CrackBerry Live Podcast: Talking BlackBerry A10, 9720, Verizon OS 10.1 and more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2013 01:40 pm EDT

We're long overdue for a CrackBerry podcast, but we're happy to say that today is the day! We're hoping to make them much more regular so we won't have such a crazy gap between them from now on. Today we're talking about BlackBerry A10 we've seen so much of lately as well as the rumored 9720. We'll throw in a bit of Q5, Q10 and give a shout out to the Verizon users still waiting on OS 10.1. Come join us!

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CrackBerry Live Podcast: Talking BlackBerry A10, 9720, Verizon OS 10.1 and more!


Was going to get the A10, but may have to wait as just got my second Z10 as my first one died, let's hope it lasts longer than 6 months.

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That's just it I did nothing, I've also noticed the Web browser freezes a lot, it did in my dead Z10 and does in my brand new Z10 also.

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Kevin and Crackberry Nation -

Remember when there was an analyst who was excoriated for saying that "more BB10 phones were being returned than purchased" ???

Thor went after him with the "New and Improved" BlackBerry legal team.

What if that analyst was, at least, partially correct?

I have had 7 BlackBerry devices (currently have a Z10, Playbook and Bold 9900) being like, many of you, a "BlackBerry Diehard" - I was not afraid to learn how to use a Z10, especially, after being acclimated to it vis a vis my Playbook.


Before you all go all "Tim Cook going after analysts when asked about an iPhone with a larger screen" on me... Hear me out.

I went to my local ATT store yesterday to ask how the Q10 is selling ... response "ok" but a number of people are bringing them back because they don't like the "gestures" and "lack of a track pad".... hmmm.

I believe that this is a major reason why I lost a lot of money on my BBRY stock last quarter.

People are either "too lazy", "too stupid" to learn BB10 - the guy from BGR said it took him "4 days to learn how to 'swipe up' on the Z10"... I do not jest.

Now couple this with the stigma that BlackBerry phones have without "must have apps" and the sale of a BlackBerry device becomes very complicated ... some people are, literally, "scared" of the verbal abuse they will take if they own a BlackBerry device.

What is BlackBerry doing to teach people how to use BB10 so that they don't become frustrated and either don't consider the phone or bring them back?

This needs to be answered or the pain will continue... and commercials with dudes sliding through mud "ain't gonna get it done"...

Yeah the salesman tried talking me out of BlackBerry. I told him to fuck off. Coming from Canada, canadian distributors should be pushing BlackBerry on ppl not turn them to some phone made in China or Korea.

@ Notcho - Sales representatives at carriers all over the United States are trying to "talk people out of considering BlackBerry"... the thing that surprises me is that Frank Boulben (sp?) waxed so elegantly about his understanding of the importance of carrier support on the floor of these stores and I just do not see it...

What am I missing?

+1 I personally witnessed a saleswoman at my local Verizon store trying to talk a woman out of buying a new Q10

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@ TD - I don't doubt it for a minute... the really "sad part" is that the CEO of VZ really sounded like they were going to support BB10 phones in the stores, but he cannot control the kids who work at these stores who have become iTards and Droid fans... they won't even give BlackBerry phones a chance... much less show people how to use them... that would feel way too much like WORK...

Let's face it. The OS10 is not intuitive on first touch. Those first 5 seconds in one's hand can make or break the sale. It can be frustrating when one has to swipe in some situstions and hit the arrow on bottom left other in others. Worse if the thing gets switched to landscape, so then up is now left or right.

Without a compelling reason to learn this new interface. People won't. The only really compelling reason is for business security with BES.

BlackBerry may have to add a home spot somewhere on the screen if they want people to buy. People want that.

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There's a first time user tutorial and a help app. Follow those it's really not that hard... if hard at all.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

> There's a first time user tutorial and a help app [for potential customers].

With due respect, I went into a number of telecom stores and major retail stores, and given the bad treatment, I would not be interested in BlackBerry Z10/Q10 if I was not a BB fan already:

I purposely walked into major telecom stores and retail stores here in Asia, when they see I'm interested in BlackBerry, they actually *walked*away*, and I had to purposely call them back to ask them how to use this device.

Potential BlackBerry buyers don't know the navigation gestures, in fact they don't even know how to get to the "Home" screen. No navigation means they can't access that user tutorial and help app (even if they know if it's there). The sales representatives were less than helpful.

And some major retail stores had dummy Z10 models on sales shelf (this was in June 2013), and when I asked for a working Z10 model, it was not charged up so cannot give to me to try out!
I did such market visits regularly; this lack of charged modes was a regular occurrence.

Are BlackBerry local offices doing any spot checks / market visits at all?

No wonder BB10 sales are bad !

Well I guess people will have trouble with iOS7, Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox, and Jolla OS bc they all have learning curves too.

