CrackBerry's Simon Sage speaks with CBC about BlackBerry's potential plans

CrackBerry on The National
By Simon Sage on 13 Aug 2013 11:30 pm EDT

Yesterday I made the rounds at TV studios in Ottawa to talk about BlackBerry's potential plans for a break-up. I was on CBC's The National for a little bit, though they talked to a lot of folks and gave a pretty comprehensive overview of the situation. It's funny - though for those of us reading CrackBerry, the idea of BlackBerry going up for sale has been a part of the discussion for at least a year, but for a mainstream audience, that reality didn't properly hit home until yesterday.

I also spoke on Sun Media's Newswire and the CTV evening news as well, but it doesn't look like they bothered to save the clips anywhere. I show up at around 1:29 in The National segment below, and only talk for a few seconds, but you'll also spot our buddy Vivek at a few points in the b-roll. Anyway, we're always happy to show up on TV and lend our expert opinion to a wider audience. If you can't see the video, you really can blame Canada this time, as it appears to be region based. 

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CrackBerry's Simon Sage speaks with CBC about BlackBerry's potential plans


Famous but for the wrong reasons. I don't want BB to go out of business but I've seen this possibility coming for a while. I switched to Samsung in April, not because I wanted to but because the apps on my Playbook just weren't there. I need Skype, Magic Jack and TalkBox, and well...when Playbook was killed that was the end of the trail.

I still use my Playbook daily as a secondary tablet. And my prime interest is if BB dies, then what happens to the email and BB store. Do they go down???

Its obvious what happens if they partner and survive that the email servers and BB store will be open. I'm curious. How many of you think BB will break up and be sold in parts vs partnering or even a direct sale?

The company still has a lot of assets so I don't think breaking up and selling their patents is a necessary option...that is considering they can find a partner. What do you guys think?

Even in the (unlikely) possibility of BlackBerry being broken up, the email and the store will continue. Those are both very profitable parts of the business. If anything were to stop happening it would probably be the development of new hardware.

Hey neilwick, thanks, you just put my mind at ease a little. My Playbook may be obsolete now but at least it wont turn into a brick as the email and BB store will still be there.

I never get over how tall Simon is. Someone shoulda put a basketball in his hands in his early years.

+1 Same here I don't want BlackBerry to break up. BB 10 is my platform of choice!!! I really hope they survive they just need at least another full year for businesses to properly adopt BES 10. DoD is the first sign of things to come as other companies /government s will follow. Plus the apps are slowly making there way onto here and BB 10 is maturing and will only get better once 10.2 is released.

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Neither do I. But again do we all agree that Partnership with Sony might be good? I would hate to see them pair with Android, Samsung and of course not Apple.

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Not a fair comparison as Ericsson wasn't much of a software company, and a lack of good software (more than a lack of good hardware) is what doomed Sony/Ericsson. As such BlackBerry is in a better position to help Sony.

That said, I don't see a Sony-BlackBerry partnership going well...

Hopefully people can learn from earlier mistakes. Just because a collaboration failed in the past doesn't mean it's destined to fail for the rest of eternity.

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I agree that Sony would be the best possible partner to face Apple, Google, and Microsoft with.

This is because Sony has such a vast ecosystem of their own, is vertically integrated enough to get costs down significantly on hardware and has expertise in areas like digital imaging that BlackBerry lacks, and Sony also is big in infotainment and automotive.

A Sony BlackBerry partnership would have to be different then the SonyEricsson joint venture though. It would have to extend beyond mobile for one thing. Sony would have to work with BlackBerry on Bridge functionality for their consoles, they would have to do like Panasonic and adopt QNX Car 2 as their platform of choice for infotainment systems and they would have to bring their massive content stores to BlackBerry world. That would truly be a rival power to anything that Apple, Google or Microsoft could come up with.

Sony does good hardware. I would be all over the Xperia if it didn't have Android and BlackBerry wasn't my first choice for an alternative OS.

Yeah I said Sony cause them with apple will make me sad and sony has enough support to help blackberry grow better

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They need to survive I don't want to use a Adroid or iOS I want to stick with my BlackBerry bottom line

+1 if BlackBerry dies, I don't really like my options. Windows phone maybe... or android. But those will be a poor substitute for what I want. There is room in the market for more players, why does everyone say otherwise?

