CrackBerry Live Podcast - State of the BlackBerry Nation - Listen Live Right Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jun 2011 02:11 pm EDT

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CrackBerry Live Podcast - State of the BlackBerry Nation - Listen Live Right Now!


RIM wil have a very tough times to go. People are currently switching, even the bb addicts and lovers. Al the excuses given by the CEO's doens't make sense.
They are the reason why the company is in the position were they at now. They thought their weir kings that can't beat off their thrown. Well CEO's, I got something new for you:

Maybe you two were also a sleep and didn't see the news in the Middle East, their kings thought also that nobody will trow them off their thrown and were safe. Now their asses get kicked and also for them its TOO LATE!

This is because my fellow friends, you don't wont to listen and see what people want. just like the people in the middle east. And when people dont get what they want, they come in rebellion my friends, just as we no come in rebellion. And you and your company ( you as kings and you administrations/ right hands ) is now in danger!

I don't think constantly running RIM down on this site is helpful. Playbook owners need to be patient for updates. People wanting new phones needs to be patient too. We all know these things are coming. RIM have too much to lose not to make these things happen. Everyone else can sod off somewhwere else

Thats way they get far behind my friend, because they are not interested in what their folks are saying. Your opinion i dont care either cause you can't do anything with it, Rim may can do something with the feedback

Try the next time not be personal offended, I target Rim not you :)

The overall market is not patient. The sixth largest shareholder in RIMM just unloaded half their shares, and reported they will completely back out of the company. They think that RiM upper management are "resting on their laurels".

Take a listen to the conference call. Over and over they mentioned their history. It will take them nearly another year for their "superphone" to be launched, at which point the marketing power of MicroSoft and Nokia will be pushing Windows Phone 7. History will not sell more phones, because people want innovation. Most of what we know of the near future product line is evolutionary products.

To take a lesson from Apple, when they were down, the products were technically better than most of the competition, but they couldn't gain any ground, despite being a profitable company. This looks very familiar to the situation RiM is in today. If they cannot move beyond being a me-too phone maker, then they will fair no better than LG or Motorola.

I'm throwing my joke of a phone (torch) into the sea once this contract ends and never looking RIM's way again. The fact that a torch 2 is coming out with specs that shld have been in torch 1 and with an os that could easily be ported down for my torch 1 but isn't, just pisses me off.

I think once RIM migrates its platform to QNX, they need to consider letting 3rd party hardware developers. ie HTC and such. That'll give them more coverage in the hardware spectrum.

That's a really good Point, but the real strength in QNX is how it operates. It's going to be a Multi-tasking Juggernaut. That alone is what has me excited.

Sweet podcast hopefully y'all keep it. At this point in BlackBerry history it is what it is! Posting this podcast would be a great way to stop the sugarcoating!