CrackBerry Nation Loves Lindsay Lohan & Her Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Oct 2008 03:27 am EDT

Lindsay Lohan and her BlackBerry Bold Lindsay Lohan and her BlackBerry Bold

Well, I can't say that all of CrackBerry nation loves Lindsay Lohan, but a lot of you sure do. My inbox was flooded yesterday afternoon/evening from loyal readers sending in these images of Lohan that were taken Tuesday in LA when she went walking around the town with her BB let loose for all to see. No wonder she attracted the attention of the paparazzi - I'm sure they were all busting out the big lenses to try and get a better view of her... Bold's carrier branding. Could that be an AT&T logo? Nope... take a look after the jump at the bigger images... sure looks like Rogers to me. I hope she's at least updated her Bold's OS to!!!

Lindsay Lohan and her BlackBerry Bold

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Big Thanks to everyone who sent in images. You can find more photos here. And in case you don't like these images, don't shoot the messenger! I had to get this posted so readers would stop sending them in! Plus we are We gotta post stuff like this from time to time to keep it real :-) 

Don't forget, you can always send your sightings in to editorial @ (be sure to include source). We've been getting a lot of images sent in lately, so get ready for another Celeb BB Sightings round-up in the near future.



hehe only the geek is looking at the bold at first ;)


for one.
those pants are alll wrong.

lindsay needs to discover nipple covers.
all i'm saying

nice bold btw.


lindsay needs to discover nipple covers.
all i'm saying"

Perhaps there's sth. in the OtterBox product line :D

I think such postings are ok for in between. Why not having a bit fun...

Go for it!


Nipple covers?! you must be an iPhone Phan Chick! :)

your right about the pants though.


The pants are fine, I like the waist line on her.

It's the shoes and glasses with that outfit that need to go. (Get some Oakleys)

Anyway, nice bolds... I mean Bold.



sooooooooo jealous of saMAN ronson


She is holding a phone???????????

With breasts like that who is looking at her hands?

Terrible pants though. I like the sunglasses.


Those nipples could cut glass! niiiice... =D


Does she not play for the other team? Ah well, I would still like to play 'Tune in Tokyo' with her.. ;)


I'm having a hard time seeing a phone in these pictures. Could someone point it out to me. Hmmmmmmm
I've been looking and looking and no phone.


I HEART La Lohans awesome rack, nice nips...i agree with djflawezs i cant seem to c the phone either.


Yeah Lindsay might have those tig-oh-biddies, but in my opinion, Hillary Duff is WAY more prettier than Lindsay. Although the (.)(.) do look nice : )

And oh yeah, so does the phone ;p


Still trying to see the phone in the pic, is it nice? For some reason my eyes are only drawn to one thing ;)


Phone?? What phone?? Oopsss ah yes..a Rogers-branded Bold


I agree, the pants and top need to go. Then retake the picture- who really gives a crap about the phone. Hell, she could be holding a storm, and I still wouldn't be looking at the phone.


I don't know why you would be looking at the bold i am looking at those tatas!


I like the whole thing, pants, shirt...didn't even see the phone for a bit.


Phone? What phone?

Only one thing really jumps out in those pics.


Sure they where taking a picture of the BB....LMAO!!!


Sorry, the phone is cool, but honestly I'm only looking at her nice rack. Damn, it sucks she plays for the other team, I'm hoping for a midseason trade LOL


She is disgusting, what the hell are you people thinking?K


Thank you for the best CB post of the year!

Oh yeah... I guess the phone is okay too.


I think she looks trashy! I mean if I had her kind of money I wouldn't be walking around in dirty oversized jeans and a tank top with no nipple protection...yikes.

But other than that, of course she has a BB! Everyone should! I couldn't live without mine! :)


She is pretty damn hot! And so is her Bold! :)


i aagree only the geek will notice the hone first hah.. look at those boobs :)


I second that. I love those close up shots.


lol. those breasts are all over the place. did she just get a boob job? or my god...put on a good fitted bra. victorias secret maybe?? lol. honestly i dont find her all that. oh well. she a rich brat lol.


Wow she is not attractive at all I mean from the shoulders down, but damn! I give her a 7.5 with the bold making up 6 of those points. Spoiled BEEOTCH!!!


Mother of pearl...I see 3 things in this pic that could be called "Bold"


srsly. i like BB's as much as the next guy/girl on the site, but why are we talking about the bold? have you people looked at the picture?!


Proof that even Lindsay is turned on by the phone. I love the raised and well spaced buttons -- on the Bold.


wow, talk about implants there


So she has a Bold. Big deal. It's not like she can use it...what...with all the problems AT&T is having on their network.

What? She's not using it on AT&T? Hm....I thought AT&T had an exclusive on it.

Huh? She IS using it on AT&T? Then what's the hold up?

Just saying.


Hmmm....all I can say is it must have been a bit chilly. The high beams are definitely on!


i had no idea! those pants ARE terrible thought.


Lindsay! It's called a BRA! look into it...


so i got the new bold. i had friend fed ex from italy for me. what you mean updating the os


What phone? I don't see any phone!

"fakest EVER" - Prove IT! I want PROOF!! And, there's only one hands-on way for that!


Wow, I would not kick her out of bed for using an iPhone, and that's saying a lot.


Fuck, I want my hands all over those tits (and the blackberry)


Gotta Say,....still love her she is HOT, oh and Lindsay is looking pretty good to.


proof? really? the proof's in the picture. I can spot em from a mile away


wait. Theres a blackberry phone in the pic?? where??


We were at the same club a month ago and she still had the curve. She must have just upgrade... As for me, I'm on att n sticking with the 8820.


I think she looks good.

Michael Silverstein

Nice Blackberry, black top isn't bad either


She looks fabulous - pants, nipples whatever. She looks healthy. my only critism - fake breasts are *ick* (assuming they are) - but whatever. She looks healthy, casual, not all sunburned or tan, and fabulous. LOVE the jeans.


I was DEFINITELY looking at the Bold. Nothing else *whistles*


Although there are other things in those pics that catch one's attention, it's nice to see that even multi-million dollars hollywood stars are using the same phone that everyone else is.