CrackBerry Podcast 046: We talk Magnum Prototype, Tour 9650, Apple iPad, Avatar the Movie and More!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2010 04:56 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast 046

Bada bing bada boom.... two weeks go by and we're back with another Podcast! On this episode we plow through a bunch of the BlackBerry and other news that's popped up recently. We talk about that magnum video, that Tour 9650 unannouncement, cover a lot more BlackBerry stuff (Foursquare, 5.0 updates, RIM Twitter client, etc. etc.) and even talk some non-BlackBerry stuff like Apple's iPad.

Take a listen and be sure to drop us comment below. We'll see you in two weeks. That's a promise!

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CrackBerry Podcast 046: We talk Magnum Prototype, Tour 9650, Apple iPad, Avatar the Movie and More!


Since Harvey uses a Blackberry tell him to push forward a TMZ app for us. They have it for the itoy. Everyone who would like to see it tweet the hell out of him, that might get one going :-)
As far as the Micro SIM you can adapt and scale up but you cannot scale down your existing card. AT&T was behind this to keep us from jail-breaking the device and using it with another carrier. I bet we will see apps like Tether Berry that would work well for this base model for ANY carrier.

You get a gold star, Kevin, right on time!! I can't tell you how much I look forward to your podcasts (I should get a life, right?!!) :)

About the touch screen selection on devices like the iPhone, it's neither pressure sensitivity or timing. You touch to select, then the action is carried out when you lift your finger. But only if your finger is still within the UI element that you originally touched. So if you touch the wrong thing, you drag your finger off of it before lifting it and nothing happens.

I'm in the middle of a crazy busy day, but you better believe I'm going to be listening first thing in the morning! Excited about this every two week schedule!!

wouldnt it be awesome if the native twitter client will be compatible with today/ hidden today sections in themes? im lovin the idea, but dont think it will happen

lovin the podcast direction, as long as its `mainly` blackberry then all is cool to me :)

just to add for passwords, always use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, and numbers, so a good one could be Cr4cKb3rry, sure ya get the idea tho

Let me say something to you guys and the world lol. That is NOT WHAT THE JERSEY SHORE IS LIKE. I live in wildwood new jersey. Thats where the real action is. Its so chill. We don;t pump our fist we pump kegs, and have dance parties with real hotties, probably will beat any other city in beer pong (created our own style,) and probably the coolest type of people youlll find. Its the complete opposite of the show. And they are korny anyway. So they should change the title of that show or something cuz im a real jersey shore person.


and by the way is da shit

Keep the pod cast coming! They help feed my Crackberry addiction. lol jk Good work guys can't wait for the next episode!

I would be iffy on keeping all my passwords all in one place. Blackberry or not, how many people have had their phones stollen on them. Or even if someone finds it if you left it somewhere accidentally, they can get into everything then.

not quite. you set a master password for the password keeper, so somebody needs to know that to get into it.  and if they try and guess and get it wrong, they only have ten chances before it locks you out. so even if the phone is stolen, you're all good.

Ahh I see, that sounds a lot more safe, and makes sense. Just finished the podcast and had to double back for the last minute. The crackberry radio url still was not said. Even after it was mentioned right before you all said your good byes. lol.

Podcasts are outdated... any chance you guys put together a show maybe something similar to diggnation.. seems pretty low budget

This is a huge issue for alot of users. To be honest I think that blackberry scares alot of business customers away because people are so fuzzy on how it works. I mean, you guys are all "blackberry experts" yet you still had trouble explaining it. In my case, my company doesnt officially support personal devices for syncing with outlook so i am out in the dark when im trying to figure out what to do to get my stuff to my berry. The forums on this are as clear as mud. This could be a major help to many people out there if it was explained to the normal user in terms that are easily understandable.

Honestly, I like the idea of a push Blackberry client but will it really save battery? I am under the impression that when I close Ubertwitter, it won't check until 5 minutes (my refresh rate). If I had a push client, my phone would not stop buzzing because I have a lot of people I follow (240+) and when I am at work or in the house, I use TweetDeck.

Is there a way to push only a list of twitter users or a certain group? Can I go and check the rest of the updates at my leisure. Pushing all of my follower's tweeets would drive me crazy!

Anyways, what do you think Kevin? I think that is a much more important detail since I would not really save battery if I receive every single tweet from every single person I follow.

Never even knew these existed lol, but they're great! I surprised myself and got hooked just sitting here infront of my computer.

I also use the Password Keeper that comes with the BBs. I still haven't hopped on Twitter, just don't see the importance. And I haven't seen avatar either lol, but you know it beat out Titanic for a movie record? Not too sure of the record, was browsing the CB forums lol. And thanks for the clarification on Four Square.

I wish I could work for crackberry lol, I'm addicted.

Glad you enjoyed your first podcast! You only have 45 to catch up on now... good luck :)

and go see Avatar this weekend.... let us know what you think. 

