CrackBerry Mailbag: BlackBerry 10 may still be coming to the PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2013 11:10 am EDT

It is, it isn't. It is, it isn't. 

At this point we really have no clue if we'll see BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook. We heard months ago that it could be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook at some point, but it's been very hush hush ever since. Even at BlackBerry Live we heard not a peep about BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook.

As the rumors continue to fly, even the official BlackBerry Mexico Twitter said that BB10 would be coming to the PlayBook soon, although the Tweet has since been removed.

In continuing efforts to find out more information, forums member Darius G. has been doing some massive recon on his own and sent this along to the ol' CrackBerry tip line.

Hello there Kevin & Co

This morning I pestered BlackBerry to give me information on the PlayBook scenario! After DM and many tweets I decided to call them up... And I got so exciting news!

[Taken from the thread I started on 03-12-2013] -

Okay I would just like to say for the most RECENT update....

These past few weeks have stirred up a lot of confusion and anger about OS10 for the PlayBook!

We have THeins promising his most loyal Blackberry fans,  saying BB10 will come to the PlayBook...

Then in another interview,  he says that tablets are dying out and that one single mobile device will be dominiin the next 5 years...

THEN word was slipped by @BlackBerry_MEX that the PlayBook will receive the update within the next few weeks and that users should stay alert!! - This tweet was then immediately pulled!

Also,  there was not even a single mutter of the word PlayBook at BlackBerry LIVE!

But!! I have been on an absolute mission today and do you know what?............


After repeatedly tweeting BlackBerryHelp and UKBlackBerry and BlackBerry's Inside Blog, all to NO AVAIL! 

I decided to call up RIM/BlackBerry this morning!!

I asked to be put through to PlayBook customer support,  entered my 12 digit serial number... And then i was put through to a lady who I had to prise out of her the answer!

I said "There's been a lot of speculation about OS10 ON THE PLAYBOOK!! Could you please tell me if this update will be available "

She scooted round my question and said we do not have any details or information about an update for the PlayBook at this time!

So I said "Okay,  but will BlackBerry OS10 come to the PlayBook?"

She 'hmmm'ed' excitedly and said yes OS10 will be available on the PlayBook,  there is something in the works and it is planned!  However, I don't know any other details,  such as the day or period of time "

I had THE biggest grin on my face,  I got this out of her by talking about BBMexico, I think that BlackBerry is aware of what happened!, she certainly was!

But I was amazed to hear that IT REALLY IS COMING TO THE BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO matter what!! I'm going to email Crackberry Kevin right now about this,  so please spread the word!!!! 

Now, we don't take something like this as official word about anything. We just wanted to post it as an example of how much Blackberry PlayBook owners want to see BB10 come to the PlayBook. #hardcore

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CrackBerry Mailbag: BlackBerry 10 may still be coming to the PlayBook



Sure... it will be on the PlayBook... the next generation of PlayBook. That's my gut feeling. The question should be worded... "Will we ever see BB10 on the current PlayBook hardware?" Only time will tell. Until then, we wait.

You know it's likely that the PB update will occur at the same time as the Q10 release and the Z10 upgrade.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

I'm past the point of speculating when it's coming, but you may be right. And the failure to announce the timing of the PB update may be due to a fear that BB would inadvertently be tipping off the timing of other releases.

Have they ever explicitly said the current PB hardware will get it? Maybe it's the skeptic in me... ;)

Sweet. Nice to see they said "all existing playbooks" which was my worry. The recent silence must have gotten to me. ;) I'll keep the faith...

Says the guy who told me I was exaggerating when I corrected him about how long BB10 for PLAYBOOK has been showing up on

Seems like the above poster is exaggerating as well?
I think its quite clear why people are questioning if its still coming. Its become taboo to even speak of PLAYBOOK by anyone BlackBerry.

They stopped talking about it months ago after talking it up for a year. Frank Bolboun told BGR that BBM was coming to PLAYBOOK almost a year ago and now its still not only NOT on PLAYBOOK but it will launch on IOS and Android shortly.

There are many reasons why one would question if its still coming.

For you to question why people would question it makes me question your sanity....sorry.

They haven't canceled, and they would tell us if was being canceled. They would not just leave it dangling.

I'll grant the possibility that a) it's delayed or b) it's GOING to be canceled, but I believe that our community will be informed.

They wouldn't leave it dangling???? What exactly would you say its doing now? Precariously levitated maybe??

BB has said confirmed and promised BB10 will release on current Playbook. They shouldn't have confirmed or promised if it isn't going to happen. It has to happen or they will receive a lot of negativity.

I'd say they are not saying anything to prevent more missed targets. That's actually a sensible idea. Why speak up until you're ready? I'd like to think that the PlayBook will get BB10, but I don't want it to lag if it doesn't have enough RAM to run it properly. I'd rather a stripped down OS that runs lean and fast.

Posted via CB10

Not until I actually see the OS update pop-up notification on my PlayBook and finish wiping off the drool from the screen will I even consider happiness in this regard.

No. To say the least, I'm skeptical and annoyed. The fact that it's taken this long and we still know nothing, is infuriating. I can think of no valid reason why BlackBerry would want to keep their plans for the PlayBook a secret. This isn't some new device that's being kept under wraps, and I would think that BlackBerry would want to support the early adopters of their new OS. I'm still in limbo when it comes to my PlayBook. We watch app after app come out on BB10 while no new apps get developed for PlayBook, yet we can't install these apps unless we can find a sideload version that works. It appears quite likely that BBM will be available on iOS and Android before it becomes available for PlayBook, if it ever does. How is that even remotely acceptable?

