mobile phone devices. Every time he is asked this question, or one similar to, he uses it to promote the Playbook and QNX's ability to work vastly better on a dual processing machine. Does that mean we will not see QNX for a long time on a Phone Type dev because its really best on dual processors, or just him avoiding our neediness to know when when when is the next big thing.

Thanks for having a in between Podcast. I hate and love listening to them. I love it just to hear others opinions voiced not just written, and hate them because I always find myself yelling what I think. lol

Thanks again.


Well, spank me and call me blind. Just saw the link to the new LG dual core dev. Now I would imagine with that in sight we should be seeing huge leap in all devices soon... again. This is great news for android and windows devices first I would suppose. But I would like to see a smaller form factor with the same capability , like a blackberry.

Also in regards to another portion of the podcast, I would like to touch on form factor and its negative response by consumers in just refurbishing and upgrading ever so slightly but staying the same. ( run on sentence) ...

I have to say what more can you do with a blackberry? I know we all harp on the reasons people stay with blackberry, but when they go outside the box they get hammered with negative reviews from " real " blackberry users. The storm and storm 2 with its surepress was an ok everyday consumer device, but most business users ( from what I've read) hated it. Basically what I am trying to say is how can we re fit our beloved keyboards in drastically different devices to market towards blackberry's key users. I'd be hard pressed to believe even the most veteran of storm users could keep up with a moderately "normal" user in typing an email on their 9700

I suppose I've digressed and am being a bit rambled, but I say what more can you put around a perfect device physical keyboard?


They say dual core is right around the corner. You can't bank on that. Think Feb or March for the playbook, and the Christmas time for the dual core phones. OS6 is a good OS, but needs more help from the hardware of the phones using it. There has to be something from blackberry that will combat the iphone. So far they don't even have a single ghz Berry that can do so. Maybe they really don't need to, but they are looking in a new direction to be ahead of the curve in tech.

We had seen the leaps taken with the Storm series. SurePress was a miss for those who weren't able to adapt to that style of touch screen, but it was and still IS amazing tech. Just for the record, I'm a firm believer that I can smoke anybody in texting using my 9550 regardless of what phone's physical keyboard anyone else chooses. The Storm2 is that good in that field.

I know we're all getting inpatient with RIM as the year closes out. I'm on the verge of canceling my Verizon contract just to get a better touch screen blackberry- as there is no other one for big red. I absolutely LOVE the Torch. I thought I would hate it...but was dead wrong. Everything about it, even the physical keypad is easy to get acclimated with. A bigger processor would be nice, but it's still very effective as is, and is the best blackberry to date. I just can't imagine RIM coming out with dual core processors before they even come out with single core 1 ghz. Who knows.

Who is the new guy on the podcast? I don't recognize his voice but he says some great things to say, I'm not a fan of Blaze in the podcasts, I find he just states the obvious. Just my thoughts.

Very entertaining and informative podcast. I campaigned for female involvement in the podcast throughout my commentary in the CB Idol contest, because some of the best podcasts worth listening to have female participants. I am thrilled to see that CrackBerry took a chance and tried something new. I loved Joe's creative input and presentational style. I can listen to him more often. I agree with Brazen9000 that there were a few rough spots.

I don' t like to listen to biased commentary. I like how Kevin presents the strong suits of BlackBerry as it compares to other phones. He doesn't just say, "Yeah, BlackBerry is better." He gives a reason why. I have yet to hear Kevin admit that other phones are better than the BlackBerry. He won't do it. He sells BlackBerry in his commentary but not his personal bias towards a given platform. In all fairness, Kevin is a pro at these podcasts and the others participating have less experience.

One issue I have had with these CB Podcasts for a long time, is how the opening segment usually sounds like you're listening to a few guys who rolled out of bed, grabbed a microphone and hit record! It's not until you're 10-15 minutes in, that they start to sound like the BlackBerry experts that they are. I liked how this podcast episode seemed more professional, organized, and had a good flow to it, aside from the rough spots. Some podcasts I have listened to, like to have a conversational feel to it, whereby joking, pausing, speaking out of turn, and the like are part of the program. So, it's not necessarily a flaw to the CB podcast, but sometimes it can be annoying to the listener, so podcast rookies should be careful to determine what works and what doesn't.

Good Job to Kerri, Alicia, & Joe for bringing something new and entertaining to the CB Podcast.