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Ya there room but its this thing people have for either A or B. McDonalds or BurgerKing. Speedy Mufler or Midas. Android or Apple...well you get it. No one wants to be number 2 let alone number 4 like Blackberry.

I love my Playbook but had to switch as the apps weren't there. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a million apps, and great home screen customizabillity with widgets and animated desktops, so thats my Tablet of choice. My wife went for iPad. iPad has a million apps as well, but very little in terms of homescreen customization, but there is a magic, smoothness and quality to the iPad which reminds me of my Playbook. And iPad has security up the a$$ just like Playbook and BB10.

Both have a million apps, but if you want ultimate smoothness and security go for iPad. If you want screen customizabillity go for Samsung. Both are top notch.

Agree 100 percent. The thought of using any Apple device literally makes me nauseous. I hate everything that company stands for.

Windows Phone has a barren cold OS in my opinion (I've used the Lumia 920 extensively).

And Android is a bit of a mess...

Man, it would sooo suck if BlackBerry was no longer a platform option :( :( :(

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Its not about the share price, everyone is trying to force you the idea that its a very bad thing. When we look back, blackberry share prices were peeking in 2008, roughly the same time the global crysis started. Back than everyone would buy and buy, without thinkin, and that drove the share prices up. ofcourse there was a loss after all, cause loads of companies using bb made bad market investment choices so they had to cut the expenses, the postponed buying hw and sw. I think blackberry is strong, I convienced my friends to buy blackberry, and most of them are proud owners of os7 or bb10 devices, and they dont regret a second when I advised them to buy it. now they become addicts, who wouldnt change their devices to anything else, and they were heavy android and ios users.

I dont see your reasoning man but i hope your right! I did notice last week while at Bust Buy that you could a Z10 for free on a 2 year contract!! That speakes volumes to me!!

Ya, Blackberry device looks like a drug, once you use it, yo share it for everyone. I mean I know clearly by using Apple, Samsung, you can also email, gaming, chatting...even now better than ours. However, Blackberry, in my mind, is not just a smartphone, bu also a love, a culture, youth in devolt...Then for many years coming, when I look back to the past, I am very proud of my way, always with my love, wife and blackberry.

So true,proud owner of Bold 9000, PlayBook, and my current driver Torch 9860. Waiting for the Z30 to be released....

Viewers take a moment from your day. Send a tweet to @pmharper asking him to take a stand against stock market manipulation! That's choking Canadian Tech companies!

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That is definitely an issue that needs looking at but 99% of the reason why the stock price is where it's at is because of the decision in the past. Tip of the hat to Mr. Thor who either jumped in (or forced in...) to the CEO position while the company was in a nose dive straight into the ground. He's been able to pull the nose up and steady the ship, but lets see how far he can go.

The only thing Prime Minister Harper could do is buy 100% ownership of BlackBerry, make it a crown corporation possibly under the oversight of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and operate it either exclusively for government mobile communications or as publicly-available mobile communications service. However, under government ownership the consumer market would be largely shut-out in terms of non-productivity apps.

That was a fair report, thanks CBC. What people forget is that the Z and Q were just out of the starting blocks when the quarterly results came in.

I hope all u fanbois out there prepare to getting used to another os. What's going to happen is Thor and Co are going to sell the company makes millions, stick u guys with the bill and go laughing all the way to the bank with their million dollar bonuses. That's the way the game is played. At least they are realistic about it. Best examples of this is the PlayBook fiasco. Now looking back I thank my stars that I bought an iPad. I'm preparing myself for a time without blackberry (pains my heart to say this) because this is where all this is going.

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Really? Why would they bother with the z30 which costs money up front. Today Panasonic announced QNZ is their choice going forward. Alliances like this is what BlackBerry needs to continue to pursue.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

QNX IS NOT BLACKBERRY OS 10! QNX is a profitable company in its own right; BlackBerry is merely the current owner not not the management team thank heavens.

Blackberry 10 is based on the QNX Kernel. Perhaps you should take a look at the QNX site to see the rebranding.

