CrackBerry Podcast 052: Four Wild and Crazy Guys!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2010 03:07 pm EDT

CrackBerry Podcast

Well, maybe we're not wild, but after recording Episode 052 I'm definitely beginning to think we're crazy. At least Adam, Bla1ze and myself anyways... Craig seems to keep his wits about him a bit better. :)

If you like BlackBerry Smartphones and you love podcasts, you'll want to listen to this Podcast. We debrief on WES 2010 (this time with Craig's take on everything) and chat about some of the newer things we have been seeing on the blogs - BlackBerry 6 in action, the slider, some of the thoughts and opinions floating around and everything else. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 052: Four Wild and Crazy Guys!


I have been waiting for a new podcast forever it seems like. Downloading now through the podtrapper app. Can't wait to listen.

vzw went from the voyager to the env touch after a year. pretty sure that was based on licensing rights from plantronics though.

I kinda agree with bla1ze.....though i love everything bb is providing....Im one of those ppl that are debating on whether to jump platforms. bb 6 look really nice compared to the current os 5.0. but it doesnt really "wow" me. it's hard not to look at other much more flashy devices like htc evo or iphone with all these crazy features. the features are not necessary a "need". but the thing is that like bla1ze mention, if that person have it on their phone...why doesnt my device also have it? so...yeah...

kevin are you saying that the storm3 will not have surepress or anything like that it will be a like a normal touchscreen

Gawd it felt like forever since that last podcast... You guys weren't that "crazy" or "wild" but it was still an enjoyable PodCast...
I hope to see that contest posted up for the intero and outtro tho.

Another great podcast as always. Ty gentlemen. We need some info on what's down the pike for at&t beside a pearl. <<<< That's just gay.

I don't know... I've gotten so used to your intro that it would be sad to see it go. It's like the intro to any good TV show ... you just get used to it and associate it with the show. When you did the podcast with the Engadget people, there was no Crackberry intro and I was like "WHAT THE?!?!?!" Definitely missed it on that one occasion. An outro would definitely be nice... "You've been listening to the Crackberry podcast ... "

On another note, wish you guys did these podcasts more often! I must be some kind of a BB nerd (I suppose most ppl here are), but I find these very entertaining.

I loved it when the conversation focused around the "images" of phones. I think BB is deffiently a fashion statment. I love whipping out my BB and watching people's turn in awe.

Who was the one saying that the reason Android has alternate input methods is because the touchscreen isn't good enough?

Give me a break - it's evident that person has never used the Nexus One, Droid, etc. They're there really for text editing, which is a LOT easier using an input like that instead of a touchscreen. The screens on Android phones, especially high-end ones like the Nexus One, Droid, Incredible, etc, are phenomenal - much better than anything RIM has put out.