CrackBerry Podcast 057: BlackBerry Torch, Tablet, Six and Juice Extravaganza!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Aug 2010 11:11 pm EDT

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Ok podcast fans, get ready for a humdinger of an episode. With all of the Crack Team podcast members now owning a Torch and having spent a good deal of time on it, we go round table style and discuss our loves, likes and dislikes (a couple of hates too) in regards to the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6. There are definitely some good insights and interesting debates mixed into this discussion (a couple of laughable moments too).

Then at 52 minutes into the show we switch gears and weigh-in on all of the BlackBerry tablet rumors of the moment and toss in some additional fuel for the fire. We even make a few friendly bets as to which way we think things will go (my money is on RIM not calling the tablet "BlackPad" - I just can't see them cutting their uber-popular BlackBerry brand in half. It has to be BlackBerry "something". And BlackBerry BlackPad is just way too lame). We speculate on the OS and what it'll be capable of and a whole lot more. Exciting stuff for sure.

Take a listen. We're kinda of hyper on this one... it's a long a show but I promise you'll stay awake. Enjoy!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 057: BlackBerry Torch, Tablet, Six and Juice Extravaganza!


I like how Kevin caught himself and said...
And Sh!t, and Stuff...
I just kept re-winding it on PodTrapper. I can't stop laughing!!!

So true about the 80% cannot possible use a touchscreen for day to day use. Was the first podcast of yours I listened too and def going to start to more. Communication is key!!! You guys did make me miss my 9700 and have me thinking how 6 will change it.

I started listening to you guys a little before and around the time Blackberry Podcast went into beta testing. Good stuff as usual. Love the part when you joked about Flash on the Blackberry, in the end it might just really be a technicality, cant wait til Q4 to see what happens.

personally I don't think they should put "pad" in the name at all the only thing I think of when I hear that word is feminine products. I mean "ipad" sounds like the logo should be something with a red dot....... but i guess droid beat them to that.

I liked hearing how everyone uses the Torch differently... I really think RIM should focus on that while advertising, a "Make the device your own" type slogan would work and appeal to multiple crowds. They could show examples of corporate people using it and people in their 20's using it.

My first time listening to a podcast from you guys. Quite entertaining.

So do any of you want to help me get a 9800 Torch into Ireland? Aparently we're scheduled to get it 2-3 months after the UK.

So at this rate it might only be in early 2011. Also we have to pay like 299 for the 9700 Bold on contract here.


Not the most ideal situation. But anyway, great show and great that you guys spoke about all the little porblems with the Torch aswell.

Graduated from basic a few weeks ago and this is the first Podcast posted since...I missed them!
Great one, have been really interested in the 9800 and am somewhat turned off of it after hearing your reviews, but to each its own, although ATT...booooo. I do love my 9700, and am extremely reluctant to let go of it, but if it doesnt get OS6 I just may have too.
Keep up the good work and I'm so glad to be back in the CB world! :o)

So far i been reading about the Torch 9800, the Curve 9300, and every other phone coming out. What's up with us getting some play?? Still waiting on OS 6 for the Bold 9700.

Ohh and bet that i will be switching to the 9780 when its released.

You said it all in the second sentence. All the podcast members now have a Torch. Since Rim only has one worth wile device out, what else would you buy. When I first got my blackberry, I said I will never own another brand of phone. A year went by with no interesting imporvements and now I am counting down the days until my Epic 4G is released.

After listening to the 9800 discussion, I completely agree with what a BlackBerry is about. And I also am not tempted to use anything else out there right now. But don't I deserve to have a high res screen? Looking at cost of parts calculations, it doesn't sound like better would be more expensive. I do believe a change is coming with big hardware improvements, but let's bring it on already!

Just started listening, but one thing right at the beginning I couldn't agree more. Bring back the 9000 form factor with modern memory/trackpad etc. That would rock!

First of all great followup podcast to the previous discussion on the Torch 9800. I believe that the Torch has been discussed/reviewed/bashed/praised ad nauseum, and we need to move on. It appears to me that the Torch development cycle with AT&T, and the subsequent move to release with the specs that it has, has been the primary basis of all of the disappointment in the product. Unlike when the Bold 9000 was released, the Torch does not seem revolutionary nor a device that I believe I would be happy with for a 2-year contract. As apparent from the AT&T ads on TV, they are truly marketing the Torch to a new stream of younger consumers to switch to a new smartphone technology, and not to the existing Blackberry power user base. The good news is that historicly speaking, RIM is already working on the Torch-2 which will have a faster processor, Open GL support, better resolution, and probably OS 6.1 to correct issues with the new OS. I'll wait for that and pounce on one.

