CrackBerry Podcast 055: BlackBerry Juice. Or is it Jam?

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By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2010 06:40 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new CrackBerry Podcast recorded for your listening pleasure. What can I say about this one? Umm.. errr... you'll just have to listen I guess. We start off a bit slow, but there's some fun topics covered along the way. if you're a BlacKBerry enthusiast, you'll want to tune in!

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CrackBerry Podcast 055: BlackBerry Juice. Or is it Jam?


ok, so the problem that you raise kevin, is `people make it, then hand it down and move on` now i dont wanna slate the people they hand it down to, but we all know if a person makes something then passes it to someone else to finish, its never as good (well, almost never) so imagine what would be possible if the BB6 team that `created` BB6 helped to finalise and innovate that, it could be (everyone hold your breath) fully bug free and amazing, but by passing it on, to people who as you said earlier in the podcast arent as passionate, it just kinda falls a bit flat.

thats only my opinion, but im sure im not alone thinking that

I hafta turn up my radio so high to hear your podcast I keep getting feedback. Do you think maybe you could get someone who has recorded something in the past to help you?

My favorite thing about the CrackBerry podacasts is that it feels like you guys are sitting around, having a regular old conversation, and we are all invited.
I laugh, I'm entertained, sometimes I learn stuff... and I think it's great you guys share stuff about your daily lives (pertaining to BlackBerry or not). It's nice to see the personality behind the daily blog posts. :P


RIM has the best Communication and the best keyboard.

I'd partner with Fuji and Garmin and combine a Bold 9700, a Garmin GPS, and a Fuji FinePix F200EXR camera into one device.

It might be over a centimeter thick, but it would be the best GPS and the best camera as well as the best e-mail and messaging system.

OK, here's the problem: Google is providing so much phone-to-Google integration, particularly speech-to-text, that I will buy an Android to get all the cool features unless RIM does something. (This is all phone-as-the-remote-control stuff that is the way RIM thinks about phones.)

So, say RIM built a Blackberry that had a built-in Android device. Two separate processors and two separate operating systems that communicate using a secure API, so Android can't screw-up the Blackberry.

So, let the Android run all the apps. (Except maybe e-mail and BBM.)

I think you'd need twice the batteries, which would mean a bigger phone.

But, I think that the BB could boot lots quicker because its OS could be lots smaller. I'd like to see all smart phones boot their phone functionality in less than 10 seconds so that emergency calls didn't have to wait.


Who complains? This podcast is awesome, I feel as if I was there with you guys! Don't want a boring/robotic/monotone episode with no fun. Also, please do curse more! Specially Craig XD!

I almost gave up on you guys this week. Just as I was going to shut off my ipod when you actually had a spirited impromptu conversation that kept me listening.

Good save!

i hope you take Craig's idea about the public out cry seriously.
RIM seems like they're pleasing there developers rather than there costumers...

You mean carriers and not developers. Developers are crying for useful tools, which RIM is slowly getting too but thus far, have failed at.

Blackberry - The People Phone IS GOLD!!

Holy cr@p! That is freakin' awesome! The iPhone is a media phone, for people listening to music alone with earbuds or playing single person video games. Every advantage that the BB has (BBM and email) deals with PEOPLE!

PLEASE pass it on to RIM! Love Blackberry? Nah, you can easily replace BB with iPhone, Android, or even Nokia or webOS. But The People Phone is what the BB is!

Kevin, you say RIM is marketing BBM the wrong way by not pushing groups but one of their new commercials is entirely about groups and the functionality of the program.

My biggest issue with new or updated OS is that the carriers dictate how fast we get it or if we get it at all. OS 6 is gonna be great butt how long will Sprint decide to take to give it to the Bold 9650?
I had the Nextel Blackberry 8350I and was very excited about OS 5 and then Sprint decided not to roll it out for this phone. I had to use another carriers OS....what bull!
Its not just R.I.M. its also carriers who cause these consumers issues.