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CrackBerry Live: ProClip mounts the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5 in your car

By Simon Sage on 15 May 2013 12:28 pm EDT

Next up on our BlackBerry Live 2013 stage was ProClip USA. They make every kind of car mounting solution for smartphones you could imagine, and they were at the show here in Orlando showing off their products for the BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, and even the brand new BlackBerry Q5.

Everything they make for BB10 devices have Built for BlackBerry certification, and tailor fit to specific car models. A bunch of 'em have built-in plugs for keeping your device charged in transit, which can be something of a necessity if you're doing GPS navigation on a lengthy roadtrip.

Be sure to swing by ProClip if you're looking for car mounts, and hey, we're going to be taking in some more great interviews this afternoon, so keep CrackBerry Live open in your closest browser window. 



BlackBerry go

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When's it going to be available for purchase?

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Go to proclipusa.com its already available.


That's an awesome product!

Kevin! We all know your American and yes the Jam is in the USA but the majority of people will be calling it the ZED10 so without sounding like a Canada ass, let it go bud! Just let it go....after all, it's one of the last Canadian products we Canadians have lol.

Take it easy, really enjoying the blogs and videos from you guys and thanks for bringing us all this awesome info!

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Variante Alta

I have one of their charging mounts for my Z10 - it is excellent quality and holds the phone very securely...love it!

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El Platanero

This is pretty cool. I'll be getting one for my car

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Greatest accessory ever. Sucks that it is so expensive, but it is so worth it. Quality is outstanding. I have used them for many years. They have sales from time to time. They have a BB Live code for 10% which I will find and post. They will also have an upcoming 20% off deal if you take a pic in their t-shirt that they will send you (see their Facebook page).

Here's a close-up pic of my install: http://thejetsfan.com/images/z102.JPG

And a broader view of my 9900 installed on the ProClip Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4996760833408&set=o.191882464171...


I've had my Z10 non charging mount for a few weeks now. Prior to that, I had an Ipod holder that lasted almost 5 years (i used the existing vehicle mount for my Mazda 6 to put the Z10 mount on as i know longer need my Ipod thanks to the Z10). They are a bit pricier, but you know you are getting quality that will last forever. I'd rather buy that and spend more knowing it will last a long time.


Why there is no mounts for a phone in a case?


There are, http://www.proclipusa.com/phone-holders/device/blackberry/z10/medium-uni... if you look this is an adjustable one so that if you have a soft shell or transformer case. This one will hold but of course it will not fit like a glove like the others ones will.


Unfortunately not available in Europe even though Brodit is Swedish :/


I have this installed in my new 2013 CX-5. Here is my video of me installing my device.


I love my ProClip and I live in Canada and it shipped fast and my device is solid when using it now.


Will this work with the Flipcase

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Much better products.

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Not better than proclip.


Got a charging holder for my Z10 a couple of months ago and it does hold the phone very securely

My only complaint is that I have to take the phone out its case every time I put it in the holder. The fit is too tight for any sort of case I think.

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This is what I've been waiting for.....

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John Pawling

Wow. Large screen on that BlackBerry. Is that a Z20?

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I've got one for the Z10. Yes, it's expensive, but worth every penny, IMO.

Bill Lesler

Are there any good Car Dock apps available for the Z10?


I mean no offense - but $75 for adashboard mount? Really? For $75 it better massage my shoulders as I drive (PG-13 version, no mounting double entendres today).


Just ordered one for my VW and Z10 :)

Excited to get it!!!


The Q10 looks hot.

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I like seeing this on some of the mount descriptions:
"Designed and manufactured in Sweden."

I don't mind shelling out some extra cash for something that's not Chinese junk with a lifetime measured in minutes.


Ordered mine. I think you get what you pay for.

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In this case you certainly do.


Looks like a very well-built product. It's a buy for sure.

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Come on guys it's a great price $34.99 but wait really? $20 for delivery? Sorry no can do :(

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I'm sorry, just looked at the installation instructions.. am I nuts or are they suggesting mounting this to your car's dash with self tapping screws????????

Yeah.. from the ZED on CB10


No, the self tapping screws mount the device holder to the vehicle mount. No screws go into the dash. It's a two part system - you buy the specific vehicle mount for your car then you buy the specific device mount for your phone. I've had the same car mount in my 2005 accord for six years and just replaced the device mounts as I bought new devices. It's the best mounting solution I've ever tried. Anyhow, I don't think any of the car mounts actually use screws to attach to the car. Mine is wedged between two dash panels and has a little two sided tape. Looks great. Will be ordering the Q10 mount the day I get my Q10!


Makes me wonder if BB10 has the old OS7 Smart Accessories features built in. When I had my 9930 and mounted into my vehicle ProClip mount, the mount was classified as a "smart accessory" by BB, meaning the phone would automatically recognize it was plugged into the car mount and activate a profile. I had it set to turn off wifi, turn on bluetooth and gps. Haven't seen anything about BB10 having this feature. Proclip was the only manufacturer I ever found that included this BB Smart Accessory technology in it's products.


10% off code is BBLIVE13

Enter where AC number is requested at check out screen.


Wish they made mounts for the Mazda 5.


looks good


omega supreme

Get a GripGo for 15 bucks... holds just about any size phone, with or without a case...stick and unstick it anywhere. arm and head are adjustable.

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