CrackBerry Nation reacts to BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 6 Feb 2013 09:38 pm EST

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has had some time to fly off the shelves in the U.K. and Canada, the forums are absolutely buzzing with opinions about the next-generation device and platform. We're seeing a lot of praise, mostly in the "I got my Z10" forum thread.

"BlackBerry have managed to take all the good bits from other phone manufacturers and dialled in their own unique DNA and have come up with a magical device that constantly surprises and delights. I'm on cloud nine. If you have any doubts please just buy it and try it. You won't be disappointed." - ChrissyM68 

It's definitely worth highlighting that there's as much of the comfortable and familiar in the BlackBerry Z10 as there is of the new stuff. I can definitely relate to the moments of surprise and delight, particularly the smooth progress indicator on boot up and the big News Years-eve style countdown when shutting the Z10 off.  

"It is starting to feel like the old days around the KW area again. Thanks to everyone who supports BlackBerry and in turn helps out my community. There are a ton of hard working people that live here and that are working day and night to help make BlackBerry a success!" - Wilkerson4492 

All Canadians can't help but feel a little proud about the success of the Z10. BlackBerry is very much a national treasure, and the initial indications that Z10 sales have been good is heartening.  

"As a former BlackBerry fan (9000,9900 were my fav) and current Apple fan (iPhone 5, Mac currently)... Im filled with jealousy" - DUNPHY88  

While there are no doubt a ton of loyal BlackBerry users that will be flocking to pick up a Z10, I think there are going to be many other buyers in the situation as this forum-goer. BlackBerry went on for a long time without any significant changes, and in that time they lost a lot of users. I'm sure there are things that those users missed about BlackBerry during their affair with iOS or Android, and Z10 will be their call to come back to the fold. 

"What you get with this keyboard above iOS or Droid - is TRUST." - BrizzardMan 

For the first few days of having the Z10, I tried relying heavily on the swipey prediction engine (mostly for the novelty), but more and more I'm finding I'm drifting into a straight-on flurry of tapping. In that more traditional typing experience, the Z10 really flies fast, and you can most definitely trust it more than most touchscreen keyboards.  

"I remember buying MacOSX 10.0 when it hit the street. It was an entirely new OS and Apple even said back then it was a work in progress and took almost a year before it was stable enough for everyday use. Be patient people. This is all part of being the first buyers of a completely new OS." - lenn5 

This point really can't be reiterated enough. Here at CrackBerry HQ, we had certain expectations, and a 1.0ness about the operating system was most definitely taken into account when reviewing the Z10. There were bound to be a few missing software features or UI inconsistencies, but so far none of the ones that we have found are definitive deal-breakers.  I expect that vast majority of complaints will be addressed before the Z10 hits American shores, 

"Spent the first hour showing the guy at Virgin how it works, it was his first time seeing one out of the box. He kept saying "oh wow, I wish i could do that on my Iphone," and he kept calling over the other sales guy (who owns a S3) and showing him the cool stuff it can do. I think I might have sold one to the salesman." - NewfieCheesehead 

That's just plain funny.

Hit up the forums with your own personal reactions to the BlackBerry Z10. As for those poor souls that can't get one yet, what would you like to know about the Z10 from those that have them? 

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CrackBerry Nation reacts to BlackBerry Z10


That's great to hear people are enjoying it, and Simon you are right because, I'm an iPhone 5 user and I can't wait to get it, mine will be here on the 11th/12th. I've missed the bb experience ever since I left, iPhones were more a toy then a productive business tool, and that's what blackberry puts first with the z10, games, apps and movies 2nd.

Oh and first ... 0_o

worryingly it shows a lack of proper training by sales staff.

I went in to pick up my Z10 at the local 02 store yesterday and it had the Z10 in a nice display area but it wasn't switched on. I asked the sales staff any chance of a demo on it and the look on his face was as if I had grown two heads instantly. I asked so what's new on it and I was actually waiting for his head to twist around and drop off. All I got was it's a new operating system unlike anything they have done before and its nothing like the Storm line from a few years ago.

Now this guys not a newbie he's been in it for years, I even bought by BB9900 of him so there is little excuse.

