CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $250 in BlackBerry Accessories from!!

Best BlackBerry Blog 2010

I'm one of those guys who believes in the power of positive thinking, so even on the day launched publicly and we had a grand total of five members our tag line was already the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!). That said, it's always nice to receive external validation that we're doing a good job (despite our occassional spelling mistakes and naughty posts), so I'm happy to announce was named the Best BlackBerry Blog in the 2010 Wirefly Awards. The finalists were user nominated and the voting was by the people, so it's pretty awesome that captured over 87% of the votes. Of course, that leaves us 13% of room to improve upon for 2011, so we'll be working hard to kick things up another notch around here.

Contest - Win $250 in Accessories from CrackBerry got some prizes for winning this award from Wirefly... in addition to featuring on their site for the year they've hooked us up with a check for $250. We decided we'd take that money and give it back to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community via a $250 shopping spree in the Accessory store! To enter, just leave a comment to this blog post and you're entered to win. Only one entry per member please. Contest ends this Sunday,  May 23rd at midnight pst. Good luck!!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!



I understand why this blog won an award, you do a superb job of keeping us blackberry addicts very informed and up-to-date on the latest info that is out there. Congratulations!

I'm glad you've won the public prize!!

Already since I've discovered this site, I've been addicted to it! I try to visit it a few times a day, just to see what's changed :D

I always wanted to be able to type that. Crackberry could give me the chance by choosing me for this drawing.

I thought the Internet was just Crackberry, ESPN and Google.

$250 would definitely help feed my addiction to the store items....

I have the unlimited boost pre-paid mobile plan. call, email, text is all unlimited. the black berry apps has tethering. but boost doesn't allow it. I've looked into the contact and boost doesn't allow tethering for their phones. They use sprint or verizon towers. I tried the 7 day trial verion of tether. It works ok. Will boost cancel my plan later on if they see i'm tethering????

Slackers... Seriously, great site guys. Thanks for all the hard work! Would love some cash to spend in the store so I can pimp my new Bold (if/when Big Red finally releases the thing!). That would be a lot of CB stickers to place all over :)

Not hard to see why you site was the winner. I check it out every day. Great place to get all my BB information. Great and easy to use site, lots of information and you care about you readers. Kudos to you Crackberry!

It would have never taken an external source to convince me. No matter what the issue, my search always begins at!

Because it offers great support forums, up to the date BB news, a place to get all your stuff and sign up for contests. AND it's readable. Not a lot of junk flying all over the page. KUDOS CB.

I would love to win the prize this time. I follow crackberry everyday and read each & every blog/post. I lookup to CB to find answers to all my BB related questions. congrats crackberry on your success..

My bold is 5 months old and I don't have a case or screen protector for it yet. I'm very protective of it....I NEED cases and screen a screen protector and a car charger!!!!!

Congratulations! I didn't need them to tell me CB is #1 because they have always been #1 to me since my 1st BB. Always awesome to be officially recognized. It always amazes me how much you really give back to us users. Thank you for the opportunity!

It's easy to see why Crackberry has been chosen #1 by 87% of the voters. Their generosity (shown in many ways including this contest) is more than anyone could ask for. I check this site once I wake up and periodically throughout the day. Respect to the Crackberry crew and congratulations on the accomplishment. Keep up the outstanding job!

Congratulations on winning the Best Blackberry Blog award! This site is awesome! I'm so excited to be able to finally purchase a Blackberry! I'm going to be getting mine with Koodo when they become available next week!

I'd love to win the $250 for accessories!

I was working for a landlord and had to order a blackberry and set it up for another employee. I got all the information about blackberries I know from here and soon after got my own. I would love to win.

I was working for a landlord and had to order a blackberry and set it up for another employee. I got all the information about blackberries I know from here and soon after got my own. I would love to win.

I didn't know that WireFly was taking this vote - if I had, maybe I could have boosted the vote to 88%, because CrackBerry would definitely have my vote! My main complaint about my BlackBerry Storm was how little documentation came with it. It took CrackBerry's help files and forums for me to truly learn how to use my Storm. The other 13% just must not have found their way here yet!

Gotta say that you guys do a great job....I'm in your site most everyday. I get so disappointed on slow post days!

Have bought some accessories from you in the past and I gotta say that I'm disappointed at the shipping cost to Canada...otherwise you'd have way more business from there any way that you can reduce shipping costs?

Great job all...

U guys are awesome I could use this to outfit my new bold. Thanks crackberry and u guys blow everyone else away for content and accesories and pretty much every way u blow everyone else out of the water

Congrats on a the award! Truly deserved, the other blogs might get a monthly visit, but I check and read your posts daily! Keep up the good work.

Crackberry definitely IS the best! You guys seriously do a great job in keeping us all informed about the latest BB news ;)

Congratulations once again! It is well deserved!

Congratulations CrackBerry! You really deserve this award!

And I really need some cash to buy accessories for my BlackBerry. I'm really hoping to win!

I think crackberry really deserved this shout out because it is the greatest site ever. Whenever you have trouble with your blackberry, chances are someone else has had that problem and will help you.