QNX is Blackberry owned, period. As Blackberry goes, so does QNX and TAT (the Astonishing Tribe). You can't separate parts from the whole unless they are sold as individual assets.

Care to explain how Thor and CO made millions and laughed all the way to the bank over the PlayBook issue?

My PlayBook still works. I use it relatively frequently (almost more than my home PC). So it doesn't have BlackBerry 10? That doesn't make it a paperweight.


True. Yet the BlackBerry Tablet OS has not been updated in almost a year because management promised BlackBerry OS 10 would be available instead. While I continue to use my BlackBerry PlayBook it is not as frequent due primarily to the loss of fully-functional BlackBerry Bridge with BlackBerry 10 smartphones. What happens if and when BlackBerry is sold? Will BlackBerry World be available to reload applications in the event a security wipe of the tablet or smartphone is necessary? Thorsten had no more intention of rebuilding this company than Honey Boo Boo does of becoming a ballerina.

Everyone need to just leave BB alone. They are doing almost everything right right now and need to stay the coarse. Sales will pick up. What I would like to see. Is bail on the os7 and concentrate on 10 stop trying to produce so many different phones. z10 q10 and the rumored z30 that's it. Join forces with Microsoft and bring back the playbook 7" and make a new 10", sales will get there if they market right. its all about making it cool again. the key is apps, make the camera better by bringing canon into the picture. improve the app world by offering Netflex type service. To use my phone anywhere i want and stream on any TV is what its about.

Man I hope they can pull everything together and just come back. I'm so not looking forward to only 2 big players and then Windows Phone doing whatever it's doing.

He just needs to learn how tuck in his collar, wear a tie and get a hair cut!

No offense Simon but you wouldn't have been my first choice to represent the CB nation when more charismatic and we'll spoken people exist in the organization i.e. Kevin or Adam where were you?

I don't know how BlackBerry is going to do it but this depiction of RIM of old, continuing to reside over the thoughts of the general public needs to be abolished. We're never going to get anywhere if we cannot make a compelling argument that BlackBerry can be an alternative platform to any other.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Windows 8 is an absolute mess. I hope their phone is better, but I highly doubt that. Bb10 is awesome. I wish my windows computer was this quick, easy and efficient. Anyhow BlackBerry will survive. Would Panasonic partner with QNX if their was no future. The tech industry knows bb10 is way ahead, and the big players don't want the general public to know. The news media bashes BlackBerry at every turn, yet no mention of the positive Panasonic and QNX deal.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Nice job, Simon! Particularly liked the head movements... Just messin' with ya. :) Cool opportunity--hopefully there will be more to come for you.

This should be an MBA case on how to bury a brand. Very unfortunate. BlackBerry will now become a sub-set for another corporation and in a few years the trademark will disappear forever. Absorbed into the manufacturer that buys them. History has proven this, keep the Brand alive after you buy it until no one actually cares.
Great job in mismanagement mister Heins.

Do something Mr Thor. Save this company and bring blackberry back. Just remember blackberry 10 is ahead from the competition and Google, and apple know that... Don't let died this name. I'm a blackberry fan.
Canadian proud.

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Where the heck is Umi? Arguably the biggest BBRY story of the year, yet barely more than a peep...just a quick take and a brief opinion on Scotiabank's valuation. I would expect he would be making the media rounds, trying to get on any financial news program or segment that will have him...same goes for Kevin.

Yeah, I saw that he mentioned that he was travelling all day...on Monday. Important personal matters notwithstanding obviously, this is the kind of news that tech writers--especially ones focused on the markets and on BlackBerry--should live for. It would be like baseball writers covering marginal news all year long and then not writing about the current A-Rod situation. Geller certainly seized the opportunity and got himself on-set at Squawk Box (CNBC) this morning...

Just an observation, that's all.

First off, good job Simon. Very professional and not biased.

I guess you can call me a fan boy of BlackBerry. I have only used BlackBerry devices now for 7+ years now and just can't see myself on another OS. I am also Canadian and a proud one. I don't want to see BlackBerry to end up like Nortel who was once a great Canadian tech company too.

it's a real shame that BlackBerry didn't come out with the current OS sooner instead just sitting back and keeping "the BlackBerry" the same and just watch the competition just come up and pass them at 100km/hr.