Poor Poor Poor.

I said you must nearly be sold of out of these, he said no there are some left in stock - any wonder if you have such poor sales technique.

I hope so. . .Over that past 2, 3 years I have had salespeople try to sell me everything but what I wanted, a Blackberry. I really believe if folks give BB10 a chance they will love it. I really enjoy the software on my playbook and BB10 is just that exploded. Go Blackberry!!!

Glad to see everyone enjoying the new Z10! It is a joy to explore BB 10, yes they are some hiccups and things missing but what electronic gizmo doesn't have quirks?

Happy Z-Day everyone!

Since you asked, I was wondering if it's possible to disable the LTE radio to preserve battery life? AT&T doesn't have LTE out in North Dakota (where I live proudly next to my Canadian neighbors) yet.

Hello jstef16,

you absolutely can change from LTE, in fact there are 3 other selections (well really 4 But its also LTE). I hope you are able to get one soon out there. I know the US is just itching for them!

I'm in the same Ship.. Told me they will be in Mexico on March. Ironic... the Q10 is Made in México we should have right now!!! Eventhough i want the Z10!!!!

I'm in the same Ship.. Told me they will be in Mexico on March. Ironic... the Q10 is Made in México we should have right now!!! Eventhough i want the Z10!!!!

Waiting for BlackBerry 10 devices to become available in Romania.
It become a drama not having them here. Lots of people are talking around the clock about Z10 and Q10 in my country!

Personally, I am a little nervous about the Z10. I went into a local retailer who aren't yet selling them and the staff says it looks cool (<--- which is nice) but kinda looks like a Iphone. The salesmen said that he found it hard to use and thought it had a fair learning curve. Most people who are looking at phones aren't tech junkies like us and don't have the incite into the 'hub, flow and peek'. If even the sales people are having issues getting the phone to work, then how likely are they to really put any muscle behind it to try and sell? The comment in the post shows how the person trained the sales person. There is no way that should happen, that's like a random coming off the street and knowing more then a dealer mechanic.

Personally, I'm excited for BB10. I'll hopefully be getting mine in the next 2 days but I wonder if even the sales people are struggling to learn the new OS if they will really put the muscle behind the sales of the devices. Personally, I know 3 people who are getting a Z10 or will be in the near future and about that number I have to sell on BB10 to have them pick on up. Lots of talk about it tho which is nice.

Hello CrackBerryTorch9800,

I have my Z10, and I have shown it to many Iphone users, and once I show them everything is done through Swiping they totally get it. Yes for people using Iphone's it will be a slight learning curve, but I don't think it will be as hard as people are saying it is. Once you learn the swiping it really doesn't go away. I had one friend pick it up and I didn't say anything, and he was looking for the button, and all I said was swipe like this, and he was off to the races. Hopefully all the stores will have the demo app that really shows off all of the gestures. As this tool is a great learning/demo tool!

Yeah same with my wife who was coming from a 9810 to a z10.. loves her physical keyboard.. she was very very reluctant to go full touch with no buttons and gestures. Showed her in what 5 minutes how to use the phone.. she called me at work yesterday just to tell me how much she loves her new z10 and her co-workers are jealous... these sale guys really need to learn their products they're selling .. if my wife can do (and she's no teckie) .. then there's no excuse for these guys!

"these sale(s) guys really need to learn their products they're selling"

BlackBerry needs to give them the tools to do so! Not just a PDF file to read. Every salesperson should have been handed a Z10 to get familiar with the product and OS before launch.

I don't work for BlackBerry or The Source(an electronics retail chain), but the owner of a local The Source asked me to come in and demo the Z10 to customers all-day Tuesday for their launch event.

My favourite moment of the day, was demoing the Z10 to a woman who had purchased an iPhone 5 just the night before. After the demonstration, she immediately drove 40 minutes to the store where she had purchased the iPhone and exchanged it for a Z10! Pure Awesomeness!

There was a radio station at the store I was at promoting the launch event, so I made sure that the above story was broadcast. for all to hear... :-D

I don't have a Z10, but will be getting one in the future - :-)

The greatest thing for me is seeing non-BB sites talking about the Z10.

