CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $250 in BlackBerry Accessories from!!

Best BlackBerry Blog 2010

I'm one of those guys who believes in the power of positive thinking, so even on the day launched publicly and we had a grand total of five members our tag line was already the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!). That said, it's always nice to receive external validation that we're doing a good job (despite our occassional spelling mistakes and naughty posts), so I'm happy to announce was named the Best BlackBerry Blog in the 2010 Wirefly Awards. The finalists were user nominated and the voting was by the people, so it's pretty awesome that captured over 87% of the votes. Of course, that leaves us 13% of room to improve upon for 2011, so we'll be working hard to kick things up another notch around here.

Contest - Win $250 in Accessories from CrackBerry got some prizes for winning this award from Wirefly... in addition to featuring on their site for the year they've hooked us up with a check for $250. We decided we'd take that money and give it back to a lucky member of the CrackBerry community via a $250 shopping spree in the Accessory store! To enter, just leave a comment to this blog post and you're entered to win. Only one entry per member please. Contest ends this Sunday,  May 23rd at midnight pst. Good luck!!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Named Best BlackBerry Blog in 2010 Wirefly Awards; Contest: We're Giving Our Prize to You!



No other blackberry blog site worth mentioning. is my bible for everything blackberry. Os leaks, product reviews, you guys have it all. I LOVE CB!

Thanks for the give back. Would love an opportunity to "trick out" my Storm2. Could always use some new software.

Again, thanks for giving back.


Of course this is the best blog site!!! I'd be insulted if the results were otherwise. Congrats to Team Crackberry & continued good luck to all:)

Of course this is the best blog site!!! I'd be insulted if the results were otherwise. Congrats to Team Crackberry & continued good luck to all:)

I can't live without this blog. You guys make having a Blackberry that much easier and exciting. I check about 10 times a day. I think I'm addicted and I have absolutely no problem with that LOL

Congrats guys.....the site has always been #1 in my books. is always the first thing I check in the morning while my coffee is brewing! Keep up the good work!!!!

Congrats!!! I knew you are the best, just took a few others to realize it!!
Please consider me.

You guys have the best Blackberry Website hands-down ! You communicate timely information pertaining to the Blackberry product line-up. Kudos to you! Best of luck continuing forward.

I love this site. You guys have helped me and my friends so much. I was just on vacation and a guy saw me with my S2 and said that i had to be a CrackBerry head. thanks

I'm a fan. I've used the 101 Lectures and forums for info quite a bit. Its a no brainer to me that Crackberry got #1.

I'm a fan. I've used the 101 Lectures and forums for info quite a bit. Its a no brainer to me that Crackberry got #1.

Oh man! I've been wanting some sweet, high-end accessories for my storm 2, or possibly my next BB. Hook it up CrackBerry!!

Congratulations to all of u hard working and dedicated guys on Crackberry...
That's the right choice ...CRACKBERRY IS THE BEST!!!

Ever since I found crackberry I have not been able to leave it. This site is by far the most intuitive and informative site regarding blackberries. I have seen other sites, but this one with the folks that make it happen are awesome!!! Keep up the great work crackberry!!

I could use a new battery, speare battery charger and maybe a better bluetooth car speakerphone.

Congrats! Of course we all already knew that you guys have the best blog in regards to the BlackBerry world! Rock on and keep up the great work. We all appreciate it very much!!

Since I got into blackberries 2yrs ago, I constantly check in to CB to get the latest BB news. The forums are awesome, the people are awesome and the news/blogs are just phenomenal.

Keep up the great work

This was the first site I was told to come to when I joined "teamblackberry" and now its my first (and usually only) stop for fufilling my crackberry needs.
Thanks for everything, kudos and keep up the good work!

I'm on this site at least 3 or 4 times a day looking around. Always good info to be found here. I'm also following you guys on twitter. Thanks for everything you guys do.

Crackberry has become for me at least a regular part of my daily routine...I check it at least 7 - 10 times a day. Great for information on new products as well as the contests and bottom line just very informative for the bb lovers. So Kudos job well done and continue to keep up the good work! Hopefully I can win something...but either way you guys are still great! Standing Ovation!

Couldn't imagine another blog taking the win but congratulations are on their place nonetheless! Keep up the good work! And great thing you share the prize with your loyal followers.

I've been putting off ordering a few accessories from lately -- this would be just the motivation I need to get hooked up with a sweet case for my Tour!

Thanks for the amazing site! I'm on here constantly soaking up all the great information, tips and tricks!

Congrats on being number 1, and keeping us up to date on the Crackberry Universe!!!

Keep it up!


oh wow this would be great to win. I could use this to get that tour that I want. or at least it would help me with it. As I said before you have some of the best contests. Love this site. Addicted!!!!! Good luck to me and everyone else.

it's one of the tabs that opens every morning when i launch my browser. good luck to other crackberry addicts.

I would love to win the shopping spree since my 4 year old lost my case for my phone. I could get some more accessories too.

Awesome! Congratulations! and THANK YOU for not only the best website on the internet, but also the many many amazing contests you have!

I got honorable mention for this, barely missed the nomination by a few votes. I know I would have lost to you guys anyway, but it still would have been cool to get nominated. There's always next year! Anywho, I'll still take the prize!