Besides being very loyal to BlackBerry, I really do believe they have created a very excellent OS in BlackBerry 10. It has had it bugs no doubt but what new software doesn't. The problem is, so many people don't even know that BlackBerry is even around still. Then some of those that do, just think it's the same old BlackBerry from years ago that is not cool or relevant anymore and has a terrible OS that needs a battery pull all the time. The only positive think that has survived BlackBerry bad rep, is BBM. Everyone that had a BlackBerry before loved bbm. So I wonder what bbm going cross platform does for BlackBerry.
I really hate to stop and think what OS I would go to if there was no BlackBerry anymore. To be honest, I really don't want any of them. So know what?

I will keep hope that BlackBerry as a whole stays together. Even if that means they get sold and go private or go another option. I just don't want to see it ripped apart and sold for parts.

Good luck BlackBerry!!!

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Where was the CBC with an in depth look at Blackberry when the Z10 launched? that they feel there is a nail in the coffin, here they are with an "in depth" look into the company saying things like "fingers crossed". Give me a break! They know nothing about the road that Blackberry has been through to get to this point and the success that this OS has with the people that actually use it. It is reports like this that makes people think that Blackberry is dead.

That's just news companies being news companies. Nobody wants to see a story about "nothing bad happened to so and so today"

You are missing the point. CBC should have made an article on the BB10 launch which they never did


Well well well...
Blackberry is to blame for sitting on their success few years ago and thinking of having the smarphone user world in their pocket.
And then suddenly iOS and Android came out of the woods. Offering bloody what? Angry birds. And anything serious suddenly became not-that-serious vs angry birds? Are you kidding me?
Have a lot of buddies with either Android and iOS. And whenever there is serious discussion in the air - apparenly - there are tons of limitations to those things. There are tons of things people are unhappy with iOS and Android. For example - absent file system on iPhone email limitations and Gmail app shortcomings for both for a starters. And yet they stick to their platforms - and understandably so 'cause while in the last 5 yers BB was boiling in their own juice to death, Android and iOS offered something entertaining and affordable (in all aspects). And now we're just wawing the leaving train good-bye. I am personally on BB z10 - and never been happier with the piece of technology called mobile phone handset.
And still - don't really get it when seriously looking, grey-haired and bearded so-called experts say that BBZ10 have not enough APPS - read it - bloody games - as if working people have time to play? While at work? Or some mystic hardware limitations? - i.e. - like Samsung on some 25 thousand cores lots of MHz and loads of Gigabytes? Release me. And yet it all shows that BB is on the road to nowhere. Marketing and media establishing rules. So play by them. Whatever stupid they are. Or sink. Oh god. I'm crying here....

Well said Sir,
Even given its rant style (which i enjoyed by the way), you think exactly as I do. There is so much madness going on in the mobile world and sometimes you have to stand back and wonder, do people buy phones for their primary uses, or because they've been brainwashed by a company or crowd.

Let's face it. The current devices and os are not that great. There is no ecosystem. The other platforms are mature.

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You're right, they should have released a more mature platform with a full eco system to compete. Listen to yourself...

Face it? Ecosystem? Why not to mention that there is no ecosystem in your palm 'cause you missing a few quadrupled cores to compare with Samsung? Well man... that's the reflection of the end user market here. Excellent. No offence but you have no basic idea. Sorry pal you are in the wrong place. The abracadabra platform is for you. As long as it shouts out louder of the most. Never mind the contents. Oh yes. Angry birds compulsory. I'm going to shoot myself here...

Yesterday in switzerland at the tv infos, they said that blackberry is going bad... I apologize for our badest journalist...

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@wingman1970, CBC actually had quite the report on The National when the Z10 came out. It was about the same length and quite positive. Kevin I think was also on CBC but not sure if it was The National for him and the Z10.

Bottom line if US carriers continue with its lackluster support of BlackBerry then it's over.
Two questions why the lack of support and why is Sprint launching Q10 four months late?

Lack of support is because there is only so much support to go around and other phone makers are competing for it. The carriers balance two things: what has demand, and what phone maker will pay to push. Apple has the demand, Samsung has the demand AND the money, Nokia (Microsoft) has the money. What does BB have?

