CrackBerry Live Podcast: BlackBerry Live 2013 Tuesday Edition

Kevin, Blaze, Adam, and Simon run through a busy, busy day at BlackBerry Live 2013. Get comfy and start listening!

By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 09:18 pm EDT

The first official day of BlackBerry Live 2013 (and our second in Orlando) kicked off with a bang - a big general session ripe with announcements. A new device, new apps, new initiatives, and a reinvigorated attitude from BlackBerry. Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and Simon run through all of the news while trying to stay on topic, not go obnoxiously long and thereby irritate our insanely patient producer, John Pozadzides.

The BlackBerry Q5, gets lots of attention, but the big news was BBM going cross-platform. We touch on BES 10.1, and give a solid bird's eye view of the show's biggest day and how BlackBerry is evolving. There's still plenty of stuff happening throughout the rest of the week. Tomorrow we'll get more of the CrackBerry crew on the show, including the Two James', Alicia, and DJ. Stick around! This party ain't over yet!

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CrackBerry Live Podcast: BlackBerry Live 2013 Tuesday Edition


Great coverage today... loved it! I hope Crackberry ride this wave to great heights alongside BlackBerry ... well done everyone!

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Had a chance to have the feed on during the day while Crackberry was recording these videos and I just have to say it was very professionally done.

I can see Crackberry TV in your future.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I think you guys were the patient ones, to put up with all of John's interruptions! lol

Seriously though, it was a good time. Kevin, Bla1ze, Adam & Simon, thanks for answering so many of our questions.

Great video, but way to completely gloss over the Q10 US delay...and basically say "tough shit" to all the American fans and consumers. Thanks guys

Wow. Camera dude this is every fucking post you write!

The American market is important however they needed to show traction and momentum so the dipshit technology bloggers / lazy financial analysts have something to write about other than 'no lineups like apple and there isn't 4000 note taking apps'

But whatever... you've heard this message already and it's been awhile so... First. Maybe quicksilver could kick some sense into you. After the loss Beantown for his team he's probably a little choked and going to kick some ass. That loss was total BS...

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It's amazing all the different theories I'm getting for the delays (part of my motivation for these constant, OCD style comments) and I think your analysis here is off, but point taken (and I'm burned out with this anyway).

BBM cross platform will be great - i'll talk to my android friends more.
WhatsApp sucks... i tried it, and died inside.

awesome day. Too much fun even for somebody following via my z10 and then PC. My z10 took a beating today. with the live keynote, live blog, a 300mb OS update, none stop refreshing. I think I charged it twice. and left it on a charger for atleast 4 hours lol.

Its on the charger again.

BlackBerry channel is like wechat and wechat is also a great alternative to whatsapp. (especially in asia)

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It's good to hear at least one of the"Crackettes" to balance out the male Crackers on the team. we need a female perspective for the nation too. Alicia and Michelle should be on the podcasts too.

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I agree! lol

I'm not in Orlando, but I hang out in the chat keeping things in line. And DJ and Alicia will hopefully be on tomorrow, as they are both there this year. :)

lol @bla1ze , I definitely remember the BlackBerry Live invitations saying "business casual".
What happened bla1ze? It looks like you just walked off the beach. ha hah ha

Just for some clarification, in the video it's mentioned the Q5 will be 2100mAh's. It's been earlier reported to be 2180mAh. (my source)

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Let's talk: BlackBerry PlayBook! Why is Crackberry not mentioning the lack of official news regarding BB10 hitting the PlayBook anywhere? Let's have something on that! ....please!

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BlackBerry should make iOS/Android versions of some of their other apps in addition to BBM (Maps, Travel come to mind). They should do it to challenge themselves against the best the industry has to offer. Steel sharpens steel, and if they are to succeed they'll need to be competitive w/the best Google and Apple have to offer anyway, so why not prove it head to head? I think Google shows a lot of confidence when it brings Maps, Now, etc. to other platforms - even its biggest rival iOS. PLUS - it's harder to hate Google even if you're not an Android user because you ARE a Google search/maps/etc.. user.