Thank you for just being here. You guys/this site has answered a plethora of questions for me. Just hanging out on this site makes the novice 'Berry owner more knowledgeable and educated about their device. Thanks again and good luck at grabbing that other 13%. :-)

This would be a great gift to give to my wife..she just got her first blackberry curve, and could definitely use some help on the accessories side for it. You guys are great keep it up!

Not really, I just wanted to stand out from the crowd. Good job guys, a well deserved honor. Crackberry is a part of my daily routine.

Well I would say I would like to win it but I could put 250 dollars worth of apps on my phone its only a bold 9000 ;)

again! giving back to the community! /thumbs!

thanks for everything, the store, the forums for us to communicate.. the update to date news, the nonsense... everything! thanks!!!


I'd love to win this contest. I could definitely use a shopping spree to deck out my Tour 9630. Please pick me.

Should have been a given. I either tell people about the site, or they already know about it and use it.

Way to go guys. This is a well deserved award. By far the best source for BlackBerry information, software and accessories. Keep up the good work.

CONGRATS GUYS, i've been on this blog since 2006 and been a member since 2008, there was no doubt that you were going to get the award

Wow. Well done Kevin and crew. Glad to hear the wireless community recognizes your contributions to the industry.

And thanks for giving back to the CB community too. I've got a few things in mind for a $250 spending spree!!!

That is so cool! How generous of you! Shows that you really know what drives your site. Very few dites actually "get it" like you.

This IS the best site for info, tricks, tips, and apps for your BB! Whenever I'm at work and I see someone with a BB, I always mention to them. Good job to you all and thank you!!


You can always get the best information, news, about any BB device or app. I love this site, # 1 in my book!

Hmmmm this is no surprise to me, if it can't be found on Crackberry it doesn't exist! And the people here have a personal touch on everything they write that no one else can even be close to :)

Wow what a great prize!!! I need several accesories for my phone, so I'm crossing my fingers to win this one! Thanks Crackberry!

I think Crackberry is by far the site I go to most on my Blackberry. Love you guys and I'm so proud you won an award!

CB keep rocking!! Because of you, i changed from nokia to blackberry since the last 10 months:D Gluck for me and for all otherss :)

That's great Crackberry won best blackberry blog. Congrats to all the people at crackberry for getting us the blackberry news everyday.

Great work Kevin. There's a reason I only visit one blackberry blog. Keep up the great work.

this is awsom :D may the luckiest win ^^ and good luck everyone ^^ and thanks on behalf of the winner :D

That is awesome news to hear that Crackberry won the award. The award shows the hard work you guys put in. I'm excited to see what the Crackberry team have in mind to improve next year and gain the additional 13%. Crackberry is the only one stop shop for my BB needs. I plan on using that $250 here at the accessory store when I win it. Kudos again Crackberry.

Congrats, guys! Well deserved. Of course, we already knew that, didn't we? Just wanted to make sure the rest of the folks knew it, too! Way to go!

And Thanks for spreading BlackBerry love around the globe,this truly is the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!)

How could there have been any question as to who's the best?? You are! From breaking news to reviews to affordable goodies, this is the only pleace to look. I recommend this site to any and everyone i see that has a BlackBerry. So far, no one has told me to keep it to myself, they usually tell me thay spread the word also.
Thank you for a great site to share and buy.

I used to be a windows mobile person but after moving over to blackberry there is no going back. I am constantly reviewing for upcoming information and have gotten into theme building. CRACKBERRIES RULE

I love crackberry. I read this site everyday about five times a day. I love all that yous put together for all of your readers. I have found so many great apps, ringtones, themes, etc on this site.

Leaving my comment because I can think of several things from the CB store I desperately need that I just can't afford lol. I probably won't win, but a girl can dream, can't she?

I would be able to but a memory card and case and power accessories for the storm? I could use that!

WOW, Great prize to giveaway!

Thanks CrackBerry, and if I win, I will spend it all in your great shop(s) :D

Man that's like a new battery,holster,screen protector and plenty of other things!lol.i would enjoy winning this very generous give away.good luck to all and as always much thanks to crackberry for posting such awesome contest!

Longtime WinMo user here that went from having no Blackberries to using 2 (Bold 9000 for work, 9700 for personal), so I'm seriously deficient on accessories!!! Need to win this contest!

I love Crackberry i am on your site severasl times through the day looking for new things and old>

You guys deserve this! I know that the majority of things I know about my BB ie tricks, tips, apps, etc I learned from this site. Before I make a purchase for my BB or even upgrade my BB I always check your reviews first so keep up the great work!

As usual you guys have come out with all guns blazing!
And its nice to see some sort of recognition been given for the amazing work the "Crack Team' has been doing over the past few years.
This site is the best in many ways, such as information, tech tips, and many more.
Keep up the good work and hope you guys do well in future.

i love, this is with out a doubt the best site for blackberry EVERYTHING! you guys rock, who else would take there prize and pass it on to the fans!

I knew I was part of a good site and to see you win this award just proves it. WTG and keep up the great work.


You guys deserve this award. It is always nice to receive validation from outside groups for the fine job that you do for the crackberry nation. Keep up the great work.