CrackBerry Live Podcast Episode 100: BBM for Android and iOS, BlackBerry Z30 and more!

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2013 03:12 pm EDT

We're doing this one quick and dirty to cover all the hot news today. We're talking Z30, BBM on Android/iPhone and the news about company layoffs. Join the chat below!


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CrackBerry Live Podcast Episode 100: BBM for Android and iOS, BlackBerry Z30 and more!


I loved blackberry devices,but I surprised when I bought z10... I got problem made me sick

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Just throwing this out there...wouldn't a big reason the Z30 isn't out in Canada and US same as UK and Middle East because of carrier testing of 10.2??

Clearly carriers haven't approved 10.2 as it won't be out until middle October to how could these companies launch a phone using 10.3 when they are still working on approving it? if it's approved for Z30, wouldn't it be out a week later on Z10, Q10 and Q5??

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Wow BlackBerry catches no breaks. Word on the street is 40 percent of BlackBerry work force will be laid off by the end of the year. Love the Z and im routing for BlackBerry but man its getting bad

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Word on the street is screaming headlines. Word inside is that this 40% is over time -- since 2012. Morons in the media just like people to read their stuff.

Do these podcasts get made as 'podcasts' anymore? I've been trying to download 98, 99 and 100 to my device but they aren't available.

I not going to over think what I basically do not know. As a Blackberry user and fan I am happy to see the new phone and to have an update on BBM.

Holy crap Kevin! You're initial "Welcome!!" almost blew my ear drums in my headphones! lol :)

Come on now. On the job layoffs I do not buy the retooling argument. Sure many are connected to the old os. But where do you find ones connected to the new? These employees should know BlackBerry the best. Its biggest problem is delivery. This is about reduction before sale or restructuring. To be expected. I hope Google buys and merges with Motorola. Soon. Keep BlackBerry alive.

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I think it's just that they previously had two full ecosystem teams (e.g.: BBOS / BB10, Desktop Manager / BlackBerry Link, Facebook legacy / Facebook BB10, 9720 / Z30, etc...).

Now they no longer need two independent teams as support for the legacy BlackBerry ecosystem and hardware goes away.

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The RSS feed for this podcast is broken since episode 97. I can't listen to it with nobex radio. Please fix it.

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Anybody know why these podcasts are not showing up on my Z10 Podcast App? Last one that shows up is #97...anyone w the same prob?

Just heard from someone in Waterloo that BlackBerry told their employees yesterday that they were laying off 40% of staff.
This is from a very reliable source.

Thanks.. I always enjoy the podcasts.. and hopefully they will be more frequent.... How about bringing James Richardson from CrackBerry U.K. for a visit.. he is always fun

There is only one problem with Blackberry. Apps! not enough of them. The everday ones. (BofA, Key Ring etc.) The phones work and work great. You don't need to compare phones, the BB are just as good or probably better then the others. Users want apps, not a great phone that works with no apps. How do you get a new user to BB when there is a lack of apps? (i'm talking OS10) How do you compare BB to Apple or Android? When BB doesn't how half the apps the other two have. I had more apps on my 9930 and 9850. I love the Z10 but sometimes wish I still had one of my OS7.1 phones. BlackBerry is losing customers and won't get new ones without having more everyday apps.
P.S. I've never had another smartphone other then BB and I've had four of them.

In our small business Blackberry eases work and flows quickly. The large Z30 would make doing business easier, since I am a senior.

You need to start looking for a new job, cause Blackberry is going to die very soon, and I think is for the best, the company sucks! The new phones are worthless in this times and the app store is a bad joke.

The worst part is when you need to upgrade the software of your phone, you need to be a genius to upgrade to latest version. And the version of BBM for Android and Iphone? Not on time as usual.

Is for the best, bye bye BB. Only the staff at crackberry is going to miss you.