Same thing is what hurt Palm

The way things are going in the stock market for the company IMO BB is on the fence of shareholders potentially pressing at some point towards liquidating some of the assets (be it patents, tech etc) looking for more profits and a last minute bale out of a stock that is in problem at the moment.

Another take (not saying this is the case but certainly a possibility in my eyes), if the company goes private it gains total control, in order to be able to make the necessary moves and at least be able to give it a shot without the stock market and media bashing. It would be a potential strategic choice to go private with that kind of mentality.

Nonetheless, going private is not a reassurance of the company not being broken up but personally I believe it is better than being in the stock market at this point if BB is to have some room to make some serious moves.

What the direction would be and how it would play out is something that remains to be seen. I believe that BB10 is a quite strong and viable OS to have and this along with QNX is appealing as a tech to own. I do not pretend to know or be able to deduct what is in the oven, but I for one believe that going private is a one way street at this point, given the reactions in the public forum.

It may as well be that this was the intention all along. Be it what it may, I do seriously believe in BB10 being one of the best OSs out there today and certainly will keep using my Z10. Especially 10.2 is a very polished and nice OS and serves me greatly.

I would love to see the platform and OS keep being around and get stronger and I can only but hope that if any fund or private entity buys out the company, continue on delivering and developing this further in a better and more effective way in terms of branding and market expansion.

I have my pop corn and my soda and watching the news on my Z10 closely!
hope a better day comes for BB out of all this.

Keep calm. Whatever analysts, so called tech geeks anisheeps and droid lovers may say, BlackBerry will never die! Why? Because is simply the best.

Sent via my Z10

Seems the analysts have been right all along. BlackBerry failed to meet the numbers it project and that is mainly due to their delay of BB10. People don't take you seriously when you break promises over and over again. Its been a longtime coming. The 9900 and the Torch were much delayed some years ago. They broke that pattern by rushing the PlayBook with a half ass OS and we're shocked at the poor sales. Then, enter BB10. Everything the fans seem to be craving for all these years... It went from end of summer 2012 to November to January. And when it was released, The main component, the Q10, was missing. Carriers walking in late to the game or just not participating at all, like Sprint did with the Z10. The Z30 is now absolutely a DOA device upon release AFTER this news. Who in their right mind would ever invest in a BlackBerry now given the news out there? Much is riding on what happens but the only thing missing is the Dummer Boy leading us fans to the slaughterhouse.

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

This company is screaming " take us" the board should resign ... why is TH on the advisory board ?
This company should be sold for pieces. As a shareholder it has been painful to see how they couldn't pull off a turnaround.

If you think the opposite ...then you have not watched the circus since 2011

Oh and how about letting millions of your clients to buy an a10 when you did that to the playbook.

To be honest the thought of Android on a BlackBerry device makes me gag. I cannot begin to tell you how much it bothers me. On top of that BlackBerry 10 is really shaping up to be the best OS on a mobile device. If I'm forced to give up the BlackBerry 10 I may seriously consider not getting a smartphone. I shudder at the thought of having to use a home button again.

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Most people on the forum are right blackberry will be sold off, Thor will have a huge pay out but they as a company will work in the shadows. So I would start looking around for another phone that you can replace your blackberry with. I can see blackberry can not sell enough hardware even if they were the only one that you can buy. Thor and his team were put there by the board to make blackberry look good for investors and he is doing that. On a personal note I would love to see a Sony blackberry partnership but that my friends is a million to one shot. Start looking as blackberry will fade away over the next couple of years (shame).

BB10 is a "android" version of blackberry! We all know this now! I had no idea side loading and leaks was apart of the BB10 Platform? when I was using my 9900! Waiting for my Z10!!! I had no idea! But! now we know! Keep the BB10 specs! And let android make the BB10 phones!

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Side loading was conjured up by those who wanted Android apps that were not ported to BB. Leaks are not official BB OS releases. I have never side loaded an app and use few if any Android ports. BTW, Android is not a company and doesn't build phones.

