CrackBerry Live: The World of Pootermobile (plus a contest!)

Enter to win a free shirt from The World of Pootermobile!

By Michelle Haag on 16 May 2013 12:37 am EDT

Joining Adam on CrackBerry Live today was Marco Miranda, the man behind The World of Pootermobile! Marco is a dedicated BlackBerry user and a long time developer, starting out a few years ago with themes and moving on to apps more recently. You've probably seen his themes and apps here on the CrackBerry blogs in the past, because he is awesome. Check out his interview in the video above!

As a special thank you to CrackBerry community for always being so supportive, Marco is giving away a Pootermobile t-shirt to one lucky reader! All you have to do is log in and leave a constructive comment below, and you might win. By constructive, we mean let Marco know your favorite theme or wallpaper he's created, which shirt is your favorite, what you'd like to see from him in the future.. you get the idea. We'll announce next week who the winner is! Good luck!

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CrackBerry Live: The World of Pootermobile (plus a contest!)


Yaay Pootermobile, had all your themes on my torch favorite wallpaper Psssh that was priceless ,now with my Z10 your wallpaper app, WTG..Glad to see you made it to BlackBerry live .

Posted from my lovely BlackBerry Z10

Definitely the 3d BB10 logo tshirt. Unfortunately I'm all for the high definition scenery and naked girls for my backgrounds. Always on the hunt for new pictures.

Loving the z10 theme wallpaper. Hopefully the animated ones will be out of this world! So in closing, I would love to wear one of your Z10 themed shirts. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

Yes... Pootermobile rules! In this moment I'm using the Stitch theme and "Blackberry by choice" wallpaper (black edition)... The BEST! Keep up the good work, nice creations overall... Waiting for the men's bb 10 3d tshirt for my birthday (saturday) :))

Saturday was the first day on OS10 world for me... today I just downloaded the world of pootermobile app... starting tomorrow I'll never use another wallpaper provider :) 10x!

Posted via CB10

Awesome, Poots! I personally love my "BlackCoffee" BlackBerry wall created by Pooter. Bringing two of my loves together Coffee and BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I love Poots wallpapers. Have some customer desktop walls for my work laptop and even got the facebook banner made by Poots. Could always use another BlackBerry shirt in my collection. Wish I made it to BlackBerry Live to meet Poots and many others from Twitter/BBM

The great theme was the Fresco for OS 7: as the panels were there, then the 'invisible-icons-in-folders' bud was not there :-)
Wallpaper friendly, and as usual: great custom icons :)

Marco I love the function on the wallpaper app. One thing I love to see is to see lots more walls maybe some polls to get wicked cool suggestions for some really nice custom stuff. :)

Posted via CB10

Sorry should have read the whole post. ( continued) the theme I used was Kahelby far my favorite And app is the wallpaper app on my Z10
Favorite t shirt is "Blackberry Squadron "

Posted via CB10

Favorite wall right now is the BlackNYellow wall, hoping to see more colors of that wall and more unique walls like it would be cool. The shirt I like definitely has to the BlackBerry Nerd shirt. Thanks for the opportunity both CrackBerry and The World of Pootermobile!

I loved their Kisai labs theme, and really love the BlackBerry 10 shirt! Keep up the good work guys!

Posted with my zed10 ;)

Awesome guy, that Pootermobile is. Love your stuff. Enjoy chatting with you. FIF FTW!!!! Really digging the BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Squadron shirts. Keep up the great work.

I liked the simplicity of the stitch theme due to the simplicity and minimalist look. Also, I feel like the best shirt is the 8bit poots shirt, as most people can relate to it, yet us BB users have a special heart for it because it shows a physical keyboard!

App is great tshirts are wonderful and your themes were cool on old BlackBerry but let's find a way to bring themes to BB10

Posted via CB10

Stitch was one of my most favorite themes on my torch unfortunately I couldn't get it to work properly on my Bold 9900. Keep up the good work.

Thanks pootermobile for all the great work. And the dedication blackberry.

Posted via CB10 using Z10

Thanks for all your comments everyone :) the BlackBerry community is the best!

Pootermobile Wallpapers app update is now available in BlackBerry World! Go grab it for your Q10 and Z10 with 10.1, it's so smooth on 10.1 ;)

I been Havin a rough couple months... Please let me win!!! ps- the black sheep themes were awesome, especially the one askin the other sheep if it was lost.. also loved the BlackBerry Squadron ones

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded the Pootermobile wallpaper app. Once I open the app, the different wallpapers are shown. However, when I click ANY wallpaper, it never loads. Just a red line.

Can anyone help?

Posted via CB10

What are you running? And if problem persists try a uninstall and a restart. Hope it works did for me.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for purchasing Pootermobile Wallpapers. I believe there was a problem on installation of the app. I think it's the app's permissions. In order to fix this go to the device's settings/security and privacy/application permissions/Pootermobile Wallpapers/shared files/on 

Do that and open the app once again. The problem should have been fixed ;)

Poots, youre living the dream we all had just a few years ago!!! Im proud of you man!! Keep on doin it bro!!!! Resistance is futile!!!!!!

OMG...this guy made such great themes for my I miss Jammin, Fresco, Kahlel and others. I think the BB10 3d shirt is pretty neat.
(Hey CB, how about kicking in one of those awesome CB mugs, too? Love seeing those!)
Big thanks Marco and CB crew!

Jammin' is my favorite Pootermobile theme by you. I love the BlackberryNerd t-shirt, and I'd love a blue version of Jammin' if you could make it. Thanks!

Everything positive that everyone else said, was what I was going to say.
MUH-Ha ha Ha ha as HA!
The shirt is mine!.... precious ........

Posted via CB10