CrackBerry Live Podcast: BlackBerry Live 2013 Wednesday Edition

By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2013 12:49 am EDT

Hail, hail the gang's all here!

For Wednesday night we played our cards right and managed to get everyone from the CrackBerry team that is here in Orlando on to the podcast. Kevin, Bla1ze and I were joined by two James', Alicia, DJ, Simon and Brian to talk about everything that went down at BlackBerry Live on Wednesday. In addition we got to know each of the CB writers a bit more. 

Since we had a good 24 hours to ponder things a bit we also recapped much of what was announced during the keynote and everyone got a chance to pitch in their thoughts. 

Even our good friend Rene Ritchie had his time under the lights as he showed us the new Google Hangout app for iOS and what it means for cross-platform BBM

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CrackBerry Live Podcast: BlackBerry Live 2013 Wednesday Edition


Cross platform BBM, just f ing wonderful. So I have to get an I pad or android tablet to use BBM. Why no mention of BBM for my freaking PlayBook ?

Posted via CB10

Wtf are you smoking... I have bbm on my playbook. Drink some koolaid and be happy like the rest of us

Posted via CB10

It was great to finally see Alicia, DJ and James on a CrackBerry podcast - more please :)

Interesting how both BlackBerry and Google haven't announced their cross-platform solutions for Windows phone...

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

Embarrassing cringe moments. Crackberry guys (sans James) you may know a lot about phones.... but really. Maybe setup headquarters in the UK or something and get to know that there is something going on outside North America. You may want to do that before you do another podcast. No wonder James couldn't wait to run away as far as possible.

Kevin and James hooked up. Kevin needed a safe word. Then Kevin swapped in Rene for James. Mark this one as X-rated.

So is anyone on the CB team going to find out what the deal is with the PlayBook and BB10 while you have all of the major BlackBerry brass around, and provide CB members an update, or are you just going to let BlackBerry get away with ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room? If a fracking iPhone or Android phone gets BBM before the PlayBook then that shows what level of respect BlackBerry has for the original adopters of QNX! Seems like CrackBerry is ignoring this issue and the Instagram threads like the plague (and no side loading a leaked app doesn't count as official).

LOL - Kev ask does it gives you delivered or read notifications? looks complicated? c'mon Kev, stop being such a BB fan boy and give credit.

James accent is a hard challenge for me as a non native english listener, lol.
To be honest, i understand every single word from the others with ease, but James... sometimes i need to listen twice. But its a good training.

Adam and Bla1ze add nothing to these podcasts. Kevin, please for the love of God, show the rest of the CB crew some more love. I would much rather listen to James, Simon, DJ, Alicia over those two any day.

Adam kicking DJ and James off the stage to make room for Alicia and Brain just made me laugh.