CrackBerry Podcast 058: BlackBerry PlayBook and DevCon10 Super Special!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2010 05:40 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

Slightly recovered from our BlackBerry PlayBook shell shock yesterday, we sat down late this morning to record our DevCon10 podcast. On this show we have Bla1ze, Adam, myself and our recently crowned CrackBerry Idol champion, Dave Peckens.

After running through the developer-related announcements we get on the big news of the week and sound off on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's a fun filled show, so if you're a CrackBerry Podcast listener you won't want to miss this one!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 058: BlackBerry PlayBook and DevCon10 Super Special!


Sweet. Been waiting for a new episode. You guys really need to start thinking about doing them more often.

I have read that device will be wirelessly tethered..I wonder if you can do normal tethering to ensure a constant connection.

Will we start seeing blackberry "stores" popup to sell this since it will not be initially tied to a carrier? I wonder if this will be the first "blackberry" ever not to be sold at carriers and instead at places like best buy, or would carriers sell the wifi version because it also encourages use of your BIS data?

I wonder if you can have two blackberrys connected to it at once and simultaneously run both phones as two entities on the device? For example have two BBM apps open, one for each phone. Or connect two phones and have two mailboxes on the playbook open one for the text messages of each phone? Also, with that being said I am assuming it is safe to say we will be able to connect muliple devices to it at different times. For example I connect my phone and use it, then pass it to my wife and she connects her phone and uses it. I do not think you have to register just one phone/PIN to it as far as connecting to a blackberry?

Interested to know battery size. Its about twice the computing power as a bold for example and uses a more efficient OS, wonder if the battery is atleast two times larger if not more?

Tethering through other manufacturers devices, I am assuming to uses the great blackberry data compression as opposed to the regular data use that other device would have?

Not sure if it has audio output for example to plug in external speakers?

If they make a 3G/4G version how long before Alerta makes a blackberry watch that syncs with this? Could the current one??

Maybe I will think of more questions later.

Good points. After viewing the coverage and listening to the podcast, the battery and external storage are the two issues that are very un-BlackBerry and give me pause. (The price would be an obvious third concern, but why dwell on what we don't know).

If this were a larger device like the current iPad, I may view it more as desktop/home/couch object where I'm usually close to a plug. Especially with the WiFi only versions, I get the sense most people are using it that way anyway.

But since the PlayBook is smaller and more portable, I could really see this being a device that I carry with me, and that you would also use in a plane or car. If that's the case, battery life does become a concern. It's a smaller device with more processing power. The iPod "claims" to get anywhere from 10 hours of video to 1 month on standby, so as long as it's at least 5 hours on heavy useage, I suppose that will be workable.

I havent checked it out yet but my friend told me Rogers has a special on where you can add $5 to your existing data plan to move up to the 6GB one. This may be a good time to do this in preparation for heavy data use in 6 months when the special is not on.

With QNX architecture being less hardware demanding, does that open the possibility of OS6 being able to run on something, say, as old as a Storm1? Wondering QNX will alleviate some of the irksomeness of having a BB for say a year and running out of room for apps pretty fast.

I think what we're seeing with the PlayBook is the new BlackBerry hardware platform, so anything using that will have QNX. The 9700 platform will be OS6, which will include all of the 'refresh' devices.

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I deleted your podcast after 10 minutes. Maybe you can have a contest and find someone that knows where to put a mic. Or maybe you can repost a version that people can hear.