CrackBerry Podcast 048: MWC Debrief on WebKit Browser, BESX and Super Apps; Olympic Talk and More!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2010 06:08 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast 048

We're bacccCKKKK! I guess we're getting pretty good with this bi-weekly podcast thiing. In this CrackBerry Radio episode we go through all of the BlackBerry news that was Mobile World Congress 2010 and we catch up on other app announcements and BlackBerry news and rumor.

We kick it CrackBerry old school on this one which means we go a bit long and off topic, but hardcore enthusiasts will appreciate it regardless. We even talk Olympic curling and hockey and Bla1ze gets passionate. Enough typing. Hit play above to listen and enjoy the show!!

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CrackBerry Podcast 048: MWC Debrief on WebKit Browser, BESX and Super Apps; Olympic Talk and More!


Seeing that I'm deaf, is there a way you can provide some kind of transcript? I'm curious to know what's being said.

WooHoo!! Thats awesome. It seems to be quite a popular date. I've spoke with quite a few people since our birthday that also share the date.

We didn't beat USA, but we beat Russia! which even i didn't expect. lol. Great podcast, i agree that its good to have a podcast longer than a hour, its good to relax and kick back and listen, keep 'em commin'. and i also want a sticker :) haha.

About data compression:
I also get frustrated when I couldn't get your Crackberry podcast for the drive home. However, I do like that I get my email compressed. I occasionally get emails that are WAY too long; they are more like newsletters than anything else. I don't WANT those loaded if its going to be a stupid pointless newsletter. then again, I wont know until I open the email....

BESX has been around before 4-5 years ago, called BES Express, then RIM relaunched it as BES Pro.

Both of which we aimed at SMB and could be installed upon the messaging server.

I agree with B1aze and Craig in saying that RIM is going after the carriers needs far more than the customers needs. The customers have been with RIM for a long time where as some of these carriers, how long have they been working with rim? And I agree that the Carriers threw all of this, show RIM ZERO LOVE. Craig put it best talking about the OS Release for the phones. How long has ATT had os5 (since november of last year) and how many releases have we seen for any older BB besides the 9700? zip. But in the mean time, how much have they worked on iphones or with apple in the past 5 to 6 months. Way more. Rim really should stop worrying about what ATT, Rogers, Verizon, or any of them want and start looking at there customer feedback.

Last night at 1:00 a.m. EST we has a terrible wind storm. It scared the **** out of me. I put my earphones in and listened to the podcast. Thank God it was long and entertaining. It kept me calm. Now I am going to learn more about curling from wikipedia. Thanks for sparking my new found interest in the sport. Great job explaining it. Who knew there was so much to it.

Happy belated birthday Bla1ze, my birthday is the same day also. I have four co-workers that share the same date with us as well.

It's tax season, and I left the office at 2:30 in the morning. The NYC subways were desolate. I listened to Crackberry podcast and enjoyed it very much. It's like I'm hanging out with you guys. Cheers from the Big Apple!

Love the shows. Can't wait for the web kit browser but unfortunatly I don't think Besx is going to solve the problem of syncing for people who's IT departments don't want to update there email systems but oh well it is a step in the right direction. Keep it up

I did not realize I was being limited to the size of files I could download. On that topic, I don't see why it should be limited, at least not while using my BlackBerry (or any smart phone) via WiFi. Even though I'm paying for a data-only plan I'm connected via WiFi while I'm at home and should not be limited to how big of a file I can download while using WiFi. The phone companies data services are actually being used less by many users now that most smart phones offer connection via WiFi.

Great podcast guys! Oh, Kevin, great explanation on the curling, pretty cool! I figured some out from looking at the games but a very good explanation! I think the hour plus podcasts are ideal, don't think a change is needed, surely all that listens enjoy it, i know i do lol!... oh, about the Stickers, that's an awesome idea!!

I was relaxing in bed listening when I heard the calender alert go off. I got up and got ready to leave and pick up my daughter.........realized I had another 45 minutes to go. Boy did I feel stupid! When I do download the podcasts on my Tour I use Opera mini 5 beta 2. I never have a problem downloading your podcasts that way. Here is a screen shot.......

4.1mb out of 35.6 downloading....

Download complete

I then use file manager pro to access my file since I save it directly to the SD card.

And Listen :-D

totally welcome by the listeners! we know its a "blackberry" podcast, but hearing about something else randomly throughout the podcast is interesting, keep them coming!!