Cnet for example: hardly had mentioned anything Blackberry for ages except for launch dates, and now they have articles on what they would like to see next in BB... or as they put it 10.1 (which i find funny because that iOS lingo)

Here are some points they mentioned which - I think would make a greate addition and I hope some of you more experienced (Sepcially Keven) can comment on them...

•Smoother front-end animation when you open an app (currently takes you to the multitasking screen each and every time before opening)
•More camera options: HDR mode, panorama mode, ISO, resolution options
•Walking and transit directions in maps app; more granular maps data to show local businesses; satellite and 3D mode
•Native podcast app that links into the music player
•Long press the period on the virtual keyboard to get comma and exclamation point punctuation
•Faster rotation speed from landscape to portrait mode
•Improved battery life (this was mixed for three testers)
•Better integration with Google's social services
•More transparent, better surfaced toggle to switch from desktop to mobile mode and back (current toggle is in Settings > Developer Tools)

Love the buzz & a crackberry fan since Aug-2012 thats when I got my playbook and torch

Ummmmm... 10.1 isn't iLingo. My 9810 is on 7.1. Before that it was on 7. Pretty much all software has version numbers.

Most of these won't make it until next year, if ever...
10.1 is just around the corner and will mostly bring behind the scenes improvements afait.


Fly off the shelves in the UK? Read an article on the UK Telegraph titled, 'BlackBerry 10: shops deny claims by Thorsten Heins that Z10 phones are selling out' Google it.

the telegraph. Really?

It actually did fly off the shelves in most cities. Of course there are still some available in some locations.

Are you going to get one? :D

I was super excited about the launch of this phone. Now, not so much.

Being in the US, and not having this phone, I'm starting to care less and less about it. Seeing all the articles is great and all but it just means I spend less and less time on the site because I'm not very excited to read about a phone I can't have.

I somehow don't think anything relavent will be posted about non-BB10 news with the exception of the deal of the day (which I imagine will last about another week).

Will probably take a hiatus for a couple months. Not sure how many others out there have the same feeling as I do.

Ditto. Alot of people in the US have been waiting just as long as everybody else in the world. Even trying to keep the Blackberry name around. Just another let down like the "2012 BB10 launch". :(

Can't agree with you there. Living in the US- I want the phone as bad as you- but I can't help but share in the excitement with our northern neighbors and am reading everything I can so I will be fully prepared when I get my grubby little hands on one of my own! Aye???

Same here! Reading about our fellow UK and Canadian CB friends just keeps me more informed before I get one. Plus it makes me want one more and more! :-)

"Crackberry Nation reacts to BlackBerry Z10..." it's gone nuclear,,, you heard it here 1st... ;-)


As a Canadian I'm very happy that BlackBerry didn't give up. I'll be even happier that they didn't give up when my Z10 shows up at my door. I'm a huge fan of Android but I've been following the creation of the New BB10 OS & have been impressed day after day up until now.

As a Canadian I'm very happy that BlackBerry didn't give up. I'll be even happier that they didn't give up when my Z10 shows up at my door. I'm a huge fan of Android but I've been following the creation of the New BB10 OS & have been impressed day after day up until now. I am a fan of large displays so I don't think I'll stick with the Z10 & put down my Galaxy Note 2 but depending how I like the OS when I get my Z10 finally I might make the switch if they offer a device with a 4.7" or larger display. I'm just very impressed with what BlackBerry has created first time out the gate & I'm extremely excited to see what's to come on the future, which right now I'd looking rather bright for the formerly failing company. Keep up the great work, just hurry up & ship my device out ASAP RIM/BlackBerry. - KID ANDROID

"...formerly failing company."?! Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much. It just so happens that your friend here was only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. Haha. You are right that they didn't give up and that their future looks bright. I think we can all see now though that BlackBerry was NEVER failing - more like hitting the gym, refueling, recharging, and getting in better shape, bigger, stronger and faster. In a fight with countless rounds it was the right move for BlackBerry to sit out a few in order to come back into the ring ready to be The Greatest. While Apple punches out tired iterations of the same thing BlackBerry is demonstrating how to execute a perfect rope-a-dope.