The first and best BlackBerry site on the net. Even after they are #1 they are still giving back to the reader. Rock on and thank you.

Your site sure deserves such credits. I have only the best wishes for your future work and have faith that you will keep doing such a great job ;)

it is so nice that crackberry allways keeps its members first. i would love to win this shopping spree !!

I am walking on stage to accept the best crackberry member award. I reach for my blackberry and it naked :o/.....I hear a roar of boos and I realize I am naked too.....DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME? If not pick

Long time member and I have to say I figured this would come sooner rather than later. Everything I know about BlackBerry I have learned here.

Well, I've got to say: I'm really hoping to win Kevin's 9700, but this wouldn't be a bad consolation prize ;)

Or even better, pick me for both and the 9700 would get some accessories!

Oh, Im so greedy....

Happy CrackBerry Team, first also thanks for this contest and Congratulations! Let I wish everyone and me a very good luck and a beautiful day. And let the sun shine, and we're feel us fine, also on this fantastic CrackBerry site. Every day and with a smile!

Well 1st off CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WELL DESERVED AWARD!!! I'm pretty much on CB all day...I would really like to get my hands on $250 worth of accessories...pick me

I am not at all surprised that Crackberry Won. I am as addicted to Crackberry as I am to my Blackberry.I visit the website on a daily basis. I hope I will be the lucky winner of this generous prize.

I'm always having bosses come to my desk and see Crackberry as my home page.

I could really use the $250 to get accessories for my new BOLD when it comes out on VZW. God knows the wife won't let me spend any extra money with a baby on the way. As far as she knows, the new BOLD is being paid for by work... (Shhh, don't tell on me!!)

I hope someone reads this. I love the site and its no surprise you won. I have an idea for the next poll. Ask people how they tell other people about crackberry .com and see what they say. It'd be neat to know how and why you have become so popular.

Congrats on winning the award. You guys are the #1 site for blackberry information. I can always count on useful information and the latest news from you guys. Keep up the fantastic work!

I can't imagine what's wrong with that poorly informed 13%. Had it not been for your site, I wouldn't have a clue on using a BlackBerry. I spend so much time here my Android toting Husband thinks I'm having on online affair. Dishes aren't getting done, the Parrots aren't getting fed, Husband needs clean underwear, but I can fly on my 9700 & that's what's important. (My husband will eventually find the washing machine) So thanks for the education & again Congrats!

Congratulations to Kevin and the rest of the people who make Crackberry all that it is! You're doing a great job and it shows.

Cracktastic!! Well deserved! Crackberry has been bringing up to date blogs and tips to blackberry users for years and putting us in the know. Crackberry is my #1 source for updates, leaks, contests and knowledge. Its like CU or Crackberry University and I am attending! Now if only I can get that $250 student loan from Crackberry to go towards fabulous Crackberry accessories. Pimp My Phone Crackberry!!

Crackberry is a wonderful web site that give me what I want to know about Blackberry world so that's why I love it and read it as soon as I get my free time

Congratulations,! It is no surprise to me that tpu won the award! As for the money, I already know what I would buy if you picked me!

Crackberry should change its Logo. Instead of the #1 site for the blackberry user and abusers, it should be different why? its the crack for our beloved Blackberries. Anytime we need a fix for information about a device or applications or what not, Crackberry is our crack. In fact the Logo should say something like, "Crackberry the fix you need for the Blackberry addiction" But that's just me, lol.

Congratulations! this is a great site for all us blackberry lovers! And this is a very nice prize too :)

Well deserved this award... With daily information, contests, nice design, nice CrackBerry store and much more to offer is logical that you won. CrackBerry not only is the best blog about BlackBerry and his world but also has a very generous staff...

Thanks guys and good luck to everyone!

...and you guys here do a decent job for the past several years!! But, there's much room for improvement. Here's couple of suggest-
1. in my opp, it would be useful to see some kind of launcher at the bottom as-well(saving the effort of going up in the page again);
2. I would also like to see just a tad more colours( i know the trademarks are indisputable, but a little green or yellow would fresh up the old orange and blue used for quite some time now...)
3. Yeah, you ought to think about refreshing the site a little, cause peoplez get bored as time passes...
4. Would be nice to see more reviews for a product, from different people, with different needs and angle approaches to a particular problem..

I would have voted for you guys, but alas I didn't know about the contest until I read this post. You guys are doing great! Keep up the great work!

first congratulations on the award!

it's been a long time since i've won something and this would be a great great great win for me

I'd love to have a chance to win the $250 shopping spree, gotta get me a nice case for my Storm2. I'm a poor student, struggling to pay the mortgage. Love you CrackBerry!!!!

Congratulations to the Crackberry Crew on winning this award.

I'd love to win this shopping spree to give it back to Crackberry by purchasing accessories for my upcoming new Bold 9650 on VZW.

Congrats to me? Please?

i'm new to bb and this website has made me feel like a guru in just a few short months.
this is one of the best forums i've joined, especially coming from the winmo forums


I know when I sign up two years ago after buying my first and only blackberry that this blog was the best one.

