CrackBerry Live Podcast 101: Billion dollar losses, massive layoffs and a step away from consumer hardware

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 05:44 pm EDT

It's been a crazy day today to say the least. While the Apple fans were out in droves, we were hard at work covering all that is BlackBerry. Some big happenings late in the day, so join us for a quick one as we go over all the things that went down today.


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CrackBerry Live Podcast 101: Billion dollar losses, massive layoffs and a step away from consumer hardware


What are "Kevin and the Boys" going to do when BlackBerry goes BK and CrackBerry goes "belly up"? I wonder if there will be people somewhere who will be "happy to hear about the larger round of job cuts at CrackBerry"....

The way Heins contract is structured, that he stands to earn 50 mill to sell BBRY is fishy. If he was chosen to revives BBRY the contract will be based on performance related bonus. The fact that is it is based on selling the company is IMO, suspicious..
How can they lay off 7000+ people hard working honeat people then give 50 mill to this goon, i don't understand..
That 50 mill can be used to sustain the company wage bill for a long time..
Heins is a banker, we know how these people works.. they don't care a bit about others well being, as long as they can swell their own pocket...

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The reason is that his primary job as CEO is to create value for Shareholders. Blackberry was already in dire straights when he took the CEO job and the stock was in free fall. If he manages to negotiate a sale of the company that allows shareholders to recoup some of their losses or to profit, then he has succeeded. If Blackberry 10 were to have been successful, that would be another way for him to be successful. The founders were too close to the business to react quickly to the changing marketplace and were too proud to consider selling the company - shareholders fired them.

The CEO is always answerable to shareholders, and those shareholders aren't happy.

The force in Bbry is still strong... I hope they don't turn to the dark side and join forces with evil that will break up the company...

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To be honest the only way this company can be saved is the following.

Hire the guys who are doing this Podcast to run this company.

10 BBRY NOV13 10C ISE Limit 0.57 USD - Executed 36321233 21:52:52
Sell 700 BBRY Nasdaq National Market Limit 8.40 USD - Executed 36321191 21:48:15
Sell 300 BBRY Nasdaq National Market Limit 8.40 USD - Executed 36321191 21:48:16

Why do people see this news and say "thats it I'm switching to an [insert android/ios phone here]" ???
If BB goes under the phones will still be phones. And since they (often claim) already bought a Z10 or Q10 they are not hurting the company further. People are F'en stupid.

I think it's probably because they've lost faith in the company and/or are afraid that their phone won't be supported with updates and apps and such. Can you really blame them?
I'm still going to use my Z10 but just hearing that the Z30 is going to be the last consumer phone is pretty sad news to me (if it is true).

Who is willing to buy apps if they know there won't be new phones? If you are investing a few hundred bucks for all the apps you really want, you also want at least the illusion of infinite support, and the possibility to take them with you to your next BB10 phone. That's the problem.

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I think it's like when a couple divorces and one keeps the house... They might stay for a bit due to kids and school or whatever, but it will always keep those sad/bitter feelings fresh... so they try to move ASAP despite the fact that the house still provides adequate shelter.

It is cathartic... It is moving on to the flowery fields and sunny beaches.

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i think the issue is that this will be dead platform like playbook. no new apps, no updates etc. having said that i do not think blackberry will go belly up. i think blackberry is about to become a much smaller company and it will exit consumer market in USA. it will stay in Canada and other countries where Blackberry is still popular and does well like in Indonesia.

I actually love my Z10 coming from droid/wp. After the first update the phone has been flawless and my favorite smartphone I've ever had. Sad to think I'll have t switch back some day.

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Apple had to do huge layoffs to survive many years ago. It did and so must BlackBerry. Don't be surprised to see more layoffs as the company tries to conserve cash while trying to stabilize. BlackBerry is not dead yet, it is fighting to survive.

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I guess you forgot about the fact that Microsoft saved their behind, only days away from bankruptcy.

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Yes they did loose alot of consumers at the time! But the big difference here is that Apple had Microsoft to keep them afloat and they had Steve Jobs that came back! Bringing Lazaridis back or Balsillie... lol that wont save nobody even less BBRY

Correct, but I see ALL the parallells between what Apple is doing "now" to what RIM did 6 - 7 years ago. They were swimming on success, growing like crazy and the "CRACK" berry.
Apple have stopped innovating AND continue to A) dictate terms and other factors to consumers as well as carriers, and B) shove THEIR vision of what devices need and will contain - or don't - down consumers' throats.

PRECISELY how the RIM of old used to operate.

