CrackBerry Podcast 054: passionate BlackBerry talk + Vuvuzela = headache (and must-listen to episode!)

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By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jun 2010 05:25 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

Time for another CrackBerry Podcast! We had a lot of fun recording this one, so hopefully all of you CrackBery listeners out there will enjoy it too. Granted, we went a little bit overboard with the vuvuzela (now banned from all future podcasts), but between the horn blowing we managed to cover a lot of topics, including App World 2.0, and follow-up reviews of the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G.

We also touch on the CrackBerry Idol competition and how the action is heating up and the competition rounds haven't even begun yet and as always cover the rumormill. There's lots of good stuff buried in here, so give it a listen!. Enjoy the show!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 054: passionate BlackBerry talk + Vuvuzela = headache (and must-listen to episode!)


I had a suggestion about the crackberry idol thing.... to test the contestants why not have a live interview.... towards the end i mean. It would be nice to know the contestants know their stuff and arent just researching every little thing. (i dont expect them to know everything but to know at least something)

I like this idea, they could come on as we wind it down and get a lil one on one with em..Kevin? Lets make it happen..kthnxs <3 Bla1ze.

just bored of seeing the same theme deal of day 7 times in last 3 weeks tbh

also is a good website :)

Blah, im sorry to hear about your bedbug situation :( I never had that issue(fear I will- after seeing so many tv shows about it, Lol)

Good luck with that

I can type that all day using suretype on my S2 without any problems. Don't know why you guys were having issues. :)

no no. i did't have any "issues" typing on SureType. i'm quick with it and "get it". i was actually surprised how quick i was with it.  what i didn't like was that it changed my "texting personality". had to kill my kevin-speak and type more gooder. :)  oh, but i did have issues when using suretype while drunk. some funny typos there.

Appreciate it but I have a Sleep Number that isn't even paid for yet so hopefully I can salvage it. We shall see

I don't think the 8910 has Wifi, like most xx10 devices, there's only GPS. Here's the Press Release 8910 spec info:
BlackBerry Curve 8910 Smartphone

The BlackBerry Curve 8910 smartphone features a wide range of advanced communications and multimedia capabilities, allowing customers to remain connected, productive and entertained while on the move. It features the industry’s leading mobile email and messaging solution together with an exceptional phone organizer and advanced multimedia applications. It also enables access to a variety of popular services in China that have been optimized for use with the smartphone. In addition, the BlackBerry Curve 8910 features built-in GPS for location-based applications, Bluetooth® (2.0), a next generation processor (512 MHz) and a dazzling hi-resolution display.

At approximately 110 grams and 109 x 60 x 13.5 millimeters, the BlackBerry Curve 8910 smartphone is the thinnest full-QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone yet. Its sleek and refined design feels comfortable for both one-handed or two-handed use, and the smartphone's large, striking 2.4 inch HVGA+ display (480x360 resolution) projects vivid color and makes text, pictures and video a pleasure to view. Its full-QWERTY keyboard allows users to type messages quickly and easily edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the smartphone, using the preloaded DataViz® Documents to Go® software suite.

The BlackBerry Curve 8910 smartphone's advanced multimedia features include a 3.2 megapixel camera with variable zoom, auto focus, and a powerful flash that also provides continuous lighting when recording video*. Its rich media player supports streaming and can play your favorite songs and videos. In addition, it features a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, support for the Bluetooth stereo audio profile (A2DP/AVRCP), dedicated volume controls and a microSD/SDHC expandable memory card slot that supports up to 32 GB cards, giving users plenty of storage that is easily interchangeable.

I think it relates to the old addage of handing off the torch to a new generation. They are starting a new generation of BBs with OS 6, non-SurePress touch and slider form factor. I like Torch and don't know what they will do for England.

I used to have be on Tmobile and had the BB 8900. Then I moved into a new town and didn't have coverage. I liked having UMA and could get my data almost anywhere I went. But I *hated* not having coverage when I would be in town and I felt like I should get the coverage I was paying for.

Then I did what Kevin suggested and switched to Verizon for their huge coverage. I chose the Storm2 because of the WiFi chip and I really liked the phone a lot.

I think it depends on what you want. I chose the carrier first, then the BB. I can't imagine going back to Tmobile for the 9700 and their spotty coverage. I now use a Tour and have no issues with my choice.

Glad you guys settled the swearing thing...I'm content with the resolution. Great podcast, loving the vuvuzelas! Hahaha

You guys make great podcasts, I love the mix of 'Berry news and the personal touch you each bring to it.

(PS- I second ahaz86's comment (first one) about testing the Idols)

Good episode, I too like to vuvuzela my friends as they talk. Maybe I havent listened to the podcast enough to know what kind of blackberry news you cover but I would think the news of not being able to use unlocked blackberrys on t-mobile would be semi important.

I have heard a lot of people saying that RIM needs to write a new OS and this will 'fix' everything. I can't see it to be honest. As a developer for both BlackBerry and Android, I can't see what the Android OS has that BlackBerry doesn't.

To be honest, when I first looked at Android I couldn't help but think, crap, this looks good. The thing is that it's not the OS that looks good, it's the hardware that makes the OS look good. The BlackBerry Storm has a screen resolution of 360x480 and the Motorola Droid has 480x854. The thing is that these screens are almost physically the same size. So the quality of the screen/images are better and everything looks better. RIM needs to address this more than their OS IMHO.

Sure the OS could use some artsy fartsy person to make it more appealing to end users but a whole OS rewrite seems way out of line.

I would really like to see a poll of how many people are or were on Android and are switching back to BlackBerry.

I have been really suprised at the lack of sound quality in your podcast. Seems like techy people would pay attention to such things.

I swear, Bla1ze sounds just like Seth Rogen. As I am new to the podcast, maybe this has been addressed before, but damn. I cant help having a smirk come across my face when Bla1ze speaks. I just picture Seth Rogen sitting their acting stupid, spilling bong water in one hand and a Blackberry in the other. And getting pissed when some of that water gets on his Blackberry. Every thing down to his laugh, to his demeanor, is uncannily Seth Rogen.

I love the show and the site guys.
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