Thanks again to Kevin, and the ABC's, for a great podcast and providing this community with great insight on all things Blackberry!

i agree with Craig, speaking from a consumer perspective, u have to do comparison between bb and other brands. A normal consumer is not going to get a torch based on the fact that it's the best bb out there unless they are already a crackberry. torch is the latest bb, of course it's better than the other older bb in comparison. but normal consumer doesn't look at it that way. sad to say, an increasing amount of ppl thinks that bb suck even before trying it out even if it's a solid device.

The new BB "Ebony" tablet, will be interesting to see. The distribution will be a big factor on how well it sell. wireless Carriers can only sell so much especially if exclusive to one certain carrier. RIM is slowly moving in the right direction but it needs to be more of a front runner to maintain market share of their products.

P.S. BB "Ebony" was a fictional name, please no rumors here,

This was by far the best podcast I have listened to! I really enjoyed the insight, content, and how Kevin is the best BlackBerry pitch man ever. I switched from the 9700 to the 9800 and I was missing my 9700 until this podcast, I now feel 100% confident the 9800 is for me! I guess I don't need to root for one of the girls to win Crackberry Idol to make the podcasts more exciting anymore!

I hope the next ones are just as good!

The comments on the Bold 9000 hit the nail on the head for me. I am still rocking my 9000 with and with my usual apps (including the podcast app, BBM, and wordpress app) and still have about 27MB free after reboot. Not as much as any other "modern" blackberry but still not bad. I too would like to see a revamped 9000 size BB with BB6, higher resolution screen, trackpad, wifi b/g/n, and at least a 5mp camera that will shoot 720p HD video. I know... not asking much there ;)

I know it will take some getting used to if I were to go from the luxurious 9000 keyboard to the 9800 one. But I may just have to adjust.

I couldn't agree more with your comments. I too have a Bold 9000 with on AT&T and still love it. If RIM were to come up with a combo touch screen & keyboard device (slider would be OK) but with the 9000 form factor, I would jump on it in a New York minute. I love the size of the 9000 in my hands, as well as the weight/feel. Also, the keyboard can't be beat and the sound quality (after all this is a phone) - especially the speakerphone - is far superior to anything else on the market.

Love the podcasts, but this one still has not shown up on my app, the earliest one displayed is the Aug 5th podcast. What's with that?? Little frustrating man. Had to wait to get home and listen on my PC. And its still not showing up on the APP. Refreshed crackberry casts etc etc and nada.

I agree that the 9000 had the best form factor than any other bb...but I looooove my torch...I don't use the social feeds, love the browser, really liking the touch screen keyboard...overall I love bb6...too much to get into here

I love iPhone 4, the screen, the apps, the HD vid.. But! I'm a type of person who don't really use gaming apps or editing apps on my phone. I use it for email (I have 7 active email accounts), communicating with my family and friends thru bbm, sms, im, etc. That's the reason I will never leave RIM.. UNLESS, there's a BLACKBERRY KILLER out there that can effectively do what a phone supposed to do at the first place, communicating.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of apple and android products. I've been using the 3GS for quite some time and still loving it. However, I can live a full week/month without it.. cuz basically I use it only for music, games, browsing. On the other hand, it's impossible for me to live even a day without my emails and bbm text get pushed to my device. I could lose my job if I leave my blackberry!! really!

I listen to both the Crackberry and Android guys podcasts. My first smartphone was a Blackberry Curve 8330 which I really miss. I have a Motorola Droid now, but I'm not that happy with it, although its much better on Internet access I like the Curve for reading books and email. Please enter me in the contest to win a Torch. I would really like to have a Torch with the touch screen and Blackberry keyboard. The Droid keyboard leaves alot to be desired. I think I'm still a Crackberry fanboy. But on the fence. If I win a Torch I'll be a Blackberry fan for LIFE!!!

I don't think they will call the tablet "Blackpad", since that term refers to a defect on a circuit board. How about "Berry Pad"?
I can't wait I need a Blackberry tablet NOW!