I'll predict that - unless Apple change their ways drastically, and soon at that - that MANY users will become disenchanted with the devices and platform and could find itself in a similar position in 5-7 years also.

Between now & then, they may still lose plenty of users.
Unfortunately, that's not going to help the current BlackBerry in the near future.

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving.

Apple apple. What about samesung they have grown larger and faster than BBRY and APPL.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

"Don't be surprised to see more layoffs ".

Good point. This layoff is good news and bad news. Good news is that they finally realized they have too many bozos. Bad news they are still keeping some. To get rid of all the bozos the need to cut at least 3000 more.

Guys, BlackBerry is moving back to their mode of operation when they were thriving. Remember when you couldn't really get a BlackBerry and it was a exclusive product? But you did everything you could to track it down and buy one? That's where they're going I think.

Although, I'll forever been wondering what those 2 cancelled devices were...... Still want a Q30... :(

Isn't one of the 'cancelled' devices the Z10?.. or does re-tiering (or whatever they termed it) mean they just call it affordable and sell it cheaper (without any changes to it)?

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BlackBerry will definitely die... I'm sry to say that...but a billion is not few!
It's 1/5 to 1/6 of BBRY value..

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It was a write down in inventory and not actually cash. The lost is in accounting terms. They will slash the Z10 prices further

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Right now blackberry worth the company cash plus the valor of the patents, if somone would delisted the company can do at a discounted price that could be +50% of the stock price right now.

BlackBerry is in a tough position but they are trying to be smart in what they do with the company. It could be a slight advantage if they halt on phones for a few and concentrate on the current ones they have and make them even better with software updates. They have the developers to do it.

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I agree with you. The phones they have are fine. A keyboard, a regular sized touchscreen, a large touchscreen, and a "budget" phone. They just need to advertise and make them better.

They're not stepping away from consumer hardware because consumers may still buy their hardware while they focus on enterprise. Okay? Okay. Just because they're refocusing on enterprise doesn't mean consumers will be barred from choosing to purchase BlackBerry devices. Before BlackBerry was even considered for mass consumption (before the pearl) consumers were fully "allowed" to buy a BlackBerry if they chose to do so.

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well, thats what we hope but mostly consumers doesn't want a device that its company will not focusing on it by trying to get the biggest apps!
if BlackBerry is focusing on enterprise that means less consumers to buy new BB phones and big apps that we were waiting for are not coming.

A BlackBerry built is a BlackBerry built, who buys it is whoever wants to, regardless of BlackBerry's "focus"...

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Right there with you oak. BlackBerry became Tazer today... Specialty product.

Oak, am I being "too harsh" when I say that BlackBerry's "main purpose" right now is to get a "cheap price for Prem to buy it" and for Thor, Frank, Kristian and the "App Dork" to all get their "Golden Shower Parachute Bonuses" when they sell the company - when, in fact, many of the people who are about to be laid off, probably, did a much better job - at their job - then these incompetent executives?

And that, due to, the rather laisse faire attitude that Canadians, including the CrackBerry Team, have taken during this disaster - that Canada "deserves" to be humiliated and disgraced, again, by the loss of another "Once Great Canadian Company"...

Your thoughts...

Interesting points though I disagree about TH, I believe he's a competent CEO who makes tough decisions that others in his shoes wouldn't.

"Too late to dump stock position now."

If it's headed for $3, or $1, or zero it's certainly not too late.

Never fall in love with a stock; I learned that lesson years ago from experience.

There is no way around it...this is bad news, no matter how we slice it and dice it!

The terrible lack of promotion, marketing and brand awareness is slowly but surely killing one of the best user platforms. BB10 and the accompanying devices, the Z10, Q10 and Q5 and now the Z30 are at least on par and surely above any other OS and devices now on the market .

For me the weakness still remains at the top. Heins and Co. need to exit BlackBerry really fast and really soon if this company is to have any chances of survival.

As I said before, the ones at the top screw up and the ones at the bottom are left to pick up the dog turds!

PS Don't worry about poor Mr. Heins...his really warped and unrealistic good-bye package should cushion his hurt feelings!

Thorsten Heins is in charge of thousands of employees and his failure will net him $55.4 million dollars, the President of the United States is responsible for 300 million people but his salary is lower than what an NBA player makes in a month...and an airline pilot in the US oftentimes has to have a second job just to stay above the poverty line...hmmm...

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@ ado - Why has the Board of Directors not fired any of these "incompetent BlackBerry executives" during this destruction? Doesn't a failing baseball team throw the hitting coach, waterboy or some other son of a bitch "under the bus" during a season - "much less worse than this has been for a while"???

