CrackBerry LIVE Podcast Getting Recorded Tomorrow (Thursday March 10th) at 2pm EST!

CrackBerry Podcast LIVE!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2011 01:09 pm EST

Requests for us to do up a LIVE podcast here on CrackBerry have been coming in since.. well.. since we recorded our first podcast back on February 11th, 2008. After three years of fighting it, I'm finally giving in and tomorrow we'll be doing our first live show. It'll be audio only (with a chat room so you can all talk amongst yourselves and ask us questions, tell us to stay on topic, etc.) and you'll be able to find the live podcast right here as the top story on the CrackBerry blogs.

Consider this is a pilot episode, and I'm sure we'll run into some bugs, but if all goes as planned we'll start broadcasting at 2pm EST. If you can't make it for the live recording, we'll of course make the show available as a download later in the day. It's all good.  

It'll be a CrackBerry party tomorrow! And in case you were wondering, it is BYOBB (Bring Your Own BlackBerry)!  Talk to you guys soon...

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CrackBerry LIVE Podcast Getting Recorded Tomorrow (Thursday March 10th) at 2pm EST!


Not kind of it IS a live broadcast! No video thou, just audio, and a chatroom. Didn't you read the blog?

I love you guys! I do. I've been listening to the Podcasts since I joined Crckberry 2 years ago this month. BUT you can't build a good relationship without diagreements every now and then. I think a 2PM podcast is the wrong decision. I mean, you can't expect that many listeners including myself, who are busy around that time at work and such. I listen to ALL the podcasts here and I'll probably listen to the recorded version when it's posted but COME ON!! Although Crackberry owns my browser home page and is loved by 2.8 million people including myself, sometimes you have to take your opponents ideas and utilize those ideas against them! Live Video Podcasts at NIGHT. Just trying to help :)

And even if it can't be done for personal reasons I still love you guys!

I guess that also means no Craig. He's the only one to call Kevin out when he makes up how something technical works. To be the voice of CrackBerry, Kevin usually explains things like an iPhone user. (iPhone users are for the most part technologically challenged) :) Seriously though all razzing aside, where would CrackBerry be without all of Kevin's insider leaks and insight into the future of BlackBerry. If it weren't for his constant cheering and excitement for the future of all things RIM, I would have most likely left long ago. Everyone of the host's speaks to a certain percentage of the audience, and I get the most out of a show when Kevin and Craig are on together with the rest of the crew. At the end of every show Kevin asks the other hosts when would be a good time to do the show, and every time Craig says something to the effect that he works a real job during the day. How is it that so many of the shows are early? If Craig has to be MIA someone needs to be on during the day in his absence that doesn't mind saying "WTF are you talking about Kevin? Of course they can make 10" sheets of glass for screens but the issue is the LCD behind the glass." Perhaps Adam, Bla1ze, or Dave could step up to the plate.

Kevin. Ive been a huge fan of yours for about 2 years. I'll be there. How long will it be? I get home from school at like 2:30ish. I dont wanna miss it =(

I'm taking my lunch break late to record. Damn I'm dedicated! :-)
As Duke Nukem would say. "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outa gum!".