CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $250 in BlackBerry Accessories from!!

Best BlackBerry Blog 2010

I'm one of those guys who believes in the power of positive thinking, so even on the day launched publicly and we had a grand total of five members our tag line was already the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!). That said, it's always nice to receive external validation that we're doing a good job (despite our occassional spelling mistakes and naughty posts), so I'm happy to announce was named the Best BlackBerry Blog in the 2010 Wirefly Awards. The finalists were user nominated and the voting was by the people, so it's pretty awesome that captured over 87% of the votes. Of course, that leaves us 13% of room to improve upon for 2011, so we'll be working hard to kick things up another notch around here.

Contest - Win $250 in Accessories from CrackBerry got some prizes for winning this award from Wirefly... in addition to featuring on their site for the year they've hooked us up with a check for $250. We decided we'd take that money and give it back to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community via a $250 shopping spree in the Accessory store! To enter, just leave a comment to this blog post and you're entered to win. Only one entry per member please. Contest ends this Sunday,  May 23rd at midnight pst. Good luck!!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!



CrackBerry has always been number one in my book, but as CBK said, "it's always nice to receive external validation"! I never had any doubts about CrackBerry! You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work!

From the day I discovered Crackberry I could not see why anyone would go elsewhere for information about the Blackberry smartphone. The video reviews, podcasts, contests, crackberry store are just a few reasons why this site deserves the reward. Congrats CBN!!

I would be delighted to receive 250$ of blackberry freebies :O
This sounds like a great opportunity,

I visit this site several times a day to get all the latest info for BB! and now would love a chance to get this awesome prize!

I am a new BB user and Crackberry was my very first website to visit when I switched over to the BB. Very happy I did you guys have been a very valuable resource. Thanks for being here for us.

Those of us who are here on a regular, uh, daily basis know that CB is Number One! Thank you for being the terrific resource and all-around fun place that you are. Keep up the great work!!

This has been my #1 source for Blackberry news for a while now, and it's great to see you all get recognition from somewhere other than the readers. Even better that you guys are giving back by sharing the wealth with the readers who helped you get there. Hopefully, I'm the one that you spread that wealth to :) But! even if I'm not, congratulations and keep up the good work

You have NO idea how awesome this would be for me right now. My bluetooth broke a couple of weeks ago, and I have no money to buy one. Plus, a holster would be sweet. Seriously, this would be so great. Life has been pretty tough for me and my family. And while this wouldn't solve all of our problems, it would at lease give me reason to smile a little bit.

Especially since I have already spent $250 at and still have much, MUCH more to buy.



Got my Bold 9700 a few months ago and haven't looked further than Crackberry for news, reviews, apps...everything!

Congrats! I check the site so many times a day, and the info is wonderful. This is my first BB (Storm2), I don't know how I got thru the day without it and you guys...thanks and congrats again!!!!

I check so many times through out the day its ridiculous, i check it at work, at school, at home, on Viigo. My girlfriend is like what the hell is wrong with you why are you always checking crackberry and i tell her 1 i love my blackberry and 2 what if right when i got off there was an update about a new Blackberry coming out and i missed it. so yeah i hope my constant website visits generated some hits fro! lol

Congrats Gentleman!

Thanks for teaching me more about my BB than the user manual, my carrier, and tech support. Well earned accolades by you guys. Kudos:)

Well, I haven't won anything here yet but like you guys, I believe in the power of positive thinking! Already started 'shopping' to see what I can spend the $250 on ;-)

Congrats CrackBerry.. What better way to celebrate but to keep supporting CrackBerry. I'm going to be getting a the new Bold 9650 Soon and will need to get new goodies for it.

but you are also the most generous. Thanks for offering to share your bounty. Some lucky reader is in for a real treat.

Congratulations! Yours is the first site I go to for my Blackberry News! I'll be purchasing my first Blackberry later this year and love how much information I have picked up! Thanks!

Congrats to you Crackberry. This site got me hooked onto BBs when I was researching my new phone...two phones ago. One of my daily stops on the net! Keep up the great work!!

CB is the only place I go for all things BlackBerry! Thanks for keeping my addiction strong.

Dear god.. I'd be like a kid in a candy shop with $250 to spend on crackberry apps/games/accessories.

This is my entry. :)

I knew this site by googling.
From site, I have bought a lot of softwares!
I love it.
I strongly believe the site will be more successful!

This site ROCKS! I check it several times I guess I am a crackberry addict. Congrats guys! You all are awesome!

We all know is the best. Thanks for having the contest and including us in everything you do. With that said, I'd really like to win this one and go ape shit in the Crackberry store. :)

Not a lifer yet with Blackberry but a great phone for my Real Estate business. Crackberry the perfect companion for this phone. I have bought many apps and accessories from the Crackberry website and found many answers to ?'s and problems. Congrats on this recognition.

Congrats on the award. I visit this site too often; I guess you can say I am a addict.

Big Kudos to you all! I visit the site many times a day and enjoy all of it. So few ads, great reviews and the forums are just three of the many reasons you guys are tops!

