CrackBerry Podcast: BlackBerry Z30, 9720 and BBRY news galore!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2013 02:47 pm EDT

We haven't quite kept on our new podcast schedule, but since Kevin is fresh off his vacation we're taking some time to catch up today. We've got plenty to talk about including the BlackBerry Z30, 9720 and Q5 as well as the recent OS 10.2 leaks. Most importantly we'll be chatting about all of the recent new regarding BlackBerry looking exploring the possibility of a partnership or even going up for sale. 

Come join us!

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CrackBerry Podcast: BlackBerry Z30, 9720 and BBRY news galore!


I agree but only because I feel like everything ends up being a number race... in a year will we be at the Z90 and Q77? If we get another Bold will it be the Bold 1000? Will that be confusing since its not a BB10 phone?!
its just madness.... Same with the Q5 I feel its too confusing. Z10 Q10 A10 and Q5 should be like C10 for curve/colours

Yup, this is why they should have gone with a simpler naming convention. I know they were trying to capture the essence of the whole branding with "BlackBerry 10" but, it would have been easier to just call it the BlackBerry Z, then the next one could have been called the BlackBerry Z II and so on...

Now we don't know if the next model will be called BlackBerry Z11, BlackBerry Z20 or whatever...

If you didn't join at the start you have to wait till they are done and you can watch it after...but not live.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Actually looks like Facebook owns Chatroll,boy, did I get suckered in.Tried to unsubscribe,they tell me to go to the top of the page click settings and cancel my membership,sounds easy ,except ,there are no settings.I hate Facebook.

In the "Real World".... does not seem like many people care that the Z10 has "superior SPECS", on many fronts, over the iPhone 5...

People don't care... Except the media who looks for a reason to bash BlackBerry...

In the United States - carriers are not supporting, nor have they been for quite a while, supporting BlackBerry phones, sales people try to talk people out of buying BlackBerry phones, people try BB10 phones at these stores - without any help - and become frustrated because it is not intuitive to not have a "home button" and they put it down - or worse yet - return the phone if they buy one.....

This launch has been a "Fail" on so many fronts and you guys are sitting around, seeming confused, about what is going on.... Frank Boulben "talked a great game, upon being hired, that he knew how to work the "carriers"...

And it won't get better - with the approach thus far.....

Love my Z10.... Can't wait to upgrade to Z30 - hope BlackBerry is "still around"....

But, hey, these BlackBerry executives will all get "paid" if they sell the company - so why should they give a whip about you guys, me, or CrackBerry Nation as a whole.....

Iphone and Samsung are pouring huge financial incentives to basically control the carriers and media. They use this means to BlackBerry bash non stop. I honestly think BlackBerry could advertise till the cows come home and it would not make a difference. What they need to do is get these phones in the hands of people for more than 30 seconds, with a bad sales rep saying "see its no good.....come see the iphone." But how? The really only way is through government and corporate distribution where security is an issue and incentives to current BlackBerry users to stay with BlackBerry and BB10. I made my 2 boys stay with BlackBerry and upgrade to the z10, even though they wanted an iphone and my daughter went from a BlackBerry legacy device to iphone. I offered the boys iphones if after a month they did not like the z10. They love them. They would never give up the hub, let alone the other great features. It was my own testing ground, and bb10 beats the iphone hands down. But you have to it first. It's not love at first site. It takes a day!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

problem is, BlackBerry could throw their entire $3bn into advertising just in the usa, and its all for nothing when the customer says `can I get my Netflix, Instagram etc on here` and the answer is no.

People use apps, doesn't matter what your perspective is, the reality is they do, so you either go with the flow or things get tough. The PlayBook was criticised for (amongst other thiings) a lack of the `top` 3rd party apps, 2 years later and BB10 launches. that's 2 years to read and digest those reviews and act on them. that didn't happen.

I'd like to see female staff members in your Podcasts (namely Alicia Erlich and Michelle Haag) Thanks.

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...

If app gap gets solved then the whole situation gets totally changed and everyone will be wanting a BlackBerry :)

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Good job on this Hang out. Maybe a bit long. I think more analysis is needed of the consumer market. Has demand "peaked"? What does this imply? What about corporate needs versus consumer needs? Why is BlackBerry so dysfunctional in many areas? How can they be so fragmented on phones, rollout of software etc. How can they price so uncompetitively? What prevents them from spending a billion on the app gap? Why is management so distant from its market? How can they really think that a for sale sign will not kill sales. Uncertainty always kills.

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I would gladly, as an early adopter of the Z10. Pay no more than 200 to upgrade to the Z30. However if it were called the A30 I would not, as an early adopter of the Z10, feel like I was missing out. Weird huh. Still think it will be too big for me. LOVE my Z10!

You didn't talk anything about their enterprise business or did I miss something. Peter Misek has always said that he doesn't care about Blackberry's hardware and phone business. Any thoughts to share?

Amazon seems like the best option but it takes two to tango:

Amazon or Kindle Fire Phone (if they take out the BB brand) would be front & center on every Amazon page worldwide. Don't get hung up on the phone name. Amazon in the prefix would generate sales to consumers where BB in the US is struggling mightily.
Blackberry Tablet Lives - Kindle BB with best Kindle reading experience and the BB10 apps (gets away from supporting google rev stream)
Amazon can provide BB10 with books, music, videos, cloud storage a more complete ecosystem right out of the box for BB (puts BB on similar footing to Google and Apple). Heck they could add Amazon mail & calendar if they want to go toe to toe with Google, Apple MSFT in comm/collab apps.
BES 10 moves to AWS Cloud MDM solution (Amazon can buy Airwatch or Mobile Iron to consolidate industry)
BBs are still being heavily used in the supply chain (trucks, trains, boats, mfg, etc) Amazon could offer logistics solutions built on BB10, BES and QNX. Improves their channels and the channels of their partners
Massively Expanded App Ecosystem (Amazon can create massive traffic here overnight) see above
Strong US brand where they are weak

Thanks. Nothing is every this clean but the synergies are they if they look. The real issue is with all the opportunities in front of Amazon will this one pass the ROI test.

I found the discussions very interesting. A couple of observations. It seems you folks have a general sense that the big selling problem for BlackBerry is a lack of apps. Fine, I understand your point there. That's an impediment to growth on the consumer side of the business. Generally though it seems most of you feel that a preferred buyer would br Cisco or IBM or some company of that ilk. That suggests going whole hog with the enterprise side of the business. Sounds like you folks think it might time for BlackBerry to hold the line with consumers. Realistic but disappointing at the same time.

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If Misek is right about production cuts, it means BES 10 is not driving 0S 10 device upgrades and that is not good.

Misek was wrong about the production increase. I think he's wrong about production decrease. Unless he's talking about BB7 devices then it all makes perfect sense.

Windows Phone have not so many apps to, just a little more than BlackBerry. No official Instagram app for example. I think Blackberrys problem is marketing.

what worries me is enterprise BES 10 adoption and enterprise OS 10 device sales. I note on BB's website, 48 pages of "Why I am returning to my bold 9900"!!!!

I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and IOS soon after the announcement ages ago. BBM is also likely to be DOA post launch in IOS and Android. God help Blackberry. Crackberry team should really get this answer from Blackberry team as to what takes them forever to launch BBM on IOS and Android? There are so many small app developers whose speed is a lot lot faster than Blackberry. Shame on you team Blackberry!!!