First podcast comment, and I get a reply from the head-mancho lol. I'm actually gonna catch up on those podcasts so thanks, just gotta figure out if its possible via my bb so I can start today. And yeah why not, Avatar seemed to be the movie of 09, where would I be letting you know what I think on the forums?

This is the first time I listened to the podcast and loved listening to it! I like that its a Blackberry themed podcast but still talks bout other tech news (iPad/Nexus One) cause I think it will relate to us BB users cause everyone on here loves all sorts of tech news, you got yourself another listener. And being able to DL the podcast strait to my BB is a huge plus and convenient factor for me! Thanks!!!!!

I work for a firm that uses the parent companies email system and they are all about palm sync and refuse to get a bes. There is no good solution to sync up with outlook using bis. I have astra sync right now but even if their tech support could get it to work it only syncs with the exchange web account not outlook. I use gmail for the personal but when it comes to work I feel like I'm organizing three email accounts. I feel better that others are having the same problem thanks for bringing it up.

WEAK ending, all be it funny as hell! One person complained that show was too long but for me the longer the better! Oh and please, if you haven't already, make a mobile version of I prob should check to see if you have already lol. Oh well!

I enjoyed it!! keep up the good work guys. I liked the idea about the trackpad having a light around it. Can't wait for the next podcast! always informative about everything.. (BlackBerry and in general!) nicely done..

There is a Jersey Shore in central PA. When I first heard of this show (and a little while after that), I thought it might be about that rinky dink town which made no sense to me! I never heard of the other place! I never watched it though because many people said its kinda silly as the people on the show are not a good representation of the people in the actual place. Glad you agree with me!

I love the podcasts! I have never listened to one until I came to this site! So congratulations on introducing me to podcasts! Keep up the good work!

PS: for a while, I was not able to listen to them with my Blackberry. I would click on the "download as MP3" and it would return an error saying the file was too big. For the fun of it I tried to download it as before and it worked! It streamed it. I am not sure what the change was. The only thing that is different is my 9700 is now running Did you guys change any formatting or something or did BIS change or was my OS the difference?

Hey guys,

the regular podcast is great, love the new direction of chat not solely on blackberries, just let it go where it goes.

But be weary, Don't stray too much into out and out apple talk.

Keep up the regular Podcasts you guys are off to an awesome start. At my job I can listen all day long so the longer the better. The Apple talk was no big deal this time because this announcement had so much buzz that it had to be discussed. I agree that password manager is great. I would caution users to make sure your master password is a strong one because it really is your only password at that point. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next show.

Half way through the podcast, as always, the very best podcast out there. Will listen to the other half on commute home.

For a while, you guys had been doing a short segment on "tips" or answering questions -- I used to love this segment.

Got the bbm working for a few days now...
we deleted each other's contact info, and re added each other....(we are friends outside of the office)

We have nobody logs it in the office.

I'm not sure who it was that was actually talking at this point but as you guys were talking about the whole iPad deal, someone was saying about tethering a 3G iPhone to a WiFi-only iPad (around the 32 min mark) could this be done since there are no USB or connections on the iPad or iPhone device? As far as I've seen, the only way thing you can connect the iPad to is a Mac or PC (I'm assuming it has the same proprietary port the iPhone/iPod use to connect USB). But there are no USB ports on the device...

As others have said previously in the comments above, this is a huge issue for lots of users of Blackberrys - and I know it was an issue with me as well. Whereas RIM continually updates gmail sync'ing solutions, RIM has done a poor job addressing this major void in the marketplace of how to allow Outlook users who don't have access to BES to sync their email, contacts, calendars, etc. without having to physically hook up their device to Desktop Manager. RIM had a product called Unite which was designed to do just that for individual Outlook users(although you had to leave your computer on at all times for it to work porperly), but they have discontinued support for it. For those users who have access to Exchange, but whose companies can't afford to install and maintain BES for a handful of users (such is the case for me), RIM has a product called BPS - Blackberry Professional Service (BES lite). However, BPS has not been updated in nearly two years and doesn't support HTML email and has a number of other issues as well. RIM hasn't issued any roadmap indication of how this product will be adapted to support the features/functions of BES 5.0, if at all. Third party vendors such as AstraSync and NotifySync have avaialble products that act as ActiveSync clients, but unfortunately aren't integrated well with the Blackberry handheld and dont use the Blackberry messages folder or provide email notification flashing indicator. There just doesn't seem to be a cohesive answer for this problem, which is very strange since RIM has positioned itself as the premier smartphone vendor interfacing with Outlook and email in general. Maybe the group can ask your RIM contacts for some info on this and share with those of us dieing for an answer.

Kevin, wow, you drink lemon juice every morning, and go through 50-60 lemons a month? Wouldn't apple or grapefrut juice do the trick just as well?