If the op's post is correct and we are indeed due for the update, great. I will still be angry that I had to not only wait so long for an update, but that I had to sit and speculate on whether said update was ever going to happen. An informed customer is a much happier customer.

Sure hope some of the components come over at least! Keyboard, browser, remote file access, proper bridge and BB10 apps would be enough for me!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

How would a receptionist know the status of bb10 on pkaybook and not thousands of other BlackBerry employees. There would have been leaks by now that it's coming. This just looks like some sort of mix up

Posted via CB10

Mix up indeed. Call her again to ask if bb10 is coming to bold 9900/9780 and she will post say yes too

Posted via CB10

It wasn't a receptionist (I don't think he called headquarters to talk to the CEO about this), it was tech support.

Tech support tends to receive information long before the product hits the market, else they will be learning at the same time as the customer on the first day of the roll out. They may not have information such as day of release (maybe a tentative time frame that they cannot give out because it is tentative), but they probably have support manuals for BB10 for the PlayBook.

"Tech support tends to receive information long before the product hits the market..."

As someone who works in tech support for a major network carrier I'd have to disagree with this comment.

Posted via CB10

There have been leaks. I have seen a number of pictures of BB10 on playbook, and just recently there has been a video of the BB10 startup screen on a playbook. I work for a software company in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, which as you know is where Blackberry offices are located (about 10 minutes down the street from me), I mention that because alot of old RIM employess that were laid off are now working at my company (last count was over 30 RIM employees are working with us now). I have spoken to a number of them, and ALL of them have played with playbooks running BB10. They also said that there are alot of issues with it, due to the requirements that BB10 has. They said that BB is working on modifying BB10 to be able to run on the playbook, considering it has less RAM then the Z10/Q10. This is where the work is being done. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that they won't commit to anything unless their engineers can confirm it CAN run on the playbook without issue. If they can't, then I see this not occuring.

Yes, this has been my working assumption since Kevin 's article explained why we might not want the full BB10 on PlayBook. I now just hope they can unify the experience somehow,so music I purchased on one device shows up in the library of the other, stuff like that.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Pb users - imo - only miss some features, BBM, BBM channels, bridge for BB 10 devices...maybe Skype. Why that complicated.

Been debating whether or not to pick up a a used PB off of craigslist. Prices are good in my area right now, this might push me over the edge, I have a feeling market price is going to rise if BB10 gets pushed out.

I don't mean to be a downer, but no one in any customer support role there knows anything about when/if BB10 will be available for the PlayBook. Don't get too excited over this news.

Stop being pessimistic, whether she knew what she was talking about or not, she has given us HOPE.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

I don't see how someone that isn't privy to the information saying it is coming gives anyone any hope at all. I hope it comes as much as anyone, but I am not going to get my hopes up over some tier 1 agent saying it's coming to get off of a call.

They probably have the BB10 for PlayBook support manuals by now if it is coming out. If they have it, then they indirectly do know that BB10 will be out for the PlayBook.

Well, let me put it this way: how much choice do we have?

And, what leads you to think that this program would just be dropped without announcement?

They've been testing it since October of last year. Check out It is noted that BB10 has been on the PlayBook for sometime as the browser gave up the goods last October! It is now an issue of performance, memory, support, and software availability.

I'll take BB10 on my PlayBookS if I can get it, but I'd much rather have a new larger PlayBook with the latest specs!

Why would this even be a secret? All the normal companies out there would be bragging and making sure everyone knew. Why would bbry keep this obscure? There ate only three possible reasons
It isn't happening
There will he a PlayBook price hike
They know they are terrible at specific dates

Posted via CB10

I have to agree here. It's not like BlackBerry isn't using proprietary software that no one else has access too. Why not announce it to keep the existing user base excited?

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

My sentiments exactly. This would create an instant amount of good Karma. To be honest, I think BlackBerry tried to kill the PlayBook from getting BB OS10 but realized the negative pushback would be too great and it would kill their current generation products going forward. They'd have a tough time selling their "mobile platform" gibberish when they couldn't even get it to work on their very own failed tablet that spawned the whole thing.

That was actually one of our users here who attempted to use a 10.1 bootloader on his PlayBook. The only useful thing we really got out of that was that the progress bar was functional and automatically oriented in landscape. The device would not actually function.

I'm sure they have tried os10 on pb a long time ago. But for whatever reason they won't release it. Either hardware issue or they just don't have the time to support it. It's ironic how people here are upset at all the companies who won't make apps for the z10 yet our own bbry doesn't waste time on the playbook and we just take it with a sh I t eating grin.

Posted via CB10

I have the same sentiments...then it would also open the PlayBook up to all of the android apps that we have been waiting vote is with you on the 10.2 (I'm a poet and didn't know it lol)

why can't they just update it later to 10.2. If they have to wait to add features then they will never stop the wait.

Been there; got that t-shirt. This is just one more rumour and nobody should get too worked up if it fails to materialize.

We all know they have been working on it, and they may even have something up and running. That does not mean they can justify the cost to release it (and yes, it does cost them to release updates, both in terms of support calls and in infrastructure to build, approve for export and push it out).

Props to the OP for being persistent, but there is no way a support engineer senior enough to know the real product roadmap is going to foolish enough to leak this. If she had said "We got training on it", I'd be more hopeful.

It's long overdue and I'm still not holding my breath but this is great news. The sooner the better!

Posted via CB10

This wouldn't be the first time someone called up Blackberry's customer service and was told PLAYBOOK was getting BLACKBERRY10.

