CrackBerry Member Story: Hispanic Recruitment Services

BlackBerry PlayBook Tripod
By Michelle Haag on 8 Oct 2011 04:35 pm EDT
Here at CrackBerry we love seeing innovative ways you guys are finding to use your devices. The BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty versatile, due to its small size, and people are finding many different scenarios where it makes sense for them to use one in place of other more traditional equipment. CrackBerry reader Heriberto sent us this email recently:
Just thought I would share this proud moment of mine. I serve as the Vice President of Hispanic Recruitment Services, Inc. (still a start up company).

Also a faithful BlackBerry owner and proud user of the BlackBerry 9700 (waiting on AT&T to release the damn 9900). We are currently spearheading our video production and I am ecstatic to announce that we are using the BlackBerry PlayBook as the main source of video recording. (See photos attached.)

Through CrackBerry I decided to move forward with this product and have all the faith in the world that our final product will be great. Thank you for all your hard work and insight!!

The RIMpire is striking back!!!

Awesome! Thanks for sending this in to us Heriberto! Who else out there is using their PlayBook in a creative way? (No, paperweight doesn't count. :P) Let us know in the comments below. A couple more shots are after the break!

BlackBerry PlayBook tripod

BlackBerry PlayBook tripod
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CrackBerry Member Story: Hispanic Recruitment Services


That looks cool! If only non-BlackBerry fanboys would give the PlayBook a chance to be...

While it may not be very creative, I use my PB to record lectures while in class all the time. It's a great resource to go back and play while I'm at home studying. I can also write myself notes using the playbook at the same time as I'm recording!

Latins are some of the hardest working people in America like it or not! As long as they are legal, I don't see an issue with this unless you, yourself are racist and bias. This is a land of opportunity and EOP (Equal opportunity Employment). Through HRS, latins can get the education and intern for a position that are normal offered ONLY to blue collared white workers. Wether its Canada, America, wherever, until race crimes, hatred beacuse of ones color and not treating someone the same because they are differant. You are the reason why the fight against racism continues. Good job to the blogger and Crackberry for posting this! Let's not forget the Indian feller whom created the idea for USB. Great ideas come from all walks of life, religion, race! One should not be soo ignorant!

I don't disagree they work hard and deserve everything everyone else does but could you imagine if I started White Recruitment Services?! Reeverse discrimination doesn't make it any more right.

You can start whatever business you like! As long as its not a business insiting hatred towards another. That's what's great!! You can start whatever business you like, and in this economy, with lots of Americans jobless, I see no problem with a WRS (White Recruitment Service) Or a BRS, we can go through all the colors my friend. Its called support! That's like saying, forget Breast Cancer movement, I'm gonna start a Non Breast Cancer movement. Pssst, grow up!

Are you kidding? If someone started WRS, they would initially get so much free publicity then get murdered. Think realistically. Not everything "can be done" just to support your illogical opinion.

I'm a 23 years old "latino", (that word just makes 90% of the USA individuals think of fez from that 70's show or speedy gonzalez maybe).

I'm only going to say one thing, we should all stop thinking so much in what can and can't be done, and just respect each other. "Latinos" don't often have the same opportunities that local USA born peeps do, so sometimes, companies "help" (with a profit, of course) this "latinos" to be placed in companies all over the USA.

I just think that not all "latinos" have been as lucky as myself to have a good education and family support, and need some extra help to get a work where they will be paid and treated with respect.

Maybe we should just see how nice this folks are managing them self with the PB and stop acting like some racists douches.

And racism doesn't go both ways, when it does, that's the exception.

Good post, congrats to the autor.

Hispanic is not a race, many are caucasians. Do you automatically assume all people from Spain are non white? Hispanic is an ethnicity yes but race - no.

I'm sorry I just had to reply to this one. There are plenty of places where latinos, african americans, indians, etc. can work. There is nothing keeping a latino from working anywhere they are qualified to work at. What I can't stand is when somebody non-white wants to make a big deal about anything remotely racist, but let one of them do anything that is racist (such as establishing a latino only workplace) and they are considered great people and it's not racist at all.

While I agree there are bad people out there who find ways to keep certain races out of their workplace, but that is why we have the court system and the ability to sue for anything. Some ridiculous cases have been won before so a racism case should be an easy one.

I'm so fkn sick of this equal opportunity and diverse workplace bullshit. Now days if you are a white male applying for a job you are put at the bottom of the list. That's the truth and everyone knows it. In Ontario our Premier wants to give businesses that hire immigrants a tax credit. Yes I am being serious. If a white person complains about not being treated equal they are called a racist. It makes no sense.

I've been using it to record our tai chi intensive seminars. One thing, though: I've been using the convertible case on a chair and it works superly well until I want to get the PB into a pretty much true vertical orientation, or even tilting a tiny bit downwards. I've got a mini tripod for a camera and am wondering if anyone has found a way to come up with a PB "case" that will screw onto a camera tripod.

Hello all this is Heriberto checking in from HRS, Inc.

I would like to thank crackberry for posting my email today. Also I would like to thank all the supporters who really understand our business model and services. Yes we do cater to Latinos but it doesn't mean that non Latinos are not allowed to use our services. We are a niche site just like crackberry who caters to blackberry users and abusers... doesn't mean that fanboys from android or apple are not allowed into this site.

In matter of fact we have a great amount of candidates that are non Latino in our candidate database our network websites are and As for the company itself we hire all types of backgrounds... our web developer is african american, my graphic designer is italian and my human resource analyst is a Latina.... You get the point.

I would think as all crackberry addicts we can all focus on the point that the BB playbook is being used in a great way. I love what I do at my job... HRS is an (EOP) employer.

The RIMpire is striking back!


Heriberto Roman

Great way to utilize the PlayBook, Heriberto!


I iterate time and again that we are all racist in nature it's just that some people choose to show it while the rest don't

The fact is this person mentioned -Nothing- about being racist and goes all helpful for others (while promoting the PB of course) and then people above started to say "oh yea thats racist bla bla" starting all the racist argument.... Who's the racists now?

Great post, and great to hear about use of the PB in this way. Can you tell us more about how you use it in your business -- video editing, cataloguing the videos, integration into your database workflow, etc.?

Sure we are creating 3 videos at the moment.

1. An orientation video for the new employees and interns that come on board
2. A recruitment video for our career fairs and trade shows
3 An about us video for our youtube channel.

I will be sure to post up the vids once we complete them. Thanks!