CrackBerry @ Mobile World Congress 2011: Quick Hello from Mike Kirkup (and another Need for Speed demo!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2011 09:10 am EST

It wouldn't feel like CrackBerry was at Mobile World Congress unless we got a quick hello from RIM's Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup. Check out the video above for his quick hello message (I always love how excited Mike is - I think he loves BlackBerry as much as I do!) and below you can watch the video Mike refers to, which is RIM's own hands-no demo of Need for Speed on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Awesome stuff!

Need for Speed on the BlackBerry PlayBook



lol yea nice video


Ahh man outtputing the game through the HDMI is sick. You could pretty much just play it on your TV and the PlayBook is just your controller.


Haha! That would be awesome! A little pricey for a controller though. :)


What I'm curious about is whether you could be playing the game outputting to the TV while on the PlayBook you have something completely unrelated running with both of them running full screen. If it can do that then it will truly be awesome!!!


As exciting as the game looks to play, I find it interesting that a RIM employee at this level would say "yes" to "playing an awesome game is a big use case for the PlayBook."

I could see them clarifying that by saying something more along the line of "while it is a great game to play, it's a neat add-on capability for all the enterprise stuff that the PlayBook offers" .... or something to that effect.

Of course, this could be a sign that RIM does in fact want to penetrate the entire tablet market and not just an enterprise niche.