I've had my Z10 here in the UK almost exactly three days and I absolutely love it. I don't have time to list all the reasons but here are a few:

-it just feels right in my hand. Not too big, not too small, not too heavy, not too light. The non-slip textured back is great to feel in the palm of my hand.

-swiping control is the future. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to. Same with the PlayBook. At first you think, whaat? how do I do that? It's just a black slab! But after a couple of days it becomes second nature. It is so intuitive. A Home button now seems archaic.

-the predictive keyboard is just awesome. I can't believe that it guesses words that I've never typed in before, even people's surnames (is it checking my contacts list I wonder?).

-the browser, especially on wifi, is blazingly fast and renders perfectly.

-little touches like the beautiful clock, home screen "curtain", self-levelling compass etc are to die for.

There are some minor quibbles but hey, it's a first iteration of the device and the Z10 can only get better. It's been a long wait, but boy, it has been worth it. It is difficult to believe that anybody coming from a previous BlackBerry won't be overjoyed, and by the sound of it, even iPhone and Galaxy owners are envious.

For all of you having quibbles as you say, be sure to report any troubles or ideas to BB. They are listening and they can be very efficient at solving problems too.
I think like my PB, the Z10 gets a free 90 days direct support, so all of you, be sure to register your Z10 on the BB site, and report any pb to their team.
I just did for my PB and asked them to create an app. to diagnose PB hardware.... hope they will make it. I think it is needed for people worrying for their device, and for BB support for easier/faster diag.

Same for me as the last mention, I showed the sales guy in the Vodafone store more about the phone than he knew. He had been trained two days prior. So either the rep training was poor or this guy just didn't take it in. I then spent the next 30 minutes in a Phones4u store explaining to a blinkered android fan of a sales person that "I want to buy a Z10 not and SIII". Loving my Z10!

It's really good, had it a few days now and enjoying more and more. There's a bit of a learning curve to find some settings but all in all great phone and fantastic keyboard .BlackBerry you did good!

Me too- but in Bethlehem,Pa. Can't get here soon enough- but I am learning from everyone else and hopefully picking up enough knowledge to guide me smoothly through the transition!

went to a mall in canada toronto a few days ago, they all had only 1 handset left, and it was only 3:30pm, so i believe it is selling well

After a couple of days with the Z10... Lovin' it!
To add to the carrier training blues, here's my story:
The Bell store I have been dealing with for years was open at 8:30... I got there at 8:35 and was #4 to get my pre-ordered Z10. We are all chit-chatting about this new "toy", when the manager pipes up with a device-switch (9700-Z10) question. Turns out they had not installed Link... I explained the difference between Link (OS10) and BB Desktop (OS7 and below) and got them up and running.

The staff explained that they had not physically touched a Z10 until that morning. All the "training" had been online videos. As an adult educator, I know that learning styles vary; something BlackBerry is going to have to address. This will be a steep "learning curve" for the retailers too. If the staff get proper training, I think sales will increase exponentially!

Sorry but this isn't BlackBerry's first phone like the original iPhone or Android. Neither of those two had legacy, and both could get away with 1.0. When you have had 7 releases of a prior OS, you just don't get to go to a totally new OS and get to start from scratch. They should have had key features from BBOS like notificaitons, bedside mode, Bridge, etc. working just as good if not better than they did in BBOS. Hopefully RIM addresses these before the phone is available in the US, the fact that they weren't right for the UK and Canada is just sad.

It may not be their first phone but it is their first phone on QNX. That's like saying MAC OSX should have been perfect out of the gate because they had 9 version before it. They literally rewrote every function from scratch which IMO is pretty impressive given the time they did it in.

The OS is nice. People I show it too always enjoy using the phone, but none are willing to buy a Z10 due to the lack of apps or features in the BB apps.
It's worse for advanced users since it's best to use the Android apps on an Android than to get half working versions on a Z10.


The last one was hilarious. Reminds me of the time I went to the Volkswagen dealership looking at GTI's and I knew more about the car than the salesman... He was especially baffled because I was 13 at the time and I was with my Dad.