So this means nothing to me. Until someone from  dev or M Clewley says that its still coming or better yet gives us a time frame for a beta, I just can't believe it. I've rarely been on CB and haven't bothered following anything BlackBerry as of late because of the way they handled this PLAYBOOK issue. Very unprofessional. They basically bitch slapped all PLAYBOOK owners with a Z10 while thanking us for helping beta test the new platform.

I can still feel the sting of the Z10 across my face!

Hopefully they don't do the same to Z10 users. I feel the same cause I bought the PB for full price on the very first day and also the Z10 on the very first day.

BBRY is full of it. They made money off of us. C'mon guys nothing to see here. Get an Ipad or Android tablet or even Windows8.

At this stage I don't care if it ever comes. Won't be making the same mistake twice. Even if they release a PB10 tab, would never recommend anyone to get it.

I have no problem recommending PB 2.1 at all. Great device as is. PB 10 will be that much more fun. So many whiners on this site. They seem to be convinced that crying and moaning like little girls is the way to get things moving. Lol!

I agree! I absolutely love my PlayBook as it is right now...if BB10 comes then I'm sure I will be even more in love with it. I have no qualms with referring it to any of my people...BB10 would be icing on the cake!

It wouldn't shock me that the guys at bbry are pulling this to sell dead stock. Makes sense cause if the big wigs still lie to us about it they can be sued. Now they have a phoney Mexico tweet and fireable people at the end of the phone making claims.

Posted via CB10

I understand that phones are the number one priority but if BB wants high downloads and users and hence be able to convince devs to bring their apps, then by bringing BB10 to the PlayBook, they will have an instant bump of about 2 million BB10 users to download apps, buy music, and so on. It only makes sense to bring BB10 to the PlayBook, in one form or another.

They need to stop! Stop lying. Leave it alone if they know they aren't going to do it.

Stop the madness!!!!!

PlayBook BB10 Heisenberg OS. If you check for an update and it says you have the latest doesn't mean the OS update doesn't exist.

BlackBerry had the oppurtunity to have 2 million PLAYBOOK owners preaching the word of BLACKBERRY10 all over the web yet instead they choose to piss them off so that the two million warn people about a company that lies and completely ignores its user base.

There is no logical reason to be so secretive other than they know its not happening and they want PLAYBOOK owners to go away.

I have numerous pictures of tweets from BlackBerry bbdev etc pumping PLAYBOOK owners up about BLACKBERRY10 coming to PLAYBOOK. Soooooo what happened? Why so quiet now?

Like I said they want us to go away and I for one will but not before I preach the word of BlackBerry Lies. Ill use twitter Facebook blogs BBM channels and everything else I can think of to remind BlackBerry , there fans and potential fans how they treat the loyalists of its customers.

I will go under the rug with your PLAYBOOK but not without slinging shit across the room first :D

I'll help. The cause has grown to two...I hope it multiplies exponentially. They have 218 days to come clean until 2014 fyi.

well guys, for what it's worth, they still have 'em both, (wifi & 4g), up on their site,,, but i also agree that their handling of this so far is incompetence in motion,,, see what i did there???

I can tell you it is coming to PB. I know an insider who is working on it. So as far I am concerned, it's on its way.

Posted via CB10

If and when this comes true I'm selling the z10 and getting a q10. PB10 + q10 will be a sweet set up!

Posted via CB10

Maybe everyone start calling BB and constantly pestering the company, someone will eventually have to put out an official statement.

Kevin why don't you just ask Thorsten directly? What good is being able to sit down with him if you can't ask him tough questions.

We need to know soon.. Or we are replacing our fleet of playbooks with ipad minis.. Pains me to do this, but really how much longer can we wait for any idea.. The playbook is dead without it.

Unless it's a particular app(s), why would you make the lame threat of replacing PlayBooks with less powerful ipads that can't multi task? The eventuality of PB10 doesn't make PB2.1 any less functional.

Sadly its not a lame threat. The PlayBook has been left to die and other popular apps like gotoassit and gottomeeting aren't available. Vpn support is brutal. If the PlayBook was able to use the z10 apps it would less me the blow immensely and we could take advantage of blackberry drives and rdp like we can on on our bb10 apps.

As much as it pains me ios is the king of tablets and the lack of support from BlackBerry is horrendous.
The pb hardware is quiet nice but we've been on board since launch but at some point we have to give up and move on.

The phones work really well and have rolled out 20 so far with the remainder to follow

No. It still seems like a lame threat. You are complaining about app availability. PB10 won't change iPad exclusive apps. Fine. It's only been discussed one hundred thousand times. All in all, however, the PB is a more capable device than apple offerings. Bridge is the secret sauce. It's a killer app and the return of its full functionality would be wonderful.

The playbook hardware is very capable. The os is not. The os has killed the device. BB10 would give it a much needed refresh and provide a huge influx of available apps that are already on the z10.

Bridge isn't that useful. Our account managers seldom if ever use it other then the occasional powerpoint presentation. The PB locks up or the output gets distorted so most just use thier laptops. Trust me, we tried hard to get these out there.. But the reality is the device is dying.. And sadly we will have to move on to something more useful. I was dragging my feet waiting for bb10 to come as i was told it would be back in october by rim in thier Enterprise seminar on bes 10.. And again in a bb10 preview in early january. We've been waiting for launch for this device to reach it potential, but RIM has failed to deliver. Yes, I get that the phones are the more important device to update etc.. but alot of your enterprise clients have been left outside in the rain.

For your purposes, it is the app situation. The device itself is very capable for general mobile computing and the OS makes it so. The current crippled state of the bridge is disappointing however. On the other hand, the power of BB10 on the Z and PB2.1 on the PlayBook leaves me better off on the whole than my former BBOS6/2.1 combo.