Probably because they have their heads too far up their asses to see and realize what is going on. They still think Thorsten Heins is the greatest thing since the flushing toilette was invented...and besides more to the point, they really don't give a shit since they'll also be handsomely rewarded for their failure.

Honestly even trying to be optimistic is not a choice anymore at this point. I'm just counting the days until my Z10 becomes a very expensive paperweight! Just getting ready for another nutshot...since I've already got one earlier this year with the a consumer I seriously don't know how many more hits I can take. I want to stick around but it is hard to be inspired when the people in charge of this company seem to be less interested in its survival than its clients...

If I had money I would seriously contemplate moving on from BlackBerry as soon as possible...suddenly these Nokia Windows Phones don't look soo bad...but for now the Z10 it is...

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Maybe it had nothing to do with the current leadership. It was a little to late when Mr Heins took over. It was the co-Chief (why the hell would you have two CEO's) and miss calculated the iPhone impact...

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If there's an executive even worse than Heins, it's the current p)resident of the United States. And dopes like him are NOT responsible for me or anybody I know.

Wow...I don't really know how to answer to that if that is what you believe...I'd try to give you a history lesson but what would be the point...

Just to put things into perspective, when Obama came to power his sad and pathetic inheritance from that fucknut Bush and his fucktard band of Republicans and shit headed neo-cons was two wars, a country heavily in debt, the largest mortgage crisis ever, a crashing financial system, a crashing real estate market a dismal economy and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression! The last president that faced something similar was Franklin Delano Roosevelt...

The US is not where it should be and Obama didn't pan out to be the great saviour everyone expected (big surprise) , but your country could be much, much worse off! Pull your head out of your own arse and look beyond your own country at the rest of the world. Other countries would love to be whereby I are and have a leader like Obama!

Why don't you ask people living in Syria right now what they think about this...

Besides a lot of the problema come from an ignorant citizenry that has become disengaged, lethargic, ignorant and completely apathetic to be what is happening in their own country, a people who care more about Miley Cyrus twerking at the MVA's and the new IPhone than the fact that the average wage now lower than 20 years ago...

Why don't you ask people living in Syria right now what they think about this...

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LOL...I just pressed "post" before I had time to edit that and correct the other typos and spelling mistakes...

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The reactionary hard right wing has had more to do with the slow recovery in the US than Obama's supposed failings.

Too bad about BlackBerry. Great product but piss poor marketing. No buzz at all for the slickest OS on the market. Maybe hiring a German who doesn't really get the North American head space was the coupe de grace.

They should have got the team that did the marketing for Obombya during the election, to do the marketing for BB10. Didn't they win two grand prix awards?

Something is weird is going on.... why release bbm cross platform now unless you plan on sticking around.

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May have already been stated, however these moves are classic "getting ready to sell". Package it all up to make it look nice and attractive. Wish it wasn't true.

I don't know his name - the chubby guy in tight Tshirts with the remake of Journey songs and could not get instagram, Netflix and other "marquee apps" to come to BlackBerry - what is his name..... he is another one on a "milk carton" for quite a while like Thor....

what is his name?

Alec Saunders. I think he and his teams' days are numbered. With no focus on consumers, why bother with developers relations?

They have done all they could but still could not bring Instagram and Netflix. Now BBRY are pretty much leaving consumer market, how are they going to convince devs to develop for the platform? What would their role be if there are not going to be many developers? They did a great job overall upping the app count and developer interest but the company direction is changing based on today's announcement.

Anyone could be on the chopping block. Dev relations is about helping developers. What happens when the company is targeting enterprise and prosumers? In fact, what are prosumers when it comes to smartphones?

It doesn't look good. Love my Z10 but like Windows Phone or their RT tablet, massive write down. Plus I haven't seen tier 1 brand apps in many months. I am ok supporting small app guys but that mass consumer fears being behind the eight ball. They want instagram and the other usual bullshit.

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And now with stock prices dropping by 16%, I think the writing is on the wall. It's game over.

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Sad about blackberry letting go its people's! The CEO should take a pay cut for the one's who made blackberry what it is today!! 4500 really!!

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I will continue to use a BlackBerry as long as the company and phones are being produced. I will use a phone from any company that partners, licenses the os or buys the company and uses the core security features that BlackBerry provides. I am not an average consumer. I am a prosumer and professional who requires and demands security in my communication devices. The current consumer devices are sorely lacking in this department. Already there is a hack to bypass the lock screen and fingerprint scanner on the iPhone and over 70% of all mobile malware is Android directed. Enough said. I am not a lamb or a sheep. I want and demand security.

