CrackBerry NYC Meetup - The Movie!

Maybe this is less of a movie and more of a highlight reel. Either way, you'll want to watch it. The CrackBerry NYC Meetup ROCKED!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Apr 2013 10:02 pm EDT

As I post this, it was literally one week to the hour that fans of CrackBerry were having an awesome time at our NYC Meetup.

The exclusive 1 Oak made an amazing venue for CrackBerry fans and a whole lot of happy BlackBerry Z10 owners to come together to celebrate the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the good 'ol US of A.

We had an awesome turn out. Great times were had by all in attendance. For those who couldn't attend, at least you can hit up the video above to see what you missed. We brought out our friends from Human in NYC to catch some video from the event, and they did an awesome job whipping together this video. Watch it!

We're going to do our best to hold more of these events around the world. If you missed the photo gallery and post-party write up, check it out here

There ain't no party like a CrackBerry party!!

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CrackBerry NYC Meetup - The Movie!


Niiice. I am sorry I missed out. If CrackBerry ever makes it down to NC, my face will be in the place.

Also, thank you, FuzzyFish, for not posting "first!"

what part of NC are you from? I've lived in Asheville for the last 14 to 15 years. I'm stationed in Okinawa right now though but NC is still my home... which is funny cuz I moved from Texas and as great as the state is, I'd miss my mountains and how beautiful it looks in the fall.

Thank you for pointing out the folly in posting about thanking someone for being the first to post in the comments for an article without actually saying "first" in their first comment... ;-)

At Earl's .... HELL YES!!!

That place is the spot, ladies (hot ones) - ladies there are good looking male servers for you as well btw - lots of drinks (proper bar), great outside patio - probably the best in Toronto for space, comfort, and just good layout - CLEAN bathrooms, great staff, and actually kinda resembles this NYC bar this even was at.

Hey Kev,
I wish I was @ the party! I hope you're enjoying your time in the Big Apple. Hope to see you again before you leave New York.

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Oh man did that look like a fun event! Wish I could have been there. Maybe they'll be one in LA sometime.

Impressive you guys. Very impressive. Never before has the industry seen anything like CrackBerry fans, and the guys at CrackBerry make it all possible. It's brilliant to see quality material produced. Material that shows who we are as BlackBerry People. I just want to say thank you.

Posted via CB10

What do you expect Bla1ze? You're not in it because you're always wearing some silly hat/ball cap, it looks out of place in a classy establishment. The guys who made the video aren't stupid. Grow up, lose the hat!

Michelle does, I do - what more could you want?
Oh! I know - more energy drinks,video games and HARD core music!!


It's okay Bla1ze, they are just jealous that you were there, on his cutting room floor, while they weren't even invigorating to get party.

Sometimes Kevin looks as though he has sold his soul when pimping these events on behalf of BlackBerry. ROFLMAO

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Nah, I believe they just call that 'drunk'.. to his credit though, that guy really needs to take a few days off to sleep.

To Kevin, Blackberry = $Crackberry$, Therefore, anything that's good for Blackberry = $$$ for Kevin. Like any good pimp, it's all about the $$$.

There should be another one in L.A. when the Q10 launches. East coast got to party for the Z10, let us party for the Q10!

I always feel like a minority with my BlackBerry in public... A meet up like that would trip me out!.!.! Hopefully one day I will be able to experience the BlackBerry Bond! I already kinda feel it with the new Z10 out! I have seen a few people with one and they seem to enjoy it!

Wait why did you do this in the US Kevin, why not in Toronto or Waterloo? Are you an American now? You do realize the American dollar is on the verge of collapse that even the countries who used to use the US dollar to trade amongst themselves are now using a different currency because they know its worth far less than what analyst are telling everyone.

Can CrackBerry put the blog articles in order by date. I'm constantly missing articles. If you want stuff to remain on top, put it in the Featured view. I thought that was why you added the Featured view in the first place. Thanks!

Nice!!!! ........and Damn!!!!! Missed the meeting @ SBSW Festival in Austin. @Kevin. Need to come to Austin, man. " Live Music Capital of the World." :)

The production quality of that video is top-notch; Human did an outstanding job. There was so much going on that evening, and this captured the essence of it all. Thanks again to Kevin and the crew for hosting such an outstanding event. As I said in the video, the BB10/Z10 platform is rock solid - and so is the CrackBerry nation!

What this video shows is the maturity of BB users. I honestly think that if this was an iphone meetup, you probably couldn't even serve alcohol at the event!

The next one should be held at place where BlackBerry 10 sold the most...... I am just saying ;)

No other OEM has this type of support. That is what makes Blackberry and what will keep them around for many years. People look from a far and say look at those obsessed people. Eventually they come see what the noise is about and stumble upon a vast community of true lovers of Blackberry. That in turn draws them closer to the Blackberry community and want to be apart of that. No matter what anyone says people love to be around positivity and optimism.

Woot, I was online there with my #7 "man bag". Don't judge me. That dude with the dreads in the white polo that gave the thumbs up was the iPhoner trying to talk mess in line. I promptly put snuffed his paltry attempts at bashing the event/phone/brand. I Love What I Do. #BlackBerry4Life