CrackBerry Live Podcast 102: Live from KOREA talking BBM launch weekend, future of BlackBerry, CrackBerry and more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2013 09:42 am EDT

Wow. What a CRAZY weekend. We had the team out in force on Saturday waiting for BBM for Android but unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned. Things are a bit of a jumble right now but we're hoping they all get cleared up quickly. We know there are a lot of questions so we're firing up a quick hangout to talk about everything that went down and what happens from here. And oh yeah, I'm recording this one from a hotel room in Korea... just landed a few hours ago after a 14 hour flight.


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CrackBerry Live Podcast 102: Live from KOREA talking BBM launch weekend, future of BlackBerry, CrackBerry and more!


So many people want bbm.... just wake up people and switch to the Mercedes of phones... when will the sheep wake up??

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Sarcastically, if so many people want BBM, they should just go into any store and pick up a Blackberry Z10 phone for $0.00 dollars. Heck, Blackberry might actually pay them to use the phone - it's not like anyone else is buying them.

Jaja, very smart comment. I dont knows why there are a lot of people talking about how bad is blackberry but they dont say anything smart. They just say crap.

   CNBC had just posted BlackBerry was being sold to Fairfax Financial

Shares of BlackBerry were halted at 1:23 pm EST for news pending. The beleaguered technology company's shares were down 5.6 percent for the day before the halt.

This story is developing. Please check back for further updates.

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just what I need! A podcast first thing Monday morning so I can be distracted from all the work I need to do.... thanks Kevin! lol

BBM where are you????? Thorsten must have you hidden in a cave with him!

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That's racist. Just because it's legal, doesn't make it common practice.

Beastiality is legal in some American states, doesn't mean I'm boning your mom.

wake up..

that's not racist, I have a friend in Korea whose neighbor barbecue's dog every weekend. I asked why and was told that it is a aphrodisiac. I then asked how common it was told that its readily available anywhere you go. Personally I find it sick but then again different strokes for different folks ( i.e. you wanting to bone you own mom ). in a lot of countries people abort women, now that's racist, yet its obviously far more common then anyone cares to admit. In Canada its illegal to give the results of gender on an ultra sound until the fetus is to old to abort. So as you can see the world is a beautiful place filled with really beautiful people (NOT!!)

Wake up so I can attend your morning Klan meeting?

Your sample size of N=1 is expansive.

(You didn't like my burn about your mom?)


Your mom gave me Herpes :( Everyone stay away from his mom and pay for a better, clean one.

The botch of the BBM launch begs the question "Are the soon to be much richer Dirtball Executives demonstrating their continued incompetence or is this planned to further lower the price of BlackBerry for sale of the company"???

Frank and Thor Must Go...

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They are trying to lower the stock for the sale.....BB is done at the hands of greedy executives.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I give them 90 days
They f'ed up the cross platform BBM release. They are killing value daily.

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Kevin, how come none of the podcasts have been showing up in my Podcasts app since episode 97 (both audio and video feeds)? It would be nice to be able to use my podcast app as opposed to converting the youtube video and moving it to my phone. Thanks.

Why was there "ZERO" commercials of the Z30 release?? Where is the attempt by BBRY to maintain current loyalty???

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It looks like Nortel all over again...complete incompetence on behalf of BOD and management!!!!!

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It seems like the only BlackBerry supporters in North America are on CrackBerry...otherwise there would have 25 million BB10 devices sold. Or is it that BB10 phones don't have a trackpad and crappy cut/paste? Unbelievable that only a pittance of 70 million users upgraded to BB10. BlackBerry users can blame BlackBerry but they should also BLAME THEMSELVES!!!!!!

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Kevin, try to persuade Koreans to use BB10. I think I'm the only one who have a BB10 here. Last year I saw some of my officemates still have the bold but after that I think they are all gone!

I'm super discontent. I've used nothing but blackberry for the last 8 years. I'm not the most technical fella; however I enjoy communication with BlackBerry products. With all the BS going on it seems my next device maybe manufactured from a different company and have a different OS. I'm not ready for that. :(

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Yup, stole the words right of my mouth!!! ? becomes which one????

I think most of crackberry nation has had that thought cross their mind over the past couple of days, if they were honest.