I played the Crackberryradio podcast on my Berry just as I stepped onto a crowded subway car in Times Square after work today. It was was like hanging out with the Crackberry crew right in the middle of rush hour. Work on that ending "smell you later". Doh!

Was a good podcast, listened this morning driving to AC. And no, the Jersey shore isn't that bad, just a producer's idea of what would sell, much like all "reality" shows. (Can you tell I hate almost all of them ?) Any way, I'd really like a better showing from RIM for calendar, since I use a Mac and iCal and have issues with it, Windows people have problems with Outlook, and since most of us need to know what we're doing next, it should be a priority. It amazes me that you can't sync more than one calendar or things go haywire. If a calendar has some type of signature/code attached to it in your BB and your computer, why can't they just match the code between the two? I had it working for a while in PocketMac, but it stopped and I could never get it running again, and it doesn't work in Mac Desktop either. Maybe you guys could delve into the whole calendar thing--Mac and Windows--for an upcoming podcast, including the question raised in this one about BIS and Outlook and those issues.

By the way Kevin, was laughing my ass off during the Apple segment when you said, "ahhh, I'm gonna have to ask you to.." Total Bill Lumberg moment. Have to go back and find it when I get a few minutes

As always this was awesome. I am stoked that you guys are so far sticking to your guns... granted its the second podcast.. But waaHHOOOO....

I could live just fine without BB Messenger, I still see no point to it since it is limited to BB users.

I think that the Sure Press on the Magnum was a good design (it separates the scrolling and selecting from a confirmation of a click). Where Sure Press fails is typing like on the Storm and Storm 2, and since the Magnum had a physical keyboard, it seem to have solved that problem. I would hope to see such a Blackberry in the future since they've scrapped the Magnum

Just finished listening to the podcast this pm

I think the topic of PIM backup needs more time (backup options for apps as well). I'm lucky to be on a BES but my wife is not and she has no time to sit down and "sync" her blackberry to the computer. She needs a wireless sync option.

Also, when will RIM really make the App Store user friendly. I'm always amazed at how easy it is to purchase an app on my ipod touch, install it and run it (the whole process may take 1 minute -- that same process takes 10-15 minutes on the BB). Also, all my apps are also sync'd perfectly to my iTunes account.

I prefer buying apps from Crackberry since there is always a record of the purchase and its so easy to reload software when I change devices (I'm really harsh on my BB and end up needing a new one every 3 months)


I swear, tap into my head. The past two posts have covered some of my EXACT thoughts. Like the Magnum discussion, I typed up my post on the Magnum discussion, then listened to your podcast, and then had the chance to post. Why do you steal my thoughts?? Ha.

Can I just say I love LastPass. Love is so much I bought the premium membership right away.

I love not having to log in to sites any more.

Your Podcasts are very informative and entertaining. Keep them coming. Really glad to hear your are committed to doing them every 2 weeks.

Listening to the Podcast right now and got to the part where Kevin said to comment on the podcast/radio post.

Of course I want to hear about BB but other stuff is good too. Maybe like 75% BB, 25% random other things, kinda what you guys do right now tho.

Just want to add my frustration over the whole bis outlook situation. I'm a relatively new BB user and i can't get over the fact that there is no good solution for me to sync my BB with my PC OTA. i really want to do it using wifi or 3g and would prefer if it was push, but even a timed sync would be better than what i have now - which is using bluetooth most of the time and the cable other times.

We've gotta get Bla1ze to stop giggling at everything....LOL

Lately, the podcasts have been much better. It is great when there are a few topics to hit on and the rest of the show is organic and just flows naturally. Prior podcasts where there was a schedule and you kept moving through blog posts and recent news wasn't very entertaining since we all read the blogs everyday on the web and on Viigo, so the podcast was repetitive.

Keep up the great work. Listened to every podcast from 001 and looking forward to the party for 050!

now i heard this podcast when it was released, i enjoyed it alot! and now a few days later i downloaded it and am listening to it again, and second time around hearing the talk about the reason why they have sure press and diff ideas to implement it on the blackberry OS platform, i got an idea that i think would work without timing or physical action.

im sure that someone has probably thought of this and mentioned it before either here on the comments (61 comments hard to read them all to see if they did or not) or in the forums but anyways here we go:

just like windows uses it's mouse: 1 click you select but 2 clicks (double click) you execute (or confirm) do that on the blackberry, one touch on something let's say an icon you select it and double click ( with a possible double click 'tap' speed setting) and you execute it.

of course it's not as efficient as the iphone's click and go but at the same time it can totally rule out the sure press option, and since we're not gonna be typing on a touchscreen keyboard (where we would have to double tap each letter 'crazy!' ) i think it could work very efficiently, just a lil time with it and we'l get used to it.

i dunno i think this is a pretty cool idea. i'll try and look for a topic on the forums where i can post this as well, i'd love to get some feedback on this idea.

thank you.