CrackBerry Live: PriceCheck Mobile - Winners of the app of the year award

By Bla1ze on 16 May 2013 03:56 pm EDT

After the announcement of the BlackBerry Achievement Award winners, PriceCheck Mobile, who took home the app of the year award swung by CrackBerry Live to give us a walkthrough of their offerings. Andre W. de Wet, General Manager, PriceCheck guided us through it all and explained why their app is doing so well in South Africa, possible expansion plans and and winning the BlackBerry Achievement Awards. If you're not familiar with PriceCheck, give the video a look and if you're interested in grabbing the app, the link is below for you all.

Download PriceCheck Mobile for BlackBerry 10

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CrackBerry Live: PriceCheck Mobile - Winners of the app of the year award


I saw the review too. I was surprised that it doesn't have at least a four star rating. I haven't read the criteria for winning the award but I like the idea of this app.

Doesn't work on the Q10 apparently. Or Canada? But I'm guessing it's because it's the Q. I've already paid and bought a couple cool apps that have been showcased on Crackberry Live. Unfortunately, it seems this one, for now, won't be one of them. The reviews on here don't make it sound great either.

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Decided to download and try it since it won app of the year. It did not recognize any bar codes that I scanned. Oh well...

They are South African, so may not be optimized for your area.
If you look at the video, you will see that items are priced in South African Rand (R).
Not sure if this app should be usable elsewhere. ...well for now.

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Specific for SA barcodes. Maybe that why it doesn't scan. I have no problems with scanning. Think developers need access to international bar codes sets to support international sets.

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These apps kill small businesses. People walk into a store, scan the barcode on the item they want and then order it from an online retailer. With shipping, the price may well end up being higher than the price on the shelf, but the app doesn't show that. And now businesses are trying to get around these apps by placing their own barcodes over the labels or simply not posting prices.

I wish CB would have chosen a more useful and ethical app.

How can an app specific to one region of the world get a prestigious honor such as app on the year?! It's not even a 5 star app in BlackBerry World!

What's the criteria here.....pull your name out of a hat and you win?!

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Unless you live in South Africa or other regions of Africa mentioned, it will not work for you.

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Proudly South African! Well done manne! I've had the app for a long time, even on my Torch. Brilliant. To the those complaining, it is a SA app and is not meant for international use. Great opportunity for devs out there to create something similar for your region. Proudly South African!

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Oh, didn't realize it was only supposed to work in SA. Maybe the description on BlackBerry World should not say "PriceCheck, anything, anywhere."

This app might work well here in South Africa, but it looks like an iOS app, what the hell? If you're looking for a better African-developed app then WayTag is a real contender.

What's with the closed-eye photos on many of these posts? Do you guys need a tutorial on how to use Time Shift? (tm)

It's funny because the review of the app on the app world is horrible. I wonder how they got crowned the "app of the year"

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