Very capable of doing what? The galaxy tab or the hp touchpad were capable of browsing the web or sending emails. My old iphone 3g or old 9780 were capable of mobile computing.. But compared to the current generations of devices they are ancient and uncomparable.. I love bb.. But the PLaybook is dead without bb10.. it may be dead either way.. Guess i figured out what to do.

Capable of 1080p video, flash, actual
multitasking, HDMI, excellent speakers, excellent UI (bridge though currently limited), very good gaming, screen still very sharp, etc. It can still do things no other products offer and, frankly, it just works great. Never been turned off in over two years. Two years of 24/7/365.

Multitasking is useless if there is nothing to multi-task. How often do you listen to music in one web tab and browse in another? I miss that on my nexus 7, but really i just use one of the 1000 of so music apps like 8 trax, grooveshark, or via a network share. The Tablet is a solid table and was built well. But the os kills whatever benefit there was. I'm not a fan of IOS, but it works, works well and employees have endless apps to choose from. the Ipad does HDMI out if you have an adapter or works flawlessly over airplay. Screw you for making me defend apple.. I strongly dislike them.

Metronome, tuner, pdf of music and recorder all at the same time. Guess I could record via video camera but haven't tried it. Poynt, compass, browser, contacts all running at the same time. You don't know from real multitasking. Phone as remote. Yes, the device lacks apps but it is so much more flexible and adaptable than the competition.

Heh.. So we could benefit from multitasking if we were a musical company? Sadly we are not.. We are a marketing company giving presentations and updating email and web apps on the fly. It can't adapt.. You don't get this. In order to adapt the os would be in constant motion reacting to the latest trends and have the latest apps available.. Its sad as teh z10 has alot of useful apps that our users are currently leveraging.. Not possible with the playbook. And everything you gave example are already available on their new phones.

As I originally posted, you are dependent upon trendy apps. I prefer a mobile multitasking beast complete with remote control. Multitasking is an acquired skill and is a very different paradigm than the in and out systems of the competition. The new phone is great and does current into my PlayBook uses. "PB10" will come. Soon enough for you and your app chasing? Perhaps not but for the vast majority of users? Yes.

Trendy apps? Don't care. But client apps that are on ios and Android? Yes.. Very much so. Soon enough would have been with the launch of the z10.. But it didn't happen.. and there is no CURRENT OFFICIAL WORD from BLACKBERRY that bb10 is coming to the playbook soon, this year or ever.

The current official word is that BB10 is coming to the PlayBook sometime this year. Nothing has been said or done to officially rescind that announcement. In the meantime, most PB owners don't require specialty client apps.

In the meantime all the PB owners that bought on day one continue to get screwed by the lack of support from BB and Devs. I have 2 playbooks myself, my three old has one.. We have alot in our company deployed.. But they are becoming the forgotten step child.

Did you somehow miss the huge set of business apps in the Apple appstore? C'mon guys get real. A PB is not a serious 2012/13 tablet.

Most do not need specialized business apps. Love flash sports. Saved my sanity dozens of times over. Great speakers too.

I'm hardcore too, it's just that I can't put those words here in this comment (it would contain a plethora of punctuation and the occasional letter...) to express the level of frustration I have over how badly BlackBerry has handled this whole PlayBook thing. Really, it has struck a nerve with me and the only way I can move past this is if BlackBerry is true to their word and releases the BB 10 update for the PlayBook. It's a trust issue now and nothing more...

And why in gods name would anyone believe anyone in PB support? This is pure garbage to try and sell off a dead market for Blackberry. And you should be ashamed of yourself Crackberry for even pretending like this means anything. But I guess if people buy more playbooks because of this then you can make more off of accessories for it. What a joke, and my PB wil continue to be a paperweight.

So I was at a conference with a BlackBerry employee present. I had the chance to chat with this someone about being a BlackBerry loyalist. Of course I asked the key question.

My interpretation of the answer: PB hardware is not going to run full bb10 but a scaled back version similar to what Q5 might be equipped to handle.

Posted via CB10

This would be acceptable to me. I don't expect it to "print money" but I do expect it to not have it's app ecosystem suddenly circumcised either as has happened now.

BB10 may only come to the LTE PlayBook as it has faster CPU and more RAM than the WIFI only version. I hope I'm wrong as my family has three PBs waiting for the update.

Love my PlayBook, in fact would like the PlayBook ability to swipe between apps to come to BlackBerry 10, among other gestures, and prefer the app world on PlayBook. So as long as they don't change the gestures I think they I want mind bb 10 for the PlayBook. Hope it comes soon.

Posted via CB10

I said it once and I'll say it again...

I have to say that I want some form of BB10 on my PlayBook, but whether it comes or not, BB is quietly leaking that we WILL be seeing BB10 Tablets in one form or do I know this? Let me tell you. I have yet to pick up a BB10 phone because I have Sprint and they are barely offering the Q10 soon, so while I wait, I have been seeing tons and tons of new apps and games come out for BB10 and so I always click on them and see if that app or game is available for the PlayBook as well...what I see here and there could just be a slip up on BB's part but regardless, when I click on the link to see an app in the BlackBerry World webpage what I see every now and then is a little section on the BlackBerry World Webpage that shows "Tablet: 10.0.0 or higher" under the "Required Device Software" whether this means we will see BB10 on the PlayBook or a brand spanking NEW BB10 tablet I don't know, but it does say what it says and so if developers are already able to makes some of their apps ready for a BB10 tablet of some sort then it must be coming in some way shape or form :)

If you don't believe me here is a link to a BlackBerry World Webpage for the game "Trid"...the device it is "Displaying info for" is my PlayBook and right next to the QR code is the section that you can see where is says "Tablet: 10.0.0 or higher"

That is an error by the developer when he submitted his app. It happened to me as well at first. When you upload a bundle you are asked what devices, which OS and what is the minimum OS version. The proper OS choice is QNX and if you want to support the tablet as well as the phones, the minimum version is 2.1. That makes the PB version available for download from Blackberry World using your tablet, and also the Z10 and Q10 will still get their download made available as well. His mistake was choosing 10.0 as a minimum OS when he added the PB to the bundle. It has nothing to do with being a clue that BB10 is coming to the Playbook even though it may it look that way. You have to go through the submission process to know what I mean but believe me, thats all it is.