From what I am reading on this board BlackBerry is dead. So I might as well chime the horror ! They will be a little private company managing BES Govt and corporate Qwerty devices if that , BBM Cross platform probably sold to Samsung, QNX probably sold to a private equity and the OS sold or licenced out. So you buy some sort of Samsung BBM device or iOS devices and move on ! What a tragedy ! But let me say this the Canadian media should be a shamed for thé constant bashing of BlackBerry following the mis-reporting from the USA media. If South Korea can support à monster company like Samsung why do Canadians like a sellout option ? Canadian Failure I say !!Hey ....Toronto Maple Leafs win a freak'en Stanley Cup I hate this loser attitude we have up here in Maple Land. So this BlackBerry sellout only means your Maple Leaf BBM Channels is history according to this board !!! Z10. Q10

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Is it a Z30? Or a A10(android10) Hahahahhaah it's been rite in your face the whole time!

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So what exactly does this all mean should it happen?? What happens to the BlackBerry name? Support for the devices we have now? I don't like this!

All this means is that the company is looking at all it's options. Best case scenario (besides a successful BB10) is to partner with another company to push out truely amazing and innovative devices. Current BB10 devices will still be supported for the length of their warranties and most likely beyond. If they decide to sell the company, It could be years before any real changes. After Google bought Motorola they still had to cycle out their current time-line before making any changes.

Also, I think there would be a revolt if the BlackBerry name sank. It's Iconic in Canada, and quite frankly I'm tired of losing Canadian tech giants. Whatever the decision is, BlackBerry will still stand as an entity, whether in hardware, software, enterprise, or wherever.

They've barely given him any screen time. Their loss. Simon is usually quiet on the podcasts/hangouts, but he's very VERY knowledgeable.

All this is just to give Microsoft a chance to make an offer,they have supported Waterloo University from way back when, with huge donations,and if they sold to anyone else ,without them being able to come up with a reasonable offer,all hell would break loose,put yourself in their shoes.

At this point BB would probably love to partner with Microsoft. They have countless billions in assets. Win 8 and win phone is number 3, so they are in a position to do real good for BB.

Personally win8 stinks and we still have a win7 computer at home which is awesome. Would be interesting to see BB and win partner.

WinBerry anyone???

Prem is the Chancellor of Waterloo University!!! Microsoft has given millions to the University!!!Both have been good to Waterloo,BB is in Waterloo!!! There you have it!!! If this were to happen,I,d surely buy everyone a round!!

Sounds like theres a soft spot in Microsofts heart for BB. BB has made some poor business decisions in the past few years, but they deserve much more then to be sold off in pieces like a chicken in the farmers market. If this paring happens I'll buy them a round here in NYC too.

Easy, just wait september the 28th...

I think, and hope results will be nice enough to see à good future.

Don't forget that in Last Q1 were only Z10 results or near.

BlackBerry MUST live, independant if possible !

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I strongly believe the company won't sell. They have too much proprietary technology. The rumor of selling is just thrown in there to shake the short sellers, and add a warm fuzzy feeling to some investors. What they more likely will do is continue to rack up partnerships. On a commercial part, they need to find a hardware partner.....on an enterprise side of business they should continue to make secure hardware themselves. License the BB10 with royalty fees only, this will limit the risk to companies wishing to adopt the software.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Yeah well he isn't god either and seems to have made some obvious mistakes, such as he needed to average down a few times on BlackBerry shares. So I wouldn't worry too much about his plans.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Slow the hell down everyone! BlackBerry will survive! They will survive in the corporate, institutional and government sectors for the next 2 years while they get that sector switched over. The consumer sector is too tough to crack as you have Apple and Samsung to compete against. Here is the problem with how everyone views BlackBerry! BlackBerry was king of the arena back in 2007. But who held those phones. People who needed them for work. Not little Johnny and his friends. That's who the iphone targeted. So now consumers own iphones. But they were not and still not business phones. Now it's true BB10 is more consumer friendly by a long shot, but it is still the best phone by far for business bar none. The only way BB10 is going to gain traction is distribution to the consumer via work place distribution. As this happens, these people will drop their iphones and android devices in the garbage. A cheap ipod can fill in the app difference. The z10 is so much better than the iphone. So it will be a tough couple of years yet, but even if they lost 100 million per quarter as the spend a lot of money developing new products, and working their enterprise change overs in behind the scenes, how much money will they still have in the bank with no debt? By then they will have established a solid foundation and the profits will soar. We all bash Thor because we wanted massive victory on the consumer side of things right away and it did not happen. I think you didn't see massive marketing because it wouldn't have worked anyhow and you would have had a large cash burn. I actually think they ate taking the right approach. Look at the announcement yesterday from Panasonic and QNX. No one saw that one coming! I think that will be the type of stuff coming from BlackBerry over the next few years that are huge positives. Would Panasonic invest such a large undertaking if they even felt the slightest chance that BlackBerry was finished?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