BlackBerry is dying because of the us carriers. There must be some anticompetitive agreement between Apple and Google and the carriers. I am not trying to be a conspiracy theorist but doesn't it look like it.

You walk into a Verizon or AT&T store and you see no shelf space at all for their device. While at the same time the CEO's of each company says they are dedicated to seeing BlackBerry survive. Why?

The os is clearly superior to the iPhone and Android os and yet the device is failing. Why?

The os of iPhone and Android are nothing special. The majority of people I talk to don't like their phones (they start off saying how great they are then start complaining about their shortfalls) and are constantly switching between these two devices. Why?

Developers aren't developing for BlackBerry. Even after great incentives to do so. Why? Major companies are refusing to release apps on the BlackBerry. Think Netflix. Why? Could it be due to financial kick backs?

It makes no sense to me. It is very unfortunate. However, I remain optimistic in the face of skepticism and pessimism that BlackBerry will be ok, in some form and will continue to develop and produce a quality product.

The population buying these have no clue that they are being watched and monitored. Does anyone really believe that Google would give away the os and not want something in return? Apple also?

Again, BlackBerry will survive in some shape or form. I will continue to purchase any product with the BlackBerry core.

Just my two cents.

BlackBerry is not secure. They have been hacked by the NSA. If you think BlackBerry can sell based on security, you're crazy. BlackBerry didn't sell because they are arrogant and not competitive. Considering consumers stupid who don't like your phone will not increase sales. Business school 101- it's not the consumers' fault the product doesn't sell; it's the company's fault.

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Not true. The qnx software is the most stable system out there. The nsa "hacked" txt messages and phone calls not the os. People on mdm had no problems.

I don't disagree about the shortsightedness of the previous management at all. They made big mistakes. I have been following this company for 10 years and I own the stock, I am disgusted with some of the decisions they made but the platform is MUCH better than the others.

I have the same questions, and who know if it's not NSA again getting these US companies to 'cooperate' to drive BlackBerry out of business so US can take control of BlackBerry's secured system so no one can hide from them.

I know why BlackBerry is doing this, its very very very sad when I knew that Z30 will be the last BlackBerry device for consumers (with the worst launching!!).

I'm pretty sure that BlackBerry is planning to do this before even launching BB10, thats what made them to announce BBM for Android and IOS before even Q10 goes to market.
Q10 supposed to help them (If they ever wanted to complete in consumer market as we thought), But announcing BBM to other platforms made all consumers to wait for BBM instead of buying Q10 or even Z10.

It's kind of strange why did BlackBerry launch BB10 and 4 devices since they are planing to not continue ?

at the beginning of this year 2013, BGR and TheVerge said that BlackBerry is going to focus on enterprise and they knew that via there sorces and now it seems they were tottaly right but we just ignored them.

I won't be surprised IF BlackBerry announced BBM Inc. as a other company.

I still love BlackBerry But I still think they shouldn't release all these devices and let people buy it since they are planning to not continue in consumer market.

And about Z30 ? I couldn't understand it !

Why do people keep saying they are not planning on continuing? They will focus on corporate and government and professionals but they have not given up. They need to resize, stabilize, get out if the (bad) news cycle.

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I feel like someone just punch me I. My heart.

I don't want any other platform I just want BlackBerry to do better :(

My z10 is almost perfect smh.

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Fire the execs, epic failure and a shame they let all their employees go. Especially marketing execs, they should feel ashamed for their failure.

However, all their recent moves and devaluing for the massive loss this quarter should lower the price for a sale.

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Perfect time for prima to take over blackberry, stocks are low, products are solid, but unfortunately undermarketed. I agree with the other person that believes US carriers were paid off, or bought out, pledging their support only to sap blackberry's money, and in the end not even providing display space. I think BlackBerry should become patent trolls, screw apple and android. I'm still believing blackberry will survive and thrive.

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Thank you. A gentlemanly comment. BlackBerry should absolutely fight anyone on a patent. Imessage is so blatant, what's app also. BBM IS the gold standard in IM hands down.

If they leave consumer market can we still special order like Q11 from the company site?

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Today's news are good and bad. Good that they are finally getting rid of more bozos. Bad news is that they are still keeping some. To get rid all of the bozos and to return to profitability, they need to cut at least 3000 more. NOTE: the best blackberry was made when there were about 4000 employee. The best growth period of BB was when there were only 2000.

