CrackBerry Podcast 049: Good Times. A Little TOO Good.

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2010 04:14 pm EST

Check out the podcast video, and let the good times roll.

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CrackBerry Podcast 049: Good Times. A Little TOO Good.


Who the hell has a BlackBerry with no fingerprints? Sheesh... we keep it real around here; sir. lol

Adam sucks working from home when one is sick. But its just as bad when you are one of the first people to open a store and Have to be there.
With the new OS Kevin, does it make your girlfriends voice sound hotter?
Thanks to you guys I did not know about the voice adapting, I just went through it. Put the podcast on pause and worked through it. Interesting. Thank you.

Voice Dailing has been on the 8100 (running for a while with the adapting option. BUT, it is not the same as it is on my Storm 2 (, which is more closely related to the 9700's options.

Just fyi... So you guys (Kevin may have had too much tea?) made a huge deal about the "adapt voice" option, but it was at least available on for the storm 2 and I think I saw it on earlier builds as well.

Thanks for telling us more about the new Tour 2 which is now a Bold.... I love hearing more about this upcoming new phone for us!

Hey guys im running a 9000 with and I have the adapt digits feature on voice dailing already. I have never used it but I checked and the first thing it wants me to say is "5-6-7-8". I knew about this for a while I think my 9000 had it before I did an OS update and I'm pretty sure a friend of mine running a 8330 or some other curve 1 has adapt digits on his phone.

So I was listening to the pod case and you got goes off on the adapt voice features and I found it on 8900 5.0.411 and it the adapt voice on it so it looks like it has been there for a while.

great podcast! pretty funny when you asked Craig(?) what he did with his iPhone and he was like "yeah... stuff." anyways, I wanted to ask you guys a question... about that email on the future of RIM's BB phones, hardware-wise, do you guys not think that they should add on better cameras? I mean yeah I love my Curve, but I really miss my N85's camera. For future phones to be better than they are currently, I would like to believe that they will put in stuff for the multimedia loving people out there. Cameras are pretty important to some, me included, and I would rather have them give me a better camera before creating "super apps". Before going further into the app business they need to fix the memory management on their phones. Do you guys consider apps more important? For me its Camera first, apps second. What do you guys think?

Tell RIM they need to keep you guys more occupied with News. When there's nothing to report, you guys lose focus and break out into a lot of side conversations. I don't mind it all too much. Reminds me that we're all just people who have multiple interests other than Blackberry mobile phones.

I know you're trying to be professionals at times, but really just fans like the rest of us. I don't mind the swearing, infact don't hold back! hehe

I usually use the desktop manager, recently I've been using the app loader. I agree with the application back up.

woahhh?? are you serious?!  kk... i'll follow up with dieter on that asap. he was handling all of the round robin winners.  apologies from me. sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get prizes all sorted, but that's a bit too long.  checking into it right now. best to always email sitesupport @ for anything related to contests/etc. though if you ever sense a delay or issue. thx again for the patience.


Dude, thanks for responding so quickly, I also emailed him tonight. Don't worry, I have plenty of patience. Great podcast btw. "As if it isn't apparent by my super long comment below"

I truly enjoyed the original idea to keep Crackberry alive, even if (god forbid) there were no BlackBerry phones anymore.

Top notch show, I'm always excited when the podcast shows up in Podtrapper.

I don't use voice dialing. It's Vlingo no Wow Bee hive, omg. I'm installing .545 as I type this reply and listen to the podcast. KEVIN! Eeehhhhh LG. Life's Good = Lincoln Goldstar? Nope, Lucky Goldstar. South Korea? lol @ didge ball...I really need my 9700 guys, I only got one email from Deiter. L Geeee. A sex tape?? lmao, do you think the 9700 will still be a main device? I would like a BB 9700 with a touch screen OS 6, webkit and better memory. I downloaded a 35.5 GB movie torrent the other day. Are you guys using skype? RIM may be working on this ota back up stuff. I have an Otterbox Commuter for my 9700. Make it not suck? WICKED! Yea, how do you complain about free stuff????? I like that... Keep your hands on your blackberry and reach for the stars...our crack orange, whomp whomp whomp...LOL! KEVIN! Aren't we all adults? Screw that...why not swear? Sadly I had an error while loading .545 - Keep the 'damn' door closed. UberTwitter dude, you guys are doing so much testing. I am about to start my wordpress along side with my blogger. Thanks for the 'content store' advice, I tossed Nimbuzz becuz it didn't work on my OS 5.0 8900. Nice ending. CrackBerry Dot Com.

one of the best podcasts i've heard from you guys... hilarious stuff man.. keep up the change from the norm i like it alot.

Love the off-topic conversations. Bla1ze's giggles continually crack me up!

I will be at WES this year - hope to sit in on a 3-beer podcast one night and watch it live!

Hey CB crew,
If you didn't swear or get off topic it wouldn't be a true CB podcast come on admit it. Loved it, keep up the good work! :o)

loved the show! Please continue to podcast even when there isn't a lot to talk about (or aboot for Kevin and Bla1ze). The show is fun either way. Thanks!

I've been bluetooth synching my berry for the past 18+months useing blackberry desktop manager. it just automaticly syncs with outlook via the built in bluetooth in my windows laptop. it's free and realy easy too use it just takes about 10 min too set up and 3 synchs or so too debug your synch settings. the only problem i found was when useing my bluetooth headset the audio BT audio stream would stutter, but beyond that it's EASY ! RIM does this stuff too make it easy.

I thought it was B-jive as well lol. I have that screen problem going on so that was a good heads up. Keep talking up BIS solutions I love that. I'm in that boat right now. Good job guys.

MobileB would be perfect! I hate paying for MobileMe to sync all my Mac stuff and not be able to hook it up to my BlackBerry.

Great podcast guys! keep it up, nicely done.. I would like to see implemented on newer hardware front mounted camera's for Video calling... hopefully that will come soon! great job again guys! alot of laughs!

Think next time I need to put my feet up, crack open a beer and put the podcast on high speaker setting on my Blackberry Bold. Always fun.

I really hope Blackberry will come out with a unit in 2010 with a 5mp camera like Nokia phones.

Thank you for talking about adaptive voice feature. I've used the voice dialing on the Curve 8320 all the time and just deal with what it was. I still use voice dialing on the Bold 9700 and never notice the adaptive voice feature. I will have to try it out. Thanks again. P.S. - Started listening to CB podcast in January and now finally all caught up. :)

The best podcast series to date. You guys are hilarious as you are brilliant. Keep up the good work guys.