"...That's who the iphone targeted. So now consumers own iphones. But they were not and still not business phones"
IOS is actually doing very well in Business.

But now we're living in the age of NSA. Any business using iOS for corporate secure communications should take a second look. Lest we forget, only BB devices are allowed on USA DOD secure servers.

Yeah, you're right, they probably rushed into the decision and weren't paying enough attention, (that's what you're saying, right?)

No other manufacturer is going to buy BlackBerry at $15 when the price will drop like a stone after the next earnings call (they've already guided a loss). If they were going to buy BlackBerry they'd have done so when the price was $6 a share.

The only hope for BlackBerry is to go private.

Once the chattering classes in the media stop spouting nonsense about stuff they don't understand BlackBerry may have a chance to recover its brand.

Today BGR's idiot in chief said on CNBC that BlackBerry didn't understand mobile computing. This is the guy that sold out to a media company backed by Apple (Steve Wozniak to be more precise). The barrage of nonsense has had a massive impact on North American consumers. Even posters on Crackberry are infected with the same disease (i.e. the lack of a rational discussion about the impact of market conditions on BlackBerrys recovery - in other words - no one is doing particularly well selling smartphones in North America).

The company has up to 3 billion dollars in cash so could run along happily selling no phones at all for several years if they cut back on costs.

Curiously over 200 million BBRY shares traded hands in the last two days. That's 40% of issued shares. Something is going on.

I for one hope they go private as soon as possible and avoid the terrible PR they're going to face when they announce losses in late September. They can't rescue the brand if they're constantly being battered in the press.

Nice job Simon, too bad you didn't get a little more time. I often watch the Lang and O'Leary show and I think Amanda Lang's comments at the end of the video are spot on.

I really hope this company can recover - it's a Canadian icon that we all need to support.

Simon the simple fact of the matter is the pending sale of BlackBerry bodes poorly for the future of the company. We have witnessed an utter failure on management's part to correct the problems plaguing the company due to years of apathy. Arrogance, hubris, falsehoods. You can spin the latest announcement by Thorsten Heins anyway you want. However, reality is quite different than the fantasy-land painted by Team CrackleBerry.

The complete idiots at Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC have invited Jonathan Geller (Boy Genius) to talk about BlackBerry futures this morning.

What do you think the tone of that call will be, coming from one of the biggest haters known to BlackBerry?

If we want BlackBerry to survive, all legacy BlackBerry users...who like their phones...MUST BUY BB10 PHONES NOW!!!!!!!

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It's Over. Save your money. Why buy a device when there will be fewer and fewer Apps for it and next to no development for it ?
Seriously. Buying a NEW Z10 now just does not make sense. If you do , I'd at least wait 6 months and see what is going to happen. Otherwise this might turn out like the PB all over again.

Dont you think that Sony can get reluctant to add the "Blackberry" brand name to its products?.
IMO, blackberry right now is seen as the rotten apple of the bunch. I would not be surprised if any potential buyer or partner chickens out in fear of being swallowed by Blackberry´s tarnished image.

What do you think guys?

BTW, i own a Q10, and is the best phone i have ever had.

I may be wrong, but I recall Sony full out bought Ericsson, and it's now just Sony.

Same thing would happen if BB goes this way.

Personally, I think BB should continue their current efforts, and HIRE A BETTER MORE AGGRESSIVE MARKETING FIRM.
Note: in the wake of the whole privacy/spying governmentS. BlackBerry can use this a a great opportunity to Bring Back BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), and some of the revenue stream generated from the product.

