CrackBerry Live: Talking QNX and BlackBerry 10 with Sebastien Marineau

By Simon Sage on 16 May 2013 02:00 pm EDT

At BlackBerry Live 2013, we had the chance to talk with a QNX veteran and colleague to Dan Dodge, Seb Marineau. He's a senior VP of software at BlackBerry and was with QNX throughout the BlackBerry acquisition.

Seb has since worked on the PlayBook and more recently, BlackBerry 10. Kevin talks with him about the transition process between companies and between platforms. They go over QNX's history in automotive and more generally everything that was happening at the show in Orlando, such as BBM going cross-platform.

We're all done livestreaming for CrackBerry Live, but we've still got plenty of segments to put up from our many, many interviews - stick around!

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CrackBerry Live: Talking QNX and BlackBerry 10 with Sebastien Marineau


playbook is dead buddy, theyre hoping for us to forget about it. It doesnt have the hardware specs to run whats coming with BB10. What you want is a new tablet all togethor.

Blackberry 10 is already running under a different name on the playbook, it's QNX that it's running. QNX never gets old, it just needs to have a new UI to be blackberry 10. :)

Playbook isn't dead.

I always enjoy the interviews with Seb, good to see the excitement and the energy level. Also looking forward to all the stuff he was talking about showing up in our cars.

I am curious about the integration of BlackBerry and QNX. Are they internally considered one company? How big is the Automotive Mobile on BlackBerry's radar? I think it's a great edge over the competition if they can get an affordable automotive solution to accompany the phones. Maybe that's one of the reasons for taking BBM cross-platform - to sell auto-makers on the synchronization of messaging between the car and the phone.

If you where keen on Thorsten's key words about mobile computing endpoint, networks, BB10, BES - an endpoint management system, and security, etc JUST before he introduced the Bentley as "the future of what is possible" ... you'll have a clear understanding just how BIG this whole thing is for BlackBerry. Consider also the partnership with Petronas/AMG/Mercedes (AMG is wholly owned by Mercedes for a while now) and Thorsten introducing their head of something (cannot recall) - and specifically stating the next step with the F1 team would be in terms of implementing for telemetrics, feedback, systems updates etc.

You really get the full scope and potential of BlackBerry's future M2M goals. I was hoping for an official announcement with a vertical client/partner but there is one already there ... and their working to implement this on a much larger scale. F1 is their test bed.

Hopefully it speeds up patching, because I sure hate to run over those sons of pots on rather smooth roads. :eek:

Thank you for doing this coverage on the QNX side of BlackBerry. The potential with bb10 car integration will open up a Window of opportunities. The next bottle neck will be auto safety and law makers who need to distinguish between what is safe and what is not. I would hate to get a blue screen of death while driving.

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