Every device is a learning experience for all, even the cheap prepaid phones now a days you learn Not to press the center button because otherwise they will charge you for internet. Some people uses phones as it, others twicked them to suit their needs or taste, no mater what platform or OS.

I am a huge BlackBerry fan and have not had anything different since the days of my Treo. I have had my Z10 for two days now and do think it is an amazing device but am disappointed with some things, the main one being no ability to sync with outlook...this should have been a must have. Other things I have found missing are: no agenda view or ability to set reminders in calendar
Twitter opens pictures or links through the browser instead of staying in the app. No battery level indicator. No ability to set the number of times a notification occurs. If reading a long article or thread no T or B to quickly get back. These are just a few I have noticed so far and I'm sure most can be taken care of with an update but I hope they do them before the USA launch. I would also suggest they move the location of the send button. It is far too close to the "." and I have hit it by mistake a few times.

As I said I love the Z10 and am even pretty good on the keyboard already but there are definitely some things that need work and soon. Oh , I forgot, unless you are bes I have been told you can't set up work and play modes...Mt his is something that I'm sure a lot of self employed people such as myself would love to have

On a side note I have not been able to set up my pop/imap account yet and have spent hours on the phone with tech support to no avail. A friend of mine on the same carrier with the same email provider was able to, this is beyond frustrating

I can't wait to get my Z10!! I have to wait till April when my contract is up for renewal. I will be at Verizon that morning, until then I will continue reading all about the Z10. 77 days to go and counting!!!

Been 2 days with my z10 so far and I have been delighted with how the OS has exceeded my expectations. Yes there a couple of missing features but the out of the box experience has been the best that i ever had.
I have been our company's contact with the same Telus rep for the past 5 years. Over the last 2 years we constantly have discussed RIM's future. I was able to pick up my Z10 near the end of the day on launch day and he was astonished with not just the sales but with how many people were switching from iOS and Android. He definitely lost our best.

Just hope "v10.1" will easily sync up my MS Office (email, contacts, calendar & tasks) ... my workplace uses Office, doesn't run on Google and never will.

I was told by tech support they have moved away from active sync so unless they change their mind or an app comes out to an able syncing with Outlook it will not happen

That's unfortunate. It was a BB feature others didn't have...even Windows phones. Like it or not MS Office is an efficient way one can duplicate the office desktop with the phone. Why would a business phone drop a major business component...?

Just got my Z10 last night.......My wife played with it and now wants one yesterday! Fast, Esay to use great size.
Moved data from my torch to the z10 and theres 4.6gig of "Other Data" I can't find to purge. I went to the Device storage details in the settings. All and all a great phone

US guys, don't worry you're not the only ones that got the short end of the stick, the Middle East did as well. It seems we just found out that all the devices that are coming in are NOT LTE capable devices! How's that for all countries with LTE capable networks will get LTE capable devices? At this point I would have preferred a delay.

It's plain stupid, retarded and once again empty promises from BlackBerry. I now need to purchase one from the UK and deal with having a phone off warranty. Thanks BlackBerry and the Middle East carriers, you really nailed this one!

I just got mine yesterday and it is the best BlackBerry device I have ever used, hell, best phone I have ever used. Only gripe is not being able to delete on mailbox and phone or just phone for emails. Guess I will have to utilize the folder options now :)

This hasn't been addressed yet as far as I know, but as far as making calls itself on the phone, is there good quality? A good headset volume? I have never had any real issues with calls on the BBs I have owned, but I just was curious. Thanks. :-)

i have been an apple fan for years now, have had every iphone to date, in between have tried other phones like HTC HD, google nexus one, Blackberry 9900, i always ended up going back to Apple and selling my other phones, ive always liked the look of Blackberries and like the brand in general, but the OS was always outdated, and always made me switch back to iPhone, however since the iphone 4, there hasnt been a huge jump from the 4, to 4s, to the 5, so i played with the Z10 and was very very impressed.....I think this might be the one that takes me from Apple!

When I get to the mall, if I can, I'm going to be showing people how to use it if the rogers store doesn't do fuck-all. I'm dog gone serious about that. I want to see if they try to lie to customers. Then I'll speak up and if they kick me out of the bloody store, TOO BAD!! I'll have it on video. :D