Balmer would ruin BB, as he's currently doing with Microsoft (and previously Disney)

The only thing beneficial from Microsoft is Office Mobile, which can easily be licensed out, and added to BlackBerry (NOT using Balmer current 365 catch)

even tho I hate for BB Q10 to die out, but if we get 10.2 or something better before support stops and we get our major apps, then I have to say I care for nothing else really.

my major apps will beo n the phone + better porting = better performance.

then the Q10 will stay with till it dies !

but even tho if it does fail i'll hate having a BB q10

unless somebody was able to have android on this would be great also

It's really too bad they couldn't buy time for two more years. People are still tied up in contracts with their current phone, Blackberry or otherwise. I was lucky enough to have waited past my upgrade date to get the Q10 shortly after it was released.

As long as the big retail outlets in the US are contractually bound to sell a certain number of Apple phones, they will push people away from BlackBerry and towards iPhones.

One of the worst things known to man are share holders.
They don't care about the future they want money now.
Quick fix's are what they want. A few $'s.
Building a company properly for its dedicated followers allows time to build comprehensively.
I expect BlackBerry will take back control, expand how they want to, buy the companies they want then develop.
Could they sell out to a telecoms giant??

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I don't want BB to go out of business but I've seen this possibility coming for a while. I switched to Samsung in April, not because I wanted to but because the apps on my Playbook just weren't there. I need Skype, Magic Jack and TalkBox, and well...when Playbook was killed that was the end of the trail.

I still use my Playbook daily as a secondary tablet. And my prime interest is if BB dies, then what happens to the email and BB store. Do they go down???

Its obvious what happens if they partner and survive that the email servers and BB store will be open. I'm curious. How many of you think BB will break up and be sold in parts vs partnering or even a direct sale?

The company still has a lot of assets so I don't think breaking up and selling their patents is a necessary option...that is considering they can find a partner. What do you guys think?

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. If no one knows you have a new brilliant product why do you think it will sell?
In Australia the marketing was down to a few bus shelter signs ....WOW !
Now more importantly who will buy your product if they believe the company won't exist in the near term? I am SOOOOO angry with this mob. best described by another above as hubris, ego,etc etc..........


Once again BlackBerry releases a Press Release at the wrong time, just like they did when they announced no BB10 for PlayBook. Obviously its quite evident at this point there needs to be a managerial change and soon.

Some good points, but I'm going to take it one step further. Heins has been planning a merger to have BB sold for a long time now. Here's my reasoning...

This whole thing with BB is one bad break with bad timing after the other. First the no BB10 for Playbook announcement, then the postponement of the cross platform BBM, and now this bomb of BB being sold off. Its almost as if its being planned because I really cant see any company being inept enough to deliver horrible announcement after horrible announcement. And they KNOW each announcement is going to further kill the stock. Can Heins be this inept? I doin't think so. I think someone wants BB to be sold off and all these announcements are a covert coverup. I seriously think Heins did this diliberately to drive the stock into the ground because he has had a merging or partnership of BB in the works for a long time now.

The only issue I see from this news release is they make it sound like DOOM & GLOOM. Complete nonsense in my opinion. BlackBerry has the best OS to date. That alone should be enough for a strategic partnership with another company.
The whole idea about the committee is to help push BB10 devices into the hands of consumers.

Long Live BlackBerry....

This is probably ridiculous but I think this is the best option available. Samsung, LG, and sony used to had terrible OS, but the the have shifted to building powerful smartphone and use android OS and turns out to be a huge success for them. Even failing Nokia, with the help of Microsoft, they have regained their power back. Blackberry made awesomes hardwares, for example the Q10 are extremely beautiful. Even the new OS is extremely intuitive, smooth, and powerful, however the problem is I dont think they have the time. If just if they started this a bit earlier like let say 2-3 years ago, probably the can make a good come back. I think if everything doesnt work for them, the best way is to use android OS, its probably sounds silly but I think its the best option.

It does sound silly and not a viable option. How many phone makers are using Android now. Sure, variants thereof but still Android.

Thor and key management should go and a partnership with another key manufacturer with a strong emphasis on strategic marketing would help things along. The current executive mob are lazy opportunists who are only interested in themselves.

Hope dies last.... IF a divestiture of BlackBerry takes place say thank you to Lazaridis and his satellite Balsillie and nail both on a cross...