CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $250 in BlackBerry Accessories from!!

Best BlackBerry Blog 2010

I'm one of those guys who believes in the power of positive thinking, so even on the day launched publicly and we had a grand total of five members our tag line was already the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!). That said, it's always nice to receive external validation that we're doing a good job (despite our occassional spelling mistakes and naughty posts), so I'm happy to announce was named the Best BlackBerry Blog in the 2010 Wirefly Awards. The finalists were user nominated and the voting was by the people, so it's pretty awesome that captured over 87% of the votes. Of course, that leaves us 13% of room to improve upon for 2011, so we'll be working hard to kick things up another notch around here.

Contest - Win $250 in Accessories from CrackBerry got some prizes for winning this award from Wirefly... in addition to featuring on their site for the year they've hooked us up with a check for $250. We decided we'd take that money and give it back to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community via a $250 shopping spree in the Accessory store! To enter, just leave a comment to this blog post and you're entered to win. Only one entry per member please. Contest ends this Sunday,  May 23rd at midnight pst. Good luck!!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!



My BB has been naked since the day I got it. Not because I want it to be, but because I can't afford accessories for it :\ Would love to win this.

The Only Berry Site I visit! WOW $250 I dont need that much stuff from the Store I would get what i need and help out some of the guys on the Pay it Forward Thread!! So come on let me be the lucky winner this time!!

I can't get through my day without checking Crackberry - "crack" is the best way to describe it (can't live without it)! Congrats on the award!

Checking crackberry is a daily routine for me! It was this site that guided me through my first BB device. I think u guys deserve the award n for years to come cobgrats!

I am already dreaming about the the things I could do with your Bold...listen to Slacker...keep track of my in sick.. Not only that - how cool I will be sporting the berry previously owned by a "Crack Star".

I love crackberry.Com. I access it daily...don't tell my boss. Any questions I have about my blackberry, apps, accessories, and what's new can be answered by going to the site. I have a shortcut on my desktop at work and am only a click away from the "owners manual" for my Blackberry. Thanks!

looking up info on my first blackberry and I came across this site. I thought "Crackberry, yeah right it's just a phone..." Now I'm on here almost daily. It really is the blog site to get the best and most accurate BB info.

And who couldn't use accessories for their Berry!

My pretty much my one and only goto site for all things Berry. Let me continue to praise you by thanking you with the $250 spree 8-) Keep it up!

blackberry car speaker, you know the one i didn't win and a few other items i didn't win in other contest. I haven't won anything yet maybe this is my turn (yeah right like all the others are thinking).

I found you guys almost two years ago when I Google for free blackberry apps for my then spanking new Curve 8330. I have been with you guys ever since, I check your site every morning and at night after work, Congratulations on winning that award you guys are truly the coolest blackberry site on Cyber space right now.

i knew it was a good idea coming to crackberry and crackberry forums for advice on how to use and abuse my blackberry :) thanks for all the hard work, and i know i probably wont get picked but i figure hey i'll support the number one site i goto for my blackberry addiction :) go crackberry!

I've never won a contest, and I would love to pimp out my blackberry...since it is truly the only thing I love. :) definitely deservs this! Lots of great news, great, realistic views from everyone - Kev, Bla1ze, Adam, etc. - and a great podcast! The forums are full of helpful people, new BB users are sure to find what they need here!
Once again, congratulations CB team!

OMG That's so awesome CrackBerry... YOU ROCK!!!!!! I'd LOVE to spend $250 in the CrackBerry Store on accessories for my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't even believe there needed to be a competition; I mean, we all know cb is the best. :)

Case in point: you're passing on your award on to us!

I can't wait to see my name as the winner! I'm sending out the positive vibes...."pick benpierce," "pick benpierce," "pick benpierce,"...yeah!


Award or no, contests or no, you guys really are the BE-ALL and END-ALL in all things BlackBerry!!! I know I've personally learned SO much about my BB from reading your blogs and you've made the adventure a lot of fun in the process!!! WAY TO GO!!!

How sweet of a deal is this?! Man, now that my whole family are proud blackberry users (and abusers), this prize would be perfect for getting a jump on my Christmas shopping.
If I win, the family might actually think Im cool!

As a recent college grad, money is extremely tight. I'm always searching for cool accessories and apps, but I just cant afford to buy them. This would be so awesome if I could win this!

just wanted to let you guys know how awesome you are. i visit this site everday, my favorite place for apps and themes. btw, i work for one of the largest cell phone companies is the u.s, and i always send customers to crackberry, its my little way of giving back! keep it up guys

Wow congratulations CB, and dang u guys are awesome for giving away prizes like this, well i hope you guys pick me :D

WOW! I already have a list drawn up of what I would buy if I win this contest. It will be a crackberry holiday in my house!

