CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $250 in BlackBerry Accessories from!!

Best BlackBerry Blog 2010

I'm one of those guys who believes in the power of positive thinking, so even on the day launched publicly and we had a grand total of five members our tag line was already the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!). That said, it's always nice to receive external validation that we're doing a good job (despite our occassional spelling mistakes and naughty posts), so I'm happy to announce was named the Best BlackBerry Blog in the 2010 Wirefly Awards. The finalists were user nominated and the voting was by the people, so it's pretty awesome that captured over 87% of the votes. Of course, that leaves us 13% of room to improve upon for 2011, so we'll be working hard to kick things up another notch around here.

Contest - Win $250 in Accessories from CrackBerry got some prizes for winning this award from Wirefly... in addition to featuring on their site for the year they've hooked us up with a check for $250. We decided we'd take that money and give it back to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community via a $250 shopping spree in the Accessory store! To enter, just leave a comment to this blog post and you're entered to win. Only one entry per member please. Contest ends this Sunday,  May 23rd at midnight pst. Good luck!!!


I don't think I even remember what $250 looks like anymore..would love to see it in BlackBerry accessories :)


Man I could really use that for some of my several blackberrys


Of course is the best, there is nothing like this place out there! You guys are great sharing it, shows huge dedication to the blackerry, and to the fans of the site/blog! Plus would love to win the $250!!


Crackberry is the only place I go to stay up to date with all things blackberry . . .


This blog is so well put together, well maintained, and gives users a reason to be addicted to their blackberry! It's through here I've met great contacts and learned how to use my phone! So you're very much appreciated and deserve the award! Here's to more to come, cheers!


Yep, that's it, the name is Koneko1.


You guys rock, Never a dull moment on CB!


Congratulations! You guys deserve the award.


This is why crackberry is my homepage theres always awesome contest and awesome tips on how to use blackberries


I hope I win this time around. Congratulations Crackberry on the honor of being #1.


Has any one seen by track ball? Never mind. I have a Storm 2. No track ball required. Maybe I'll get 1 for fun if I win the Loot.


Thanks to your site I learned to use my Curve.


I need new accessories for my new Bold 9650!!


Of COURSE is #1!! We all knew that already!


I could really use this!


I could really use this!


On being the best blackberry blog. May the blessings be passed unto others. Also may i be able to get the opportunity to win a shooping spree to cover my naked BB, along with an extended battery.


Crackberry is the very best blog on the Internet! Thank you Kevin and all!


I want this so badly!


Count me in.

Congradulations CrackBerry!!!



It's not a surprise that you guys could pull this off. Best Blackberry Site Ever. Congratulations. Hope i can win! xD


I'd love to win this cuz i really need some gadgets for my BB thanks!!


I love so much I'm constantly checking my Berry for an update on Twitter so I can hit up Crackberry with some cool new stuff. My wife hates it, even though she loves her Berry too! She's not obsessed like I am though. She says I research and keep up with Blackberry stuff more than I do for my newborn son. (She's probably right ;)

I'd love to finally win something on here! Keep up the great work.


goood job crackberry..#1 site for blackberry users and abusers


nothing better than accessorizing & customizing your phone!


nothing better than accessorizing & customizing your phone!


$250 sounds soooooooo good to me. Thanks guys.


I believe that i would put the 250.00 toward the Blackberry Presenter and probably a new Bluetooth Stero headset should I be fortunate enough to win.


Have to agree with Wirefly definitely!!!!


I would so love this there are so many apps for my storm I would love and cant afford


Thia is fantastic news! I a huge fan and I hope I win.


And I'd place it right next to my Bold.


I don't know what I would do without crackberry


.....Always a great gift


This is so cool. I hope I get picked.


Congratulations on the awards. It's the only blog I read regularly and frequently on BB. Thanks for the great work!


i luv this contest hope am lucky this time.


Congrats on the win - no contest!


Well deserved! I'm hooked on BB and CrackBerry real bad!
And thanks for all the contest opportunities. I'm hoping to win one day ;)


This contest rocks-- I would love to soup up my blackberry by using this gift card as my phone is currently just plain. Please give me this prize!


meow meow meow ima kitty kat :3!


...and good luck to everyone! :)


Please pick me. I havent been able to try the crackberry store as yet since they deal in dollars. Please... :(


Nice crackberry deserves it.


First place I go to see what's going on in the world of blackberries...


Good luck everyone! I'm rooting for you all as much as myself!!


If I could wave my magical wand and spread some pixie dust, I'll be the winner. Since I can't do that, please pick me anyway.


i could use this, i need the charging pod, another charger, some skins, I could use that spree and put it to good use!!!!!!!