CrackBerry Mobile App Store Client A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2009 05:40 pm EDT

With the last A to Z we checked out BlackBerry App World, and in the comments to that post it was requested that I also do an A to Z of the CB app store client. So now, by popular demand, it's time to see how the CrackBerry App Store gets the job done. This one is a bit longer (since there was more to pack in) but covers all the aspects of CrackBerry's app store client. There are many compelling reasons as to why you should keep a copy of the CrackBerry App Store on your BlackBerry. Watch the video above to find out why or jump over to to learn more and download. Don't forget, in addition to the to the on-device client, there is also the mobile-optimized webstore ( and our full-out computer-optimized app store (click on App Store on our main menu). You can learn more about them at second link below.



My purchase of QuickPull shows up in My Account on the store from the Crackberry Mobile site but not from the on-device AppStore. Weird?


Just bought BerryBuzz and used the code from the video. Got the 25% discount.

Kevin Michaluk

haha. that's awesome. you're the lucky winner.  it was a one time use code... just done up so adam could demo it, but we didn't delete it. won't work for anybody else unfortunately as it has now been used, but good job on being #1! :)


Hey Adam - These A to Z reviews are excellent!!! And that's a good name for them also.


help...downloaded to curve 8900...successful but error message on opening...uncaught exception jave lang error...what is this?