CrackBerry Podcast 050: Our Longest and Best Show Yet?!!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2010 03:50 pm EDT

CrackBerry Slider Special

At an hour and forty two minutes this has to be one of our longest CrackBerry Podcasts to date, but for Episode 050 we just couldn't hold back. Be sure to at least give the first five minutes a listen and we're sure you'll get hooked for the rest (you can always listen to some now and the rest later!). We cover a lot of good stuff in this episode, from the latest spree of OS updates and device-related leaks to our post-CTIA reflections and thoughts on where RIM's strategy lies in the months ahead. We also cover a ton of community emails.

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That's it. Enjoy the show! Be sure to leave us a comment here in the blogs with your thoughts...

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Podcast 050: Our Longest and Best Show Yet?!!


Currently downloading it through the new app. Not having wifi on the Tour takes forever to download. oh well let it download while at work and listen on the way home.

you had me going man! I thought you were leaving us! I was almost going into a depressed mood hearing that from you! Glad it was fake! You got me!

Haha, I had to pause it to come post you had me going! I was soo sad. Don't play with my heart Kevin! =P

I really enjyed this podcast. A lot of very informative information included. A lot of dead air, but like Kevin said, "no editing". Nice job guys!

Kevin -

We stopped proactively selling the 8300 series in stores around December of 2009. We had a BOGO offer on the 8330's up until around the time of the 8530 launch. That could be why you hear of people saying "they just bought it". Plus Radio Shack, Best Buy Mobile, Smart Wireless, etc. may still be selling them. Sprint as a whole doesn't sell refurbished phones as "new", 3rd party vendors could though.

just thought I'd touch on that subject! Great Podcast btw and thanks for the Sprint shoutout! Hopefully your predictions for us having a good Q1 will hold to be true :)

I live in Waterloo. One way I can prove it is that even when I am on my computer I reach for the alt key almost everytime I`m trying to type a number. My friend raced his BMW against Lazardis in his Aston Martin down Columbia starting at Hagey Street by University of Waterloo last summer.

Just starting to listen to the podcast (via the new Crackberry/Podtrapper app).

- You didn't get me with the April Fools joke. lol

KEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!! You almost had me in tears in the first couple of minutes!!!!!!

Its was my first time listening to a Crackberry Podcast so I downloaded the app from the App World. It was a great podcast you guys were talking a bit about everything. I'm definitely going to become a regular listener.

Awesome Podcast, guys. Keep 'em coming! You're the only podcast I actually listen to; I've downloaded the app and gave it 5 stars!
In past ones you've mentioned people not liking you guys having fun...I'm definitely a listener who enjoys the added personality! You guys aren't robots that way!

You guys had me going there. I had a frown on my face at work while I was listening to the podcast on my 9700. Great Pod Cast guys.

Funny enough, I skipped the intro and listened to the whole podcast up until the "world domination" part where I was going to leave a comment. After reading all the previous comments, I went back and listened to the first part and it makes my comment EVEN MORE relevant. So...

A friend of mine just got hired by RIM on a 6-month contract (with the option to extend to a year) to go to Australia, and work with the local carriers to possibly work towards furthering the blackberry hold. I haven't got much details from him, but yeah...that my 2cents.


P.S: Love the podcasts, keep 'em coming.

so it's and i cant sleep so i fire up my mac and tune in to the podcast. just as im dozing off i hear someone mention my name which i quickly dismissed due to my drowsiness, then i recognized my april fools idea. needless to say i was no longer sleepy

I must admit you had me going when you said you were leaving. I was heart broken until you said April Fools :)

I downloaded the new pod trapper from BB App World, but it only downloading 54:57 minutes of this podcast. Why isn't it downloading the entire episode? Anybody else having this problem?

I have the premium version of Podtrapper, always get the crackberry podcasts on time. However I can't get #50 to play. I don't what gives but keep getting a 'media error 6 may work after retry downloading' but nevertheless no work. I'll catch this ep. From the pc but hope this prob. Doesn't last.

Kevin got me--TWICE! I like to isten to the podcast as I go to sleep, so I remembered some of the podcast but not all, so I listened to it again. And he fooled me AGAIN!
Glad he is staying and not being an ambassador of blackberry to the world.

if you guys search the forums we have already sorted out this problem
there will be nothing higher than 9XXX as 4G is just Wi-fi
Being a IET member i recive some of the jucy items from the cellular community.
the 8xxx series is GPRS data speeds and slower
the 9XXX seies are 3g dataspeeds and faster
the XNXX where N denotes the form factor number
the last two numbers denote sub factors such as CDMA.

if you follow this all phones from rim for the past few years make sence. if you ignore the older numbering handsets.
useing this numbering system RIM can produce 1998 differnt variations of Berrys, not even nokia has this many differnt models.

Hope this Helps for your next podcast when someone asks about the numbering system.
as for the nameing system that is SEMI random and does not denote formfactor or anything else beyond cosmetics.


(sorry about the typos I'm not typeing this on my berry)

Hey guys - I really like your podcast & try to listen regularly. You hit it spot on when you said that some Storm users bought it because Verizon does not carry iPhone. Right now, I'm carry my iPod touch with me (as do a number of Mac/BB users) because I have many sync problems with BB Desktop Manager. If you could talk about what Mac users can do to make the experience better, that would be great! Even though I'm following the Verizon/iPhone rumors closely, I'm very OPEN to staying with BB.