CrackBerry Podcast 059: We talk everything BlackBerry (and even have a new Podcast intro!)

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By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Oct 2010 02:15 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

And we're back!! Following up our live on location BlackBerry PlayBook & DevCon10 Super Special we jumped on the Skype-waves this morning to record up a CrackBerry Podcast. Unfortunately Craig is absent on this one but we do have have Adam, Bla1ze and Dave.... and we promise Craig will be on the next show. 

The show runs just under an hour as we cover the BlackBerry news and rumors of the week, including some BlackBerry PlayBook followup in addition to talking BlackBerry Style, Bold 9780 and more. We even kick this one off with a new intro, courtesy of our friend Joseph Holder of CrackBerry Idol fame.

We hope you enjoy the show! Be sure to drop us a comment and we'll see you in a couple weeks!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 059: We talk everything BlackBerry (and even have a new Podcast intro!)


ok, after the podcast I was a bit confused on the Rogers UMA discussion we had... as to whether you can/can't use it outside of Canada. I haven't fully tested this, but apparently the deal is:

a) if you turn off your phone's radio BEFORE you leave the country, and don't turn it back on when overseas (just use the WiFi), you can still use WiFi/UMA for making phone calls.

b) however, as soon as you turn the radio on and your sim detects roaming on another network, it kills the UMA.

Interesting, hey?

I keep hearing Onyx 3 casually mentioned every few podcasts. At what point did dakota become onyx 3? There must be some newer information? Please confirm how we know this is still alive?

ive been getting lots of error messages on the past two podcast on the app but this one ran so im happy :) awesome guys. Like the book cover too, kevin. i googled it while i listened. :0 kill the storm name. ok maybe kill off the original storm 1 forget about that hickup or speed bump lol i like the storm 2, call me crazy. hopping for the storm3 cause its got to be better. Only time will tell.

I have a tour and it has a new icon on the home screen - it is a round circle with an arrow pointing to the southwest - it has a red dot on the top right of the circle - what in the world?

check your messages folder......also I think that icon is telling you theirs a update for one of your apps.