I think that BB 10 has not come over to the Playbook because of hardware and software incompatibility. The Z10 has a 1.5 GHz processor. The Playbook only has a 1 GHz processor. The BB 10 operating system on the Playbook would undoubtedly run slower. If the operating system could not run effectively and flawlessly on the Playbook then BB10 will not be coming over. However, I think, that some aspects of BB10 may come over.
I would think that BB 10 may come to the 4G LTE Playbook ( 1.5 GHz processor ).
I have had my Playbook from day 1, April 19, 2011, and I love it, with, or without any further updates.

'cuz he's afraid to push the issue,,, he's starstruck by his new access & ain't gonna take the chance on losing it...

I have a PlayBook and I still use it daily but I would not care and take it personally whether it gets a BB10 update or not. The device is two years old and, although it would be great, I would be surprised if it gets an update at all. How many two year tablets which have not sold well have been regurlarly updated by their respective OEMs? If BlackBerry had the money to burn like Google or Apple then maybe but from a business perspective for a division that represents a negligible percentage of the total tablet market and a small part of company revenues, it is not and it should not be a priority. I'm sorry but we are unfortunately a minority and currently a casualty of this transition / battle in the ongoing mobile war that BlackBerry is vigorously fighting in.

They told us BB10 was coming and we waited and waited and waited some more and it came.... They then said OS10 for PlayBook is coming and we'll wait, until they say its not.. End of

Kevin as connected as he is cannot get information that isn't public. The instagram episode proved that. Bbry can't give insider Information to a random person. They could be sued for doing so.

Posted via CB10

How is this insider information? It's simply asking if we are going to be getting an OS that was promised to us. The crime is NOT asking and keep people wondering if its ever going to happen. But I hunk we all know the answer to the question. It's isn't coming to the Playbook.

Nobody has said it isn't coming. And if the update is canceled they won't just pretend it didn't happen, BB will say it publicly.

Let's face it... we *almost* have OS10 on the playbook already. The core QNX OS is there. What is missing is some software integration like the HUB, and with BBM now going cross-platform, the Playbook should be able to have all of these goodies without needing an actual phone/bridge solution anymore.

Memory issues aside, I am sure it can be made in such a way that it will work. Maybe hub won't be running 24 hours a day, but notification would be there and if you get a message you can always launch the hub "app". I don't think it is a technical issue, it is a matter of where to put your resources.... Playbooks lost money for RIM and so do they want to waste time and effort continuing to develop the OS for Playbook when they don't seem to be gaining any immediate profit from it? Or do we think maybe Playbooks will still be manufactured and offered (even at a break-even point) simply to give people a Blackberry tablet to then make residual income from the app/media sales that channel through Blackberry's ecosystem?

The ingredients are there for an upgrade to OS 2.1, whether they call it "OS10" on playbook or "OS 3.0" I don't really care. We are still missing a lot of email and social media core functionality (in a "hub"-like area), camera features (like the time-shift camera), and this would be enough I believe to make everyone happy and feel they are getting OS10 on Playbook.

Trying to have BB10, which runs with 2 gig of ram , work on the older playbook has to be a gigantic headache on the company and may not be worth the investment. Heck, it may actually be easier and cheaper to provide new playbook with new specs (including 2 gig of ram) to current owners expecting the update on their current model, because BB10 has to be coming on the next version of the tablet, whatever the name may be.

I have owned and used my 64g PB for the last 18 months.
It has be adequate, but has many problems that I have gotten used to, such as the issue of pop3 mail being deleted and very weak wireless antenna.
The issue of BB10 on the playbook is becoming a myth to those of us that have held on this long.
(It is almost like being promised candy as a kid and having it snatched away at the last second - after a bit you actually know that it is not going to happen.)

And my recent experience on my bucket list trip to South America has all but made up my mind to sell off my PB to the highest offer.
I was with a group of 14 on the Galapagos Islands and then down to Machu Picchu, Peru.

They have a long ways to go to have North American access to the net, as the best I could hook to was 52mbs and that was sitting almost under an antenna.
All but 3 others in the group had IPads and the balance had Android devices.
Only 1 other person had a BB phone.
I was the only one that had trouble accessing the net with a tablet.
My roomie had an adapter for his Ipad that let him download his pictures from his camera to his IPad for storage.
The lack of access and dropped signal has finally done it for me. Lack of apps is not a big deal as I am not a game player.
I wish BB well and as a Canadian I was really hoping that they would be able to pull it out of the fire, but it does not appear as if it will happen. I really hope I am wrong on this and that BB does succeed.

If anyone wants to purchase my PB the specs are:
64Gig - Fast charger - keyboard - cases and original boxes.
All my info will be wiped.
Paypal and wire transfers accepted.
Actual location - Just outside Vernon, BC Canada.
Inbox me with offers or reply to this post and I will get back to you.