Apple just sold 9M phones on opening weekend. I don't mean to be negative but it looks like Apple is picking up the slack for BlackBerry's misfortunes. They made a couple of mistakes since the launch or several months before the launch of BB10 and they are paying for it now. Earnings report says it all. They didn't have the apps at launch, the hardware needed to be better and software was missing some things at launch. I bet they wish they had spent a little more money in the beginning and they might not be where they are at the moment. I'm such a big BlackBerry fan. Wish they had to go over board on all of the above issues so I could of reaped the best of BlackBerry that I know they are but now I have to listen to everyone say I told you that they wouldn't survive. So sad, I wish them the best and will always buy their phones as long as they are available. Wish them luck because it seems like to many people want them to fail. They don't know what they are missing. Maybe they need some new decision makers.

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^^ Imagine how many of those 9M people were actually excited to download BBM on their shiny new iPhones.

Hey Kevin, the Podtrapper app hasn't picked up any podcast since 097. Did I miss something??

As I was saying during the podcast.. kevin should be the new CEO of the company he have a heart for all of us.. as BlackBerry fan I am really disappointed, they should have planned it well 4 months is enough!

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Not the CEO.... the marketing director. .. of course that would be the end of leaked info because he'd be under NDA for everything

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Unfortunately the writing was on the wall and now those words are being highlighted. I have been a Blackberry fan since 2004 and a user since 2007. I am bummed about the possibility of having to use IOS or android. Wanted to see this dire strait turn for the positive....just seems like every turn falls short.

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I hope BlackBerry management start to realize why their products fail all the time even though their products are top nut. If they keep fail to deliver on time like they have promised, so or later more and more people will move away from BlackBerry. I think management must replaced! Too much failure products release!

1.1 million is trivial compared to the installed user base. Let's just wait and see how many acutally adopt it and how happy they are with the performance and limited feature set.

Exactly!! They lost 10 million subscribers in about the past year so there should have been no problems with 1.1 million users on BBM.

Hey guys, messages were getting to the tester iPhone at HQ (same one as the stress test) until late last week. The messaging was broken saturday morning... odd

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The tester iPhones were probably routing through the beta servers. They changed that for the production release. So registering Saturday went through the prod servers and was not propagated through to the beta servers so people using beta software cannot see the newly registered users.

Chris, Kevin, Adam...

Why does BlackBerry "need" BBM to be launched, or have something "positive" to say by the earnings call?

If Mike Lazaridis is getting together with Prem and some other Canadidan "insiders" - their objective would be to get the company "as cheap as possible"... Only if they were selling to a third party would they give a crap about BBM working well to be an attractive asset.


Why is the crew in Korea!? Do they know something about a new partner or something?

Galaxy Berry 10!!! I'd buy a 10 inch Samsung Blackberry playbook.

I think BBRY should not have worded the prosumer message like they did.
They should have said they were still going after the consumer market but that the consumer who would most likely want the product were the prosumers who want a well designed OS with stability, multi-tasking and security. They could have said that they will continue to try to get as many apps developed for the system as possible but that at this point in time, the ecosystem will appeal more to those for whom messaging and the above OS points are of main importance.

I begged to be on the Android and iOS betas: I have multiple CrackBerry IDs and am in the BB10 beta programmes and would have been able to provide a lot of feedback (having worked in QA for years) but I didn't hear a peep. There comes a point where they should have an open beta but they didn't. THAT'S a fail.

Uh oh....Blackberry shares halted again today Monday Sept 23rd 2013. Did they find a buyer?????? hmmm... I I guess we shall see soon enough.

Hot off the press!!!!!!! Fairfax offering $9 a share for Blackberry!!! at a 4.7 billion valuation. Take the deal!!!!!!!

I'm getting a bit tired of all these. BlackBerry is a great company, manufactures a great phone & the Os is great.

I think it's the best in the market. Well usually the company with the best technology must die, when will BlackBerry die? Please go bankrupt fast. That's what everybody wants anyway. Please faster faster die will you.

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Blackerry could announce they're going out of business and never releasing anything ever again and Kevin will find a way to put a positive spin on it.

BlackBerry management has Fairfax are playing dirty tricks under the table here.

The $9 target was set long time ago when the stock was trading at above $10 a share. Imagine when the stock price is $10, how can BBRY release buyout deal saying $9 a share?

So, the dirty tricks made this happen. The management leaked the rumor of layoff and inventory issue a week ago, then TH confirms it on Friday to drove the share price down. But it was just down to $8.50 which is not low enough for him to say selling the company at $9. So last weekend, BBRY purposely delays the BBM release saying a leaked version caused issue. This helps to drove share price further down on Monday.

Then in Monday afternoon, TH release $9 buyout LOI, saying Fairfax paying premium for this.

The whole thing is a dirty setup and conspiracy.

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