CrackBerry Live Podcast 104: BlackBerry Z30 review, BBM, Jam Asia and BBRY news galore!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Oct 2013 08:50 am EDT

I am finally back from my travels so we're firing up the CrackBerry podcast to kick off your Friday. Adam, Bla1ze and Simon will be joining me on this one and we'll be talking about all the latest news. Simon will fill us in on Jam Asia and the BlackBerry Z30. We'll also be talking about all the BBRY dealings lately (there's a ton of news!) as well as BBM (where is it?!). 

Join us live at 10am ET as we kick things off. 


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CrackBerry Live Podcast 104: BlackBerry Z30 review, BBM, Jam Asia and BBRY news galore!


*idea* should add a feature to the cb app to add a reminder to the calendar app for events like this

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This is going to be the best podcast ever! I work up early just to shower and shave and put on a shirt for it! :)

10 am ET, 9am CT, 7am PT. Early, we know.. but it's a busy day! You can always tune into the replay.

Let's hope so. Would be nice to see you revitalized, since the last couple of podcasts you've looked so weather-worn to admit you're still a BlackBerry fan :)

Hi Kevin,

Totally irrelevant question however can you please tell me the model number and brand of extended monitor visible in the picture. I am looking for similar Sharpe monitor for my mac book extension. Thanks. @shiv_softengg

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Looking forward to it Kevin. And I haven't forgot about the BES blog article. Just had to get thru an Oktoberfest I run in Ottawa.

Have a good Thanksgiving all my fellow Canadians! - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

My apologies. Podcast kept crashing on my WIFI connection. As a results of this I discovered my band speed was severely impaired. Cable provider is coming out to repair in the next 24 hours. I have been suffering with this for months and did not even know I had this problem until today. I thought my devices were to blame. Thanks CB for helping me figure out the this horribly annoying problem.

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Hey I have a Z10 but I wanna upgrade to either a Q10 or a Z30. I like keyboards but u also like big screens, so which one???????????????

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envious at Simon and Adams. The keyboard on the Z30 should be better then one on the Z10 for sure. One-handed usage will be compromise as soon as you go beyond 4.2 inch screen.

Mike has been out of the lime light long enough for a smart person like him to reflect. I think he's ready but he needs to surround himself with a good team a professionals.

It was early here my time, I enjoy seeing the smile on the faces of the group. Z30 is a smartphone, I will like to invest some money in. I like the big screen, and the antenna feature and other specs of it. I would like to see more of the BBchannel and how one can set it up to channel business ads and RSS feeds. BBM4All, that am still waiting.. That is if it will ever get launched. In short, the Podcast was lively. Let's keep CrackBerry on the map. :)