BB - Newcat427

Any idea on how to do member to member emails in this forum?
Don't really want to post my email here - I am in Lumby.

Depending on how many features iOS 7 steals from BB10 and if the iPad Mini Retina comes out before the BB10 Playbook OS10 UPDATE (I'm not buying new Playbook for OS10), I will sell my Z10 and switch completely over to Apple. My Playbook will just become a portable DVD player for all my ripped DVD's.

I like the Z10, have been a Blackberry fanboy since 2007, and patiently waited for OS10. If Apple's iOS 7 turns out to be kick-ass and, since BBMessenger will be cross-platform eventually, there's no reason for me to stay. Of course, I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way...

So come on Blackberry! Keep me a believer...

I'm always amazed at some of the hostility on these posts. When it comes to a feature, updates, OS, or BB hardware, Blackberry owners can be - emotional. We have a love hate relationship with our devices and Blackberry itself that transcends the ordinary. On one hand it is refreshing to see such passion and enjoyment from BB's and on the other it is sometimes difficult to not reach into the screen and slap the 'poster' silly for some of the comments.

But, in the interest of keeping the dialog going, I'll throw in my two cents (Canadian coinage of course). Blackberry will do what is right for them and the bottom line (which includes the shareholders). This is the same for ANY company that is traded on the open market, and there is NOTHING that any of us can do.

Would I like to see an update to the Playbook OS? Damn right I would. I hated it when we upgraded to the BB10 OS and lost a functional Bridge and I have let them know about this loss in very clear terms - as I'm sure others have as well.

Would I like to see a new(er) Playbook? Of course I would. I (like many others) have purchased the Playbook not only for the great price, but because of the functionality, size, OS, and integration with our BB Phones. While I have lost some of that functionality (with is frustrating and disconcerting), the Playbook is still one of the best tablets out there for so many other reasons.

I will give Blackberry time to 'make it right' and not pass judgement as yet. And lets be honest, if there is 'judgement' to be levied it will be at the wallet - when and if I have to get a different OS tablet. I truly hope I do not have to go that route and I will wait as long as I can.

I am tired with waiting for this update. I could live with no OS10 on Playbook as long as the browser is updated.Right now the browser sucks and tons of apps rely on Playbook browser. Honestly this update should be released by now. If Nexus 7 HD is released and no BB10 for playbook by then. Sorry but game over for my tablet.

Tech support person's thinking: "Man, this guy is really asking too many questions. What's the easiest way to get him off my back? Oh, I'll just tell him what he wants to hear: OS10 is coming to Playbook." I'll believe it when I see it.

They're most likely either cooking up something really innovative for the current hardware or they're not. They might be working on "new ways for BlackBerry 10 devices to connect" and incorporating those "new ways" into BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook, or maybe they're not. Either way, BlackBerry 10 has a huge future and it will be exciting to see what they're planning for devices, regardless.

They've said "we are working on new ways for BlackBerry 10 devices to connect" and Thor asked once, "what can we do to be innovative in that space?". They've said in the past (before BlackBerry 10 launched) how they wanted to put BlackBerry 10 onto the PlayBook, yes. But, they never said "we promise" to do that. I think the only promise was to be committed to BlackBerry 10 as a whole.

The PlayBook is a fantastic device. I think they most likely will have an update for it because it would make sense to do that, because it exists.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I would absolutely LOVE an update for the PlayBook. But, I'm not going to get my hopes up too soon. I also will not be upset in any way if they do not provide an update. BlackBerry 10 for life (until the next version).

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

If you stop perpetuating it and it does happen. It will be a surprise. Stories like this do nothing.

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I use my PlayBook now and all is good. I like the updates that have been done. I am sure it will take lots of tweaking to get BB10 to work correctly on the playbook.

Posted via CB10

Lots of tweaking? BLACKBERRY10 was born from the PLAYBOOK and they have had LOTS of time to "tweak" the excuses have ran out. Tell your community what your plans are Thor or Clewley or anybody...except for  Mexico of course. :)

For me this is pretty simple, it's about credibility. I have two apps in App World, one version for PB and one for BB10 and maintaining two separate code bases because PB doesn't support Cascades isn't something I want to do any more. If BlackBerry doesn't deliver BB10 for PB after being promised it, then that means they've officially abandoned the device and the PlayBook is truly dead. In that case, I'm going to switch to an Android tablet and if I'm going into that ecosystem then I'm going all in, meaning I'll sell off my Z10 too.

Everyone should keep calling BlackBerry until we get a straight forward answer, let's quit playing games here Bb. We spent our money on the playbook and we've supported you through releasing your new software, at least let us know if the hardware will be obsolete or if it will be upgraded in the next few months....

Posted via CB10

We already knew it was coming out, but we just don't know when. Heck, it could be 2 years from now...and BB will continue to say "Soon."

What we need is a simple time frame guys.

The issue is not BB10 on the PB, it's about regaining full Bridge functionality for BB10 phones. Whether that's with a new 10 OS for the PB or an update to Bridge and the PB/Phone OSes, I care nt, I jsut want my fully functional Bridge between my phone and my PB back!

From Spain
I called to attention service and they confrimed that BlackBerry is working to update the playbook tablets to BB10
I asked him about when it will be available, and they say me they don't know that
So, We must wait to see when and where we will have BB10 on our PlayBook

I have a support contract with Blackberry. Unless you call in and speak with 5 other people and they too say the exact same thing, along with inputting it in writing on your case notes, I wouldn't rely on this too much.

