CrackBerry Member Spotlight - F2!

CrackBerry Member Spotlight - F2!
By Michelle Haag on 26 Oct 2012 09:03 am EDT

It's only a few short months until BlackBerry 10 will be released, and there has been no shortage of sneak peeks and a few leaks showing what we can expect to see from the new devices and OS. In the meantime, our community is still growing and we have no shortage of great people here at CrackBerry. The forums are full of interesting people all sharing a common interest, BlackBerry!

We're going to be singling out great CrackBerry members to recognize their contributions to our community and post about them right here on the blogs. These members go above and beyond to be active, not only helping out others but contributing to conversation and helping to make our community not just something you visit when you have a problem, but somewhere you feel welcome and want to belong to. Today our Member Spotlight is on Fred K, better known to you around the forums as F2! Keep reading to learn more about him, and don't forget to say hi when you see him around the forums. 

How long have you been a BlackBerry user/abuser? Why did you join CrackBerry, or what brought you to the site?

I've been a BlackBerry user since just before I joined CB. Funny story - I was trying to hack or crack my Verizon 8830WE to get the GPS to work and so searched for "crack" for Berries. Yup that is not what I found but found CB terrific.

What was your first BlackBerry, and if you've had several then which has been your favorite?

The 9930 is the greatest. As mentioned above the 8830 my first. I wanted a phone that could be used in Europe and had a real keyboard. Verizon's choices were limited. Berry it was.

That 8830 finally did make it to Europe more than a year later.  It was great and 3 of us used it for email and checking the web and the occasional phone call to book a reservation.  Used the web tons for weather and travel info and keeping in touch with local news.  My friends were very impressed that they could read and reply to email while lounging in small refugios in the middle of the Dolomites.  During that three week period I used about 3gigs of data.  Too bad Verizon has eliminated that foreign data plan.

From the 8830WE I moved to the Tour - trackball issues led Verizon to replace it and "unfortunately" when I called they had no refurbished Tours and sent me the Bold 9650.  I say "unfortunately" because the Bold introduced the trackpad and wifi and was NOT a sad replacement for the Tour and I jumped at the fortuitous upgrade.  This past February, Best Buy offered a FREE 9930 upgrade during Presidents' Day weekend and I jumped at that, too.  We shall see what BB10 brings.  I vacillated over the Playbook purchase when it was introduced and waited a month.  As we all know it has its strong and weak points but it has been a learning adventure - I'm sure both for me and Rim!

You were chosen for the CrackBerry Member Spotlight partly because you are always helpful, answering people's cries for help, which is awesome. Do you enjoy helping newbies?

Yes and generally don't like to send them searching when they need help. I've been there and desperate.

Have any good CrackBerry stories, or how has the site affected you in a positive way?

Just getting to know really helpful and knowledgeable people.

Are you looking forward to BB10? If so, are you planning on full touch screen or QWERTY?

I am still a qwerty guy. Must be my age.

Tell us a little about yourself outside of CrackBerry (hobbies, pets, family, whatever you feel like sharing).

No pets. By the way, I'm typing on the 9930, as I mentioned I'm out of town on a hiking adventure. That is also a prime interest. Hiking. Also cross country skiing and biking. I am recently retired.

Congratulations on being chosen F2, and thanks for all you do for our community!

If you want to nominate someone from the forums to be in our next Member Spotlight, send an email to sitesupport(at) with their username and why you think they deserve the honor. 

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Member Spotlight - F2!


Congrats F2!!

Kevin, this is a great idea! Have you guys thought about uping the ante and selecting members of the forum to join you on podcasts???

I'd love to jump with you guys, your podcasts are a ton of fun!

Keep up the good work, F2 and the CB team

F2, I've always found you to be knowledgeable and helpful. Congratulations on the recognition as it is well deserved.

Well, then, nice work from you! (g)

And thanks for the congrats from all my fellow (non-sexist??) Crackberrians.

Michelle initially wrote me while I was visiting Glacier National Park and I did not get the message for 3 or 4 days. Can you folks believe that there are places in the USA without any cell service or wifi - well, there are and Glacier's vicinity might be the "hotbed" of nothing. More than one location had no cell and wifi was also limited. And, yes, the 9930 conveyed the messages back and forth.

Frankly, it was easier entering/editing text on the 9930 with keyboard and trackpad than the Playbook where I still have cursor placement problems.

But, again, thanks for the selection and congratulations.

Hope I will be around for BB11 and BB12.

PS: THANKS, Michelle, for working around my erratic responses and penchant for staying somewhat anonymous!

Congrats GrandPa F2!!! I've always preached of how wonderful you are around these parts of the world wide web.

Hey, kid, nice seeing your here. And this OL' guy still does not need reading glasses. A cane and walker, yup. Grab bars - good idea. Eh, what, - oh, a hearing aid - maybe (she who must be obeyed cannot be obeyed if you can't hear her!)

F2 you've helped me numerous times, and I like to read your contributions wherever I find them.

You definitely deserve this recognition.


Again, thanks all.

Oh, by the way that mass in the picture - no, not me, the mountain, is Mt Rainier.

Congrats F2 !!! A well deserve regcognition.. :)

You have always been a Great Help for all of us when we freek out when something doesn't work right, or we messed up something and can't figure what dahell we did.

Keep up the great work and cya in the forums!

Big thanks for aiding me in acquiring knowledge about my blackberry and also, for helping where the parts I missed! This community rocks.

Big thanks for aiding me in acquiring knowledge about my blackberry and also, for helping where the parts I missed! This community rocks.