Congratulations on the win. I knew there was a reason your site is one of the first two checked every single morning.

Congrats Crackberry! Thanks for keep us informed on all the breaking news, weeding out most of the false rumors, and offering up tons of great prizes. You guys rock! Keep up the great work. There is no doubt in my mind that Crackberry will repeat as #1 next year.

Be a good neighbor and st me up with that shopping spree.. Its the Grand dodleyicious thing to do..

Semper Fi


Like I said before WE THE BEST!!!
Not a day goes by that I don't log in even the times where I haven't had my berry (witch I felt lost) I still logged on from my friends (no offense) crappy palm pre...
Well now know that in some small way I helped win the 2010 wirefly award makes me feel a little better in side. Hey kev. If its not much to ask can I get a shout out on the next podcast? Thanks in advance!

Congratulations, Crackberry on your oh-so-deserved award. And here you continue to make this site the best place for all things BB by giving 'us' the reward. You guys rock--plain and simple. You've got my vote for next year too!

Congrats for being the best! I have to say I would not be able to start my day right if I didn't have my dose of Crackberry in the morning, but then again, I dose again around lunch, snack time, dinner. Hell I am always checking it out! You deserve it very much. Keep up the great work!

Even though all the members already know this it is good to be recognized just to remind us all of the hard work that goes into making this site what it is. Congratulations!

I didn't realize you even had competition. Crackberry is always a winner in my sight (despite that naughty post this week)! Congratulations all the same.

Thats an awesome prize ;]
Definetly deserved award . Good luck to a lucky winner
hopefully its me ;]

First, congratulations on the award. There is truly no other site for Blackberry users that is even remotely close so you guys definitely deserved it.

Second, thank you for paying your gift forward. Every time we think you have outdone yourself you go ahead and do something like this.

Thanks for being there for all of us.

CONGRATULATIONS you guys deserve it. hardest working blackberry website around. The website with everything you would ever want and need.

There is no way I'll win this because I never win anything, but hey I guess it's worth the shot haha. Good luck everyone and congrats to the lucky person who ends up winning!

Thanks for sharing the prize with the CB community, what a cool chance to pick up a bunch of great accessory stuff. CB Rocks!

Who can deny... CrackBerry ROCKS !!
This award means another testimony to its undeniable popularity and contribution in the BlackBerry world.

Hats Off !

Believe it or not, is one of the reasons why I bought a BlackBerry. The site is really informative and provides comfort to BB users that you are not alone. Congrats and good job CB!!!!

Really, we can change the name of our device... instead of BlackBerry, we must call them as Crackberry! yeah! because you have more info, and more knowlage of those device than Blackberry!

Keep rocking!!

Crackberry is hands-down the number 1 place to not only get up to date information about Blackberry OS, handset or software updates, but they also provide the most down-to-earth and unbiasied opinions I have seen on any comparable Blackberry webpage. If it isn't on Crackberry, isn't the real deal. Keep up the good work!

Congrats on the win. They are merely telling everyone else what we already know... THIS is the place to be for BB news.

Ain't nothing like! has taught me a great deal as well as the user posts within the forums. I look forward to getting my information on all things BlackBerry from! This would be an awesome prize to win! Thank you for the contest and chance to win. Thanks for all your hard work that all of you guys and girls do on a daily basis.


This is great. You guys all do a great job on here, so I'm happy to see that you're hard work is being recognized.

This site definitely deserves the award. I read it on a daily basis to keep up with the latest news and updates. Further, the instructional articles and forum postings here were the most useful for when I got my first Blackberry (Tour). Please keep up the good work!

i could totally use some accessories on my Tour 9630 :((( Wish I was getting a 9650 instead of the 9630 I have.

Congratulations CB! Turned me from a BB rookie > addict > Crackasorous in 8 Months! Great Success! (Borat Voice)

Wow... I'd HAVE to get a new bold if I won this :) come on guys, pick me so I can trick out a new Bold :D
PS; without crackberry, I wouldn't be an addict ;)

There are other Blackberry blogs? I just thought this was the ultimate source for BB info. Pick me guys!

Best BB website !! Congratulations guys!

I come here every day when go online. Very comprehensive BB info and resources.

Thanks for the hard work!

I've only had a blackberry a few weeks and already this site has turned me into an addict! I can't help but check it several times a day, there's so much information and things to download. It's easy to see how you'd win :) I only hope I can win too :D

Contrats Crackberry! I'm glad so many others are so obsessed with this website so I don't feel so weird. Keep up the great content!

this is why CB is a nation.. and the best at it... you guys [CB staff] truly value us members.

even if i dont win, i know that their intentions are positive - especially if willing to share a prize with us.

keep it up CB!

oh, and definately count me in! ;-)

Congrats to Crackberry!! you are and awesome site and you keep us well informed. Even if I dont win this contest congrats are in honors for all your hard work and dedication to blackberry. I dont know what blackberry would be without

this is why CB is a nation.. and the best at it... you guys [CB staff] truly value us members.

even if i don't win, i know that their intentions are positive - especially if willing to share a prize with us.

keep it up CB!

oh, and definitely count me in! ;-)