In light of this, I an looking to pick up a 32 GB PlayBook from Kijiji later this afternoon for $120 Canadian. Good deal? Any warnings? I know I am taking a risk.

Posted via CB10

Buy it if you like its current functionality. Don't buy it if you're only buying it anticipating BlackBerry 10 on it because you will likely still be waiting a long time for it and there is still some possibility that it might not come or at least not in the form you might think.

I need a tablet!!! I wish Playbook would come out with PB 2 same hardware just add quad core and 2 gigs of ram and 4g lte and maybe HD screen. DONE. I buy.

After this news...I'm starting to feel that Blackberry-juice coursing trough my veins again. Cause a couple of days back when the word came out that they wouldn't support BB10 on the playbook, my Blackberry heart fell out of my chest shattering into so many pieces *I thought only Androids would be able 2 put it back together again*. My optimistic views on BB10 and especially my probable upgrade to the Q10. Suddenly where replaced with feelings of betrayal and contempt for this company I hold so high and have stood by, even before owning an actual device!!! Now a proud owner of a playbook (64gb) & Bold 9900 ;-) So beam me up Heinz!!! #RIMPIRE #BLACKBERRY #BB10 #PLAYBOOK

An official release will be believed when it arrives...and when S.O.M. Delivers a bottle of brandy

when I had my bold 9900 i used my playbook everyday. since i received my z10 (first day it was available in Canada) i have used it maybe twice. I was so stoked to get my z10 because i thought my playbook would be that much better. I was so pissed off when i did my update and lost all my bridge features. The best part of my playbook as what I could do when it was linked to my bold. I really hope BB reinstates the features i use to have. Until then I will be disappointed.

Have had my PlayBook for a year now. And in my opinion it really don't an update. I think it's perfect the way it is

Posted via CB10

As I stare at my orphaned Playbook who barely gets used since getting my Z10 and losing Bridge features, I am looking forward to the update and using on my commute again. I have hope but it is fading...

Posted via CB10

Use my Playbook daily, fantastic tablet and still better than a lot of options out there. That said, yeah, I want Cascades and BB10 features...wait and see with 10.2 - fingers crossed. Only things I am super hopeful for are USB OTG and access to BB10 apps.

After being at BlackBerry for a bit in their R&D department I can almost guarantee you some customer support person would not know what is going on with a project like this.

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>>I had THE biggest grin on my face, I got this out of her by talking about BBMexico, I think that BlackBerry is aware of what happened!, she certainly was!>>

Hay Adam, ya should have called BB Mexico :)
They seem to have (1) the scoop, or (2) they were drinking too much Tequila

Haha, very persistent. I don't have a PlayBook, but this is certainly a step forward for BlackBerry.

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I am actually quite flabbergasted and surprised that there are still people who are using the Playbook these days let alone continuing to believe that BB10 will arrive on it. Having purchased my Playbook on launch day for the full price; I can honestly say that it was one of the worst technological purchases that I had made. Not because the product was designed poorly, but because it, or rather Blackberry, failed to live up to the promises made for the device. I sold it a month ago and haven't looked back or regretted doing so. "Coming soon", "it will get better", "just wait and see", and the never-ending parade of excuses that are the hallmarks of Blackberry's handling of the Playbook turned what was once, for me, a product full of potential and excitement to something that I loathe and despise. Good on all of you for waiting and believing; and waiting; and waiting; and waiting; and waiting (repeat ad nauseum).

In the US there are NO major retailers that have the PB in their stores. A few companies like Amazon and Radio Shack have mail order. When PB came out Best Buy and Staples had displays, now long gone.

How can BB expect to make sales unless they bring a promotion to the retailers with a new OS?

BB dropped a bunch of bills with a tax write off on the PB. Why should they want to put more money into it? The answer: build up sales so that the App developers have an incentive to produce top quality apps (mostly Android conversions). BB will make their money back from app sales not PB hardware sales.

My feeling, BB should offer special pricing with the network operators:
Purchase an OS10 device (Q10, Z10, R10) and a PB is $100 or so. (Something like a low price gift with purchase.)

It would be great to have it on the current hardware!
Here's a crazy thought:
Put the Z10 next to your PlayBook, hmmm same height. Now check the screen size, hmm, same height. In fact, line up 3 Z10’s side by side and you have the width of the Playbook. Maybe the next PlayBook is simply a larger (3x the width) Z10.
Or, even crazier, make the next PlayBook a docking station for the Z10 (for when you need a bigger screen). One QNX brain 2 size screens. No sync'ing or transferring required. When do you ever use both devices at the same time anyway (other than HDMI)? If it's docked and the phone rings either use Blue tooth or slide it out of the dock and answer the call.
Think it's viable?

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So that all means that if I want BBM on my tablet I need to ditch my PlayBook, buy an iPad, and install the iOS version of it. Makes a lot of sense dear BlackBerry to get rid of your most loyal customers.

The idea of me taking 'another' chance on a bbry tablet us fucking hilarious.

I've done my part helping large multinationals beta test there products with my funds. Did that with Corel top. Whatever happened to them?

Oh I remember... their customers got tired of v1.0.

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Hmm, PlayBook support last I knew of was handled by Sutherland (or should I say sufferland) in Windsor by a bunch of minimum wage employees that DO NOT work for BlackBerry. The employee turnover rate is insane as well, so the chances that they knew anything is slim.

They have ZERO inside information and use the same BlackBerry support website you can visit . Heck, they are known to even get solutions from the CB forums too.

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Haha. Maybe. Yeah fuck that. Going to sell I think... app store has lots of absolute shit and soft core ebooks which I don't really need.