I'm on crackberry more than anything else! This is a go to for EVERYTHING  !!! Maybe we need a rehab!! I can see me now ahem "hello my name is _____ and I'm addicted to crackberry!" Lmao hook me up! Love to win!!! 

I know this site was essential for me in buying my first blackberry and figuring out how to use it so you deserve all the accolades you get

Congratulations, guys! No surprise, but congrats just the guys always have the best contests and content! Keep up the great work, its appreciated!

Congrads Crackberry, been a great few years for me, and i still check the blog way to often! i've never won anything tho, and a shopping spree would be great!

excellent well done, you deserve it. This is the best site on the internet by far for any thing that has to do with a Blackberry, thank you and keep up the great work.

Man you rock Crackberry! Thoroughly deserved award by the way! This price would be awesome to win! Fingers crossed!

Congratulations Crackberry! How could Crackberry not win though??? Very sweet of you to give the check to a lucky addict - I hope its me!!!

I recently got a Storm 2 for Verizon, and could use some accessories for my phone. Here is a list of how I would spend the money:

Seidio Innocell Extended Battery 1700mAh OEM Size for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 $49.95

I would use the next gift so I can use my phone as a navigation in the car safely

iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 $19.95

Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 $17.95 In royal blue

For those people that need to mind their business I would ge this:

NLU Products Privacy ScreenGuardz for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 $19.95

For when i travel I need a tough case in case something happens:

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 $31.95

I few Additional accessories in bundle:

Five of the bestselling Storm2 Accessories in one simple package for a Super Low Price!$49.95

I would also get this for my mothers Curve to add to her blackberry curve:

Case-Mate Smart Skin for BlackBerry Curve 8300 $17.95

I would leave the rest for app so that me and my mother could get some cool apps for our phones.

Also my birthday is coming up on the 29th and this would be an excellent birthday gift. PLEASE PICK ME!

Please choose me! I would purchase for me, as well as for my husband (who I converted to BB!!) Thanks for a GREAT site and for the chance!! You guys ROCK!!

I don’t have time for half truths and bs in life, that’s why this is my only site. The only one I read, the only one in my folder of favorites.
The news is to the point, reviews are complete, and for the most part people that comment are respectful of each other.
I have purchased items from the store, always what was represented and delivered on time.
Downloads have always worked, questions that were e-mailed always answered.
There is no surprise that you won the contest. Congratulations for a great place to be.

Oh yea, I certainly could use a shopping spree of $250, this is a contest that is above all others.

Congratulations CB. You definitely do a great job and you deserve the win. I've already spent the money in my head so hook me up.

this really is the best site around in regards to news, how to and anything else blackberry. you guys earned it

Crackberry is a great place for all things RIM Blackberry. My day is usually not complete until I check posts on Crackberry.

Crackberry team raise those glasses of Campari and a toast to the number one blackberry website on the net! The remaining 13 percent will come soon enough I'm sure. ;)

After getting my first 8703e I found this site by far the most attractive, useful, and helpful in every aspect of owning a BB. I forwarded a link to everyone I knew that had a BB. They hesitated because of the name, but once landed, they were very glad they did.
I eventually went back to a WM device and still continued my addictive visits to this site and sure enough it reeled me right back in to the BB Tour. Had our company purchase 3 of these and I sent them all to this site for lots of assistance, software, accessories and support!!
Hands down, by far the best BB site on the web!!!

Good you guys deserve to be #1!!! And with a crushing 87%!! Well done. Now do some more good with my $250 in accessories ;)

Had my Curve since last October, and without the Crackberry site I'd probably still be trying to figure out all of it's features and shortcuts... Congrat's (and thanks) to everyone at Crackberry!

When I first got my beloved Bold 9700 (through an upgrade with my AT&T account), I noticed it was acting up right away. There was a text messaging bug, resulting in several messages being sent twice. There was also a vibrate and ringing malfunction, resulting in the loss of the "vibrate and ring" function that comes with OS 5.0 and above. I was very discouraged, as I thought I had finally found a reliable phone to be proud of. I'm actually known by my friends and relatives for having staggering amounts of cell phone troubles (every phone I've ever had malfunctioned daily - one even got returned five times).

Finally, I did a vast Google search to fix my 9700 - I wasn't returning that one. I refused to let the phone win the battle this time. Once I stumbled upon, I discovered the glorious step-by-step guide to upgrade my OS by deleting the vendor.xml and using another carrier's OS release. The AT&T operating system was at fault, not the phone itself. So, Bell Mobility in Canada provided me with a newer 9700 OS, and I've been happy ever since. It's great to finally be in control and know exactly what I'm doing and how to fix my phone issues.

Thanks to all of you here at crackberry!

Oh, and I'd love an entry into the contest. ;)

Congratulations on your award. Crackberry has been number 1 in my book from the first day I visited the site. Keep it up.


CrackBerry is the premiere BlackBerry site. It continues to be the "go to" site for both newbies and BB experts; it's a resource that we may take for granted. So today the Wirefly award reminds us of its real value. Well done CrackBerry!!!!

Hey! This would be awesome for me! I need a holster some headphones and some more memory. But jeez with $250 I dunno what I'd do