CrackBerry Live: Scoping out new games coming from the maker of Alpha Zero

3 Little Kingdoms recently launched for strategy lovers, while Eyebert is on the way for those looking for twitchy platforming goodness. 

By Simon Sage on 17 May 2013 12:47 pm EDT

We got to check out some new games from Funkoi at BlackBerry Live 2013 this week, and they're a decidedly different direction than what they currently offer with Alpha Zero.

3 Little Kingdoms launched not too long ago, which is a base defense game where players have to produce and command waves of troops to clash against an opposing side. For all of its 2D graphics, there are some very polished perspective effects with the foreground, plus the strategic elements look solid. A brand new game getting its first look at the show is Eyebert, which takes a tried-and-true runner formula and tosses in some Mario-style platforming and a lot of colorful artwork. 

Now, even with the new games, Funkoi's not leaving Alpha Zero in the dust. They showed us the awesome multitouch space shooter running on the Q10 for the first time, and let us know that they've recently added Bluetooth controller support. Be sure to check out Funkoi's current apps in BlackBerry World. If you haven't tried Alpha Zero yet, it's definitely worth a go. 

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CrackBerry Live: Scoping out new games coming from the maker of Alpha Zero


Honestly, that was so unprofessional on the interviewers part. I'm surprised that the developer didn't walk away right there. It seems like the majority of the videos I watch on Crackberry are awkward and unorganized, which is easily fixed with a little preparation. Step up your game guys your representing the blackberry community.

Are you drunk?
There was nothing wrong with the interview. As good as anybody you'd see on CNN. And even if you have some high standards that I'm not noticing maybe that's because he's NOT a professional lol, and nobody in crackberry is claiming to be.

Posted via CB10

Apparently you are.

He didn't even know the name of the company he was interviewing. He spent 90% of the time looking down at the computer when he was speaking to the developer. (check out the 6:30 mark)
The guy makes his living, or at least part of it as a journalist/interviewer for Crackberry, and you say he's not a professional? Get real. I don't know how many videos he has done, the 171 articles might be mainly written and not interviews. But it takes five minutes to learn a few things about who you are speaking to in order to avoid dumb mistakes like that, and eye contact isn't that hard either.

I thought the interview was just fine. In fact I think the guys at crackberry are better than others out there. People seem to be more comfortable interviewing for crackberry. Even the interview with BlackBerry CEO you can see he is much more relaxed and open than with other interviewers. So hats off crackberry team you all ROCK..

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure there is anything wrong with objective criticism. In fact, one of the points this developer made was that feed back is very valuable to them "specially the 1 and 2 star". I would agree that crackberry did a phenomenal job covering this event BUT nobody can deny that there is room for improvement.

I've been eying Little 3 Kingdoms since it released. I'll pick it up one day probably... too many games, too little time.

This is how you CB10, son!

I have to agree with Dylwade that Simon seemed unprepared. He should have reviewed names etc and clarified them or made a cheat sheet he could refer to for tricky names. If an interviewer got Canada and the US mixed up and someone told them "Oh, they're are in the same general area", people would have a fit. That is setting that could have been prevented.

I appreciate all that goes into pulling all the news and info through the world of BlackBerry together here for us at CrackBerry, but sometimes a quick review of notes before the camera rolls would make things roll a bit more smoothly. It's just a bit of feedback. It certainly won't stop me from watching the rest of the videos the CrackBerry crew puts up here for us.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I was a little rushed on that one. Luckily Daniel rolled with everything in style, and my other interviews went more smoothly. To be fair, if a European interviewer mixed me up with an American, I wouldn't hold it against them.