Or maps to Serbia. Wtf BBRY. Wtf.

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Behavior like this leads me to believe Thor and Co is looking to be SOLD. What a freaking joke. I feel betrayed,suckered and used.

I had a conversation with a rep today during a call that ended up getting escalated due to a rather bizarre issue, and when I brought up the subject, the second level rep mentioned that there were some issues regarding the form factor and performance they need to work out first, but it is still in the works.

Makes sense considering the current lack of landscape mode in the UI for active frames and ap icons, etc.

Posted via CB10

You all are getting like PB users came and told the world they would get BB10. The makers of the tablet said BB10 is coming shortly after Z10 launch. We didn't say it, BBRY said it and now nothing. If they knew it couldn't run on 1GB RAM then why the hell did the say we would get it. Stop making excuses for these guys.
If it ain't coming, be man about it and say so, this pussy footing creates anger among loyal customers who will (read HAVE) sadly move on.

Please do. Can't wait to get a PlayBook! Wanted one over ipad from the start but it was more or less impossible to buy...

Doctor Who Channel :) C000C1253

I would prefer to trade in my Playbook plus some cash for a Playbook 2. (with 2 mb of ram). Heck even the Q5 has 2 mb of ram!

Oh how my PlayBook would come back to life if I got the Bb10 update. Oh I can't wait!

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It would be nice for BlackBerry to at least give some kind of official statement regarding BB10 on the Playbook. Either to say

1. It is cancelled
2. It is delayed due to whatever reason they have.
3. It is on schedule in the next couple months, late this year or whatever time frame they have.

They should at least give us some information regarding this instead of completely avoiding any questions regarding this.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

If it doesn't come to PB I'm happy with my device...if it does, cool beans, and bonus i guess (?)...They said something was planned later this guess would be a new playbook phone device to rival the galaxy/note phones. Big screen, fast hardware...yadda, yadda...purely speculation of course...yet I'm sure some crack addict will read this and will misconstrue it as truth, and there will be thread upon thread in the forums about it...did I mention the new device is said to have 64g on board memory with a quad core processor and 6 gigs ram?

Is this going to be like the Rob Ford of TO where no one can independently verify the validity of what he said she said...but because of journalistic 'gotta be first' this was raised to get half of us excited and the other half put down the PB?

I believe as do many others that the PlayBook update will come when they release the "Q" in the US at the same time as they upgrade the OS to 10.1. But upgrade now! The is awesome.

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My hunch is that os10 will come to the Playbook. Many enterprises use tablets and, if BBRY isn't going to release a new Playbook, it will be in Blackberry's best interest to leverage the existing one. I bet being able to offer the existing Playbook with OS10 to the DoD would help Blackberry prevent Apple and Samsung more ground. I think it's way more important than the issue of leaving us hanging; they need it for enterprise and we will get it, too.

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Yea...yea...yea believe it when I see it. Can we just get the "Official" 10.1 OS update first? Then 10.2...THEN we can seriously talk about BlackBerry 10 on the PB if not sooner.

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Whether the PlayBook gets BB10 or not means nothing compared to continuing support, upgrades and fixes.

If BB10 or OS10 is the end of support then what? I would rather have continued support than the last nail in the coffin.

Having the Hub with a much improved messaging experience plus the full meal deal of BBM without bridging means a whole lot more than mimicking a Z10.

I have a PlayBook and a Z10. When I bought my PlayBook last year, I hadn't even heard that the PlayBook was supposed to get BlackBerry 10. I'm enjoying using my PlayBook and bought it because I've always been a BlackBerry fan and it was inexpensive compared other tablets. I would like if BB10 came to the PlayBook, because we'd have more apps to chose from. But, if it doesn't pan out or takes a while, I'm not too upset. I'll continue using and continue enjoy using my PlayBook as is.

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I will believe when I see it. I'm getting so fugging frustrated with all the rumors. I'm about ready to put my BB phone and tablet under my car and roll over them then send them to the CEO by mail.

Posted via CB10

My mom uses the Playbook and iPad. She's on her iPad more than she is on the BlackBerry PlayBook. They really need to release this update so she can go back to using it.

Posted via CB10

IMHO BlackBerry used the promise of BB10 on the PlayBook to move the remaining quantities they had on hand.

The saddest part of all is that there will be BBM on Android and Apple products before it will ever be on a PlayBook, if it will ever be on a PlayBook, or so it appears. At least I have a timeframe for BBM on those...

I wonder if they still make playbooks or they actually churned out millions on spec.

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I'm holding off on the Q10 until the PB update. I just love my Bold/PB combo. I can't believe what's happened to Bridge.

Honestly, I couldn't care less if the PlayBook doesn't get the full BB10 experience. Just make it easier for developers to bring Cascades-enabled apps to the Platform like they were SUPPOSED to; so that existing apps just need a recompile and maybe asset selector resources for the form factor, and I'm happy. I'm kind of getting sick of Adobe Air, and the cost of Flash Builder.

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hhm..sorry to say, but this is nothing new. I also asked PB tech support about OS10 in combination with a tech incident and yes they confirmed twice or even thrice to me in writting that OS 10 is coming -a while ago. I could also post this here. But so what, if top mangement decides not to spend any more money on PB developments and is freezing budgets; it means simply nothing.

It's troubling how bbry was so keen to tell apple and android fans they are getting bbm but us fools who bought the playbook are treated like garbage.

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Come on Blackberry, you promised BB10 for Playbook a loooong time ago, so do you really have any choice?
No! So, Just get it out! Hey, it actually might help your BB10 phone sales........come on enough with the foot dragging, a promise is a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!