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BlackBerry must have an aggressive advertising campaign with the launch of the A10. That needs to sell the benefits of the device and of the user interface. That will take cash out of their bank so they have to get it right.

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BlackBerry needs to "Advertise" that getting over the initial trepidation of using a device without a "home screen" is worth the "learning curve"...

That will be a "neat trick" if they can pull that off....

Even in the enterprise.... Executives don't want to hear their people bitchin about their new BlackBerry phones with no "home or back" buttons....

This BB10 - which is fantastic on my Z10 - may be "too complicated" for the commoners....

Oh, and BTW - the "native Storybook app" on BB10 "ROCKS".... learn how to use it if you haven't already and go show your slick home made in 30 seconds video to someone - that's the kind of "stuff" that will get people re interested in BlackBerry....

Blaze you mentioned that you haven't had to preform a battery pull.

Sadly I cannot say the same thing. I was BBM open and contacts open. Bother were locked and HUB was locked as well. Got to the point I couldn't even make a phone call or a screen shot. Nothing left but to pull the battery.

I'm still on the fence with the removal battery issue based on things like this and that a battery never even gets me close to through the day.

Hope BlackBerry males the right moves

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Simon Sage, I disagree with you regarding people content or ignorant about OS 10.1. I think there are many of us out there whom are not willing to "side load" a leaked OS and feel strongly about Verizon's obligation to do the right thing and support the phone they have sold. Just because we are tired of promising and false posts on Crackberry (such as Blaze's post a couple weeks back) and not responding to them, we are still out here and still frustrated with the long wait. Your attitude is what Verizon is hoping for. The pressure needs to be put on Verizon to conform with all other carriers world wide.

regarding the android app player.

All its really done has shown me a glimpse into the world of a REAL selection of apps. Except they work like crap. Basically has shown me what im missing by not having an android phone without having to purchase the android phone.

My next phone will probably be my frist android, just to give it a try. Gotta keep life interesting

what a great frickin' podcast you guys thanks ! I still don't understand what is the issue allowing the dark theme on the z10.. I find that bizarre to me regardless of which phone is better for the black why can't it just be available.

I am 81 years old and have no problem learning my Blackberry Z10. When I have a problem. There are excellent tutorials on Google. It just takes a little patient. Anyone there can read can learn to use a Blackberry smartphone.
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I'm feel sorry for anyone who's still stuck on 10.0. 10.1 polishes much of the BlackBerry 10 experience and 10.2 looks to take it up to the next level. We in south east Asia have had the 10.1 since the launch of q10 end of may thereabouts.

About the A10. I've read many articles and comments on it, here at crackberry as well as other tech sites and financial analyst's opinions.

I understand the use of dual core rather than quad or Octo but I don't get why the camera and resolution is not upgraded.

If it really is a communication/social media and gaming tool. It should pack a spanking great camera for the facebookers and instagrammers as well as a great screen for gaming.

The iphone 5s or 6 will be very similarly specced. Quad core GPU et all. So I can't see the angle here.

Z10 was definitely ahead of iphone 5 in terms of spec in every sense. Q10 is the best qwerty keyboard phone. What about the A10? I recall Thor was very excited about the launch of this phone earlier this year.

So what is it? Nokia goes photog focused, apple is cool with itunes, google has price and range, BlackBerry has gone gaming focused?

I hope we're in for a surprise.

10 exclusive A10 only games from the big game developers would do the trick. Show the power of quad core phone gaming and take everyone by surprise. Also making the A10 and subsequently blackberry the "cool" phone to have again.

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Better yet. Bundle those 8-10 games together with the phone giving each exclusive developer a cut of A10 sales so to speak. The cost of hardware has to be reduced where possible thus why A10 is specced so and also to ensure affordability to the younger market. That would make everyone pay attention to BlackBerry.

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@ Q10Nut - Here is a "scary thought" - maybe Thor and his crew don't really know how to "skate to where the puck is going". Don't you think they should have seen that the big screen on the Galaxy S3 was "eating iPhone for lunch"???

And if that were the case, shouldn't the A10 been the first touchscreen phone they came out with?

Followed by the Q10.....

These guys aren't even "catching up" with what they are bringing out... and they better get the A10 out this fall to capture any market share from iTards looking for a "bigger screen" before AAPL wakes up and gives them one...

I still feel the 720p screen vs 1080p screen is going to hurt the A10 more than help it.

It depends how good it looks in action, if it still looks really good despite being "only" 720p and the battery life is huge then it might turn out to be a good decision assuming that they can present the right message which is not something they have been good enough at doing so far.

What happens to CrackBerry if BlackBerry ends up belly up in the next 12-36 months? It seems that you smartly grew this community to include all OS manufacturers. Does Team CrackBerry have personal backup/contingency plans or will you each just roll over to iOS/Android coverage?

I agree with the comment people have patience with BlackBerry Z10. I'm a diehard BlackBerry user. I won my in May, still adjusting to somethings. I still love it!

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