Prosumers are people who like high end products. They are saying they are not trying to compete with Android in the lower end market, even though they are going to provide a couple entry level phones.
Prosumers will be less likely to want Netflix.
They are targeting people who their product best fits (they don't have a choice). Adults and business people who are interested in high quality phones and not especially interested in apps.

But that's no different to the "Hyperconnected" user they have claimed to be targeting since January.

They have already been targeting those who will buy premium phones by overpricing the Z10, Q10 and Q5 and have already not been targeting consumers by not releasing an entry level BB10 phone.

That strategy isn't selling enough phones compared to how many they have manufactured. All BlackBerry is doing is coming up with the word "prosumer" as an excuse for producing tiny amounts of phones in future so at least they won't have to keep writing down unsold inventory. There is no grand strategy change coming other than manufacture less, sell less but stop losing money. It's a step in the right direction but they should have learned this from the PlayBook disaster and had this approach from the start.

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For any Canadian who is rooting for BlackBerry to fail (like me long ago)you may want to rethink that. BlackBerry going down is actually very bad for Canada. Sad for all BlackBerry fans worldwide as well.

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BlackBerry is in a very unique situation. Since they were at one time such a household name, it's big news when they fail. In reality, they are still a viable business... remember what Mark Twain said about the rumours of his death.

They've got a foothold in every business that has ever had a blackberry, they will focus on turning those BES licenses into BED10 MDM licenses. This is a huge and yet untapped growth opportunity.

As for the devices? Who knows. They probably should have skinned Android when they had the chance. I love the BB10 experience, as most of us here do, but the fact remains that BlackBerry can't sell millions of devices a quarter without all of the apps that normal people seem to care about.

BlackBerry will be fine, and private equity will make it even better, since they won't have to report negative news quarter after quarter as they go through their recovery.

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I think the real problem is the marketing team... they really screwed up and we are seeing employees lose their jobs for no fault of their...

Secondly they priced the phones way too high even in markets which were not going to afford them...

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One of the things I rarely hear about, is the REAL reason the corporations are not re-adding BB to their offered, or required devices. BES10 is a mess! The wall street firms (like mine) have still not been successful getting BES10 to work, like the old BES. What good is a Q10 or Z10, if there is no back end corporate support! The last I heard from our IT dept, ATT was the only service that got it working partly, and syncing with their BES10 server infrastructure. Remember when BB said they would get back their historical Corporate business? Well, they have shot themselves in the foot over this. BTW, even on Crackberry, I hear people getting confused between BES10 and BB10. BES10 is required, to use BB10 devices through secure corporate networks. Supposedly, it also supports the older ≤ OS7 devices. What devices our company still has (which are few out of a former 5000+) are still on OS6 or 7. They are all switching to iOS, or Android, with MobileIron security.

I don't think it is a BES10 issue. Some of the CDN Fi's (like RBC) have it fully rolled out and it is a great experience. It's more the reluctance of IT departments and upper management that is causing the delays. A BlackBerry on BES10 is far more functional and has more opportunity that a device on Good/Mobile Iron.

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My company has implemented BES10 and activated BB10 devices for employees since the summer, and I haven't heard any issues from IT.

So are the 4 devices already out? Q5 & Z10 = entry level, Z30 & Q10 = high end? So, that's it for now?

I'm confused about the timeline and how the PlayBook 'delayed' the BB7 phones? I bought my 9810 pretty much a year to the day after buying my 9800.

What delayed BB10 was the flip-of-a-coin decision to try to build touch OS onto BBOS5 (the Storm) rather than just keep their head down and start from scratch, under pressure from Verizon... in retrospect the right answer might have been "We've got nothin... yet"... but that's a harder thing to say in the moment than it is 5 years later.

Don't forget that they developed the playbook OS on top of QNX by using adobe air. This took a lot of effort. Then they decided to ditch adobe and go with cascades. Which required a complete rewrite of the whole thing. They then decided to have dev alpha devices based on TI OMAP, like the playbook, but the actual devices were based on a qualcomm platform. And the Z10 ended up having both OMAP and qualcomm chips in different regions. It is not trivial or cheap to develop and properly test al this hardware and software, and the software had to be changed and optimized for each. Piling bad decisions on top of bad decisions sure didn't help them. But hindsight is 20/20 and there is nothing they can do now.

This Dirk guy or whatshisname annoyed me during the whole podcast with his wannabe-funny comments. Please, do not bring him to any of the future podcasts.

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so when he says a step away from consumer hardware. . .what does that mean exactly?

Sorry I have caught the tail end of this and have seen that news anywhere. Thanks.

I've forecast $6-$8 a share for next week for