What a contest to win. I'm just glad to be using the number one rated blackberry blog post. Way to go and the Crackberry Team!

I think it's pretty cool that CrackBerry won. In 2011 it may be 95% of the votes, because we have to at least 5% for the others in the running. Congratulations CB and may 2011 be the year of 95% of the votes.

so i just got a new blackberry curve 8520 white and these 250$ would be lovely for accesories :) keep on rocking CrackBerry

And Bla1ze... you keep kickin' a$$. Your content is world class even if your grammar is "imperfect". Buncha schoolmarms!

Hey, i agree with this. Since i got my 9530, I am in here at least once a day checking out posts, doing research for better things for my BB. It is a strong asset and growing stronger daily. Thanks for having it available to us BBers.

Winning this contest would really come in handy because I'll be getting a new Berry soon (dunno which one jsut yet). Leaning towards another one from the Bold line.


No doubt this is the best website for blackberry merchandise and solution to problems. I recently dropped my blackberry in a bucket of water and your website saved it. thank you and keep up the good work. A well deserved award.Carlos

Nice job winning! I knew you guys would win! I definitely need some accessories for my BlackBerry right now! Would love to win!!

Congrats team. You were the first place I came to when I got my crackberry. Thanks for all the start up info and trouble shooting.

ps... hope I win ;)

Very Nice. I can use the prize for apps and other items
A case for my bbstorm 2, games and apps,themes as well
Here's hoping :-) fingers x'ed

I could always use more apps and accessories!

And congrats on being named the best. It should be no surprise, though.

You deserve it. I heard about CB from watching Ellen. When I got my first BlackBerry, a T-mobile Pearl 8100, the first website I went to was CrackBerry. CrackBerry had given me lots of insight and information about my device, aside from all the freebies I won (love the apps!).

Thanks CrackBerry and Keep it UP!!!

Your selection as Best BlackBerry Blog 2010 is well deserved! Easily the best resource available! Now that the ass-kissing is out of the way, please pick me! ;)

Only been on here for a short while since I got my first Blackberry 2 months ago, and I love this place!!! Keep up the good work

Thank you for making the best blackberry related site in the whole universe. Crackberry rocks!!!

Awesome job guys!!! Keep up the good work, I look forward to everything you have to offer!!! Congratulations again!!!

I love crackberry, because without you guys I would still be in the dark about everything blackberry and everything smart phone. Whether I win or not, I'll still be a crackberry addict for life!!!

I can guarantee I'm one of the most frequent visitors of this site daily and would enjoy some accessories for my bare 8900, and hopefully for the 9700 I hope to win for my girlfriend ;)

Congrats Kev and the rest of CB! This would be awesome to win to help add some flavor to my naked BB...

I can't even imagine how I could buy enough stuff to make full use of the $250. But that doesn't mean I won't try if I won! :)

Count me in, please and thank you.

That's such a great award! Glad rest of the world is acknowledging what we, the abusers, already know. Crackberry rocks them all.

Who else would have won! I'd love to accept the award for the best Crackberry reader

This site is where I click when I need to know what's going on in Berry-land. So give me that $250 large!

I would love to win the prize on behalf of you. You guys do a fantastic job for us blackberry users.


I would love to win the prize on behalf of you. You guys do a fantastic job for us blackberry users.


But not surprising, I never go anywhere else when I'm looking for info on a BB! (And btw, my Tour could use some accesorizing!)

rah rah ah ah ahhh roma romama gAGA OOH LALAAAAA.... there now uve been blessed by gaga... you'll have infinite success. itd only be right if u returned the favor

I love this blog. it's way better than any other. I don't post much in the forums but I really enjoy reading the entries each day. Keep up the good work crackberry... maybe you'll win it again next time around =)

I would like to congratulation Crack Berry on being the number one site and getting the Wirefly Award. I am sure this will be repeated in 2011.

ure site has been my homepage for about a year now it was just about a matter of time for ppl to understand the true power of :P

Congrads to the only site I visit on a regular basis and follow on Twitter. When I'm online, this is the first place I come to for information. I can't say that about any other website.

I started a website last year and realize how hard it is to continue to post and maintain visitors. So congrats on all your guys' hard work! You guys definitely deserve it!

I wasn't aware of any other blogs. A friend told me about you guys and I've never had any reason to look further.

congrats to kevin and all the others here on crackberry. u guys are definitely the go to forum for anything blackberry related. keep up the amazing work!

ps. i can see myself spending more than $250 here....

Akways wanted to order something from the store, but ever since these new shipping cost to canada are like 30 bucks haven't been able too! Pick me please!