CrackBerry member builds custom vehicle mount for his PlayBook

Custom vehicle mount
By Michelle Haag on 16 Jul 2011 08:04 pm EDT

CrackBerry member Dylan sent in some pictures of a project he just completed. He designed himself a custom PlayBook vehicle mount! Combining the snap-on shield from his PlayBook OtterBox and a car heater mount with a ball joint, he had a good starting point. A quick trip to the hardware store found him some L-shaped brackets to use as the mount. Says Dylan: "The rest was easy, just drill the holes and bolt them in. After it was mounted I hooked up my aux cable and had myself a custom screen in my truck."

It looks great, and goes to show what you can do with a little creativity and some spare parts. If do-it-yourself isn't your style, head on over to ShopCrackBerry and check out the car kits there. You can have a look at more pictures of Dylan's custom vehicle mount after the break, and if you've created something awesome you want to share with the CrackBerry community, don't hesitate to send it in!

Custom vehicle mount
Custom vehicle mount
Custom vehicle mount
Custom vehicle mount
Custom vehicle mount
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CrackBerry member builds custom vehicle mount for his PlayBook


Awesome, you've given me an idea for my own version. I have a spare shield for my otterbox

Good Job.
Now you have a great size GPS, and an AWESOME music player.

How much did it cost you in total to do?


Great size GPS?? lol with what software?? because as far as I can tell there is no GPS software for Playbook out there. Go look at the ipad mods into car dashboards couple with Navigon, TomTom GPS and tons of stuff more.

So....that was my plan for the PB when I started
inquiring about seeing on my PB what I see on my S2
when the two are bridged, albeit with a wonky, adjusted
screen resolution. I could just fire up Garmin, Goggle Maps,
Verizon Navigator, or BB maps and... Alas, I was

Did you all know that iPAD runs iPHONE apps - in
engineering terminology, that is called STROKE.

Doctor Neutron

Nice! But here's a couple tips to make it better; take a grinder to the brackets and shape them to the plastic mount so they don't stick out, and while you are at it grind the ends of the screws off flush so they don't stick out either. After that give the bracket a couple coats of black paint. Then it will look more professional.

That's really ashame that people are so attached to their computing devices that they have to mount it right in front of their faces as they drive down the pathetic!

That's really ashame that people are so retarded they are unable to see the use of having something like a Playbook mounted in their vehicle. It can be used as a handy music player when bluetoothed to the car or it can be used as a GPS instead of paying $200+ for one at the store.

If anyone is would be people who post stupid comments like you did without knowing anything but the truth.

Go troll elsewhere.

It may not be pathetic, but really....just another distraction. We really do not need more distracted drivers on the road. And I LOVE my Playbook. But I would never be "playing" with it while driving. I don't even talk on the phone while driving, and that is not being pathetic, it is being responsible.

it cost me around 7 dollars in parts plus the otter box i guess lol and im so excited to make the new lol i have a spare heater ball joint laying around if anyone want it lol

That is a nice vehicle mount, especially if it's home made, but I just have one question, why is it upside down in the photo? :P

the reason it is upside down is because it is easier to hide the aux cable but i have since flipped it right side up so now i can also charge it if i go on a road trip with a car charger.

Ok, I would love to believe that my knowledge of electronics is at least somewhat above the average consumer. What i don't get is that i saw several post on using the playbook as a GPS. How the heck do you do that? For us limited on knowing how this should be one of the 101's how to's for playbook unless i missed that edition.

You can't use it as a gps unless you have a wifi personal hotspot in your car as well. Try and tether, and use Bing maps or any mapping site..... It'll only end in tears.

I really like the idea of having a powerful piece of technology in a vehicle.

However, have it suspended in front of the dash (much like a GPS) is not ideal. I'm looking forward to the day when cars will come with a "generic" touchscreen LCD panel and be able to display any OS in conjunction with the car's processor/OS. Imagine a "Playbook" that looks like a small black cube with a power cable and an HDMI (and other) output port. This then plugs into an "aux" HDMI port on the car"s display which allows you to toggle between the two OS's.

If you think this is far-fetched, this is how commercial and military aircraft are designed today.

Is your air-system still blowing through the screwed up hole? In this case you will have a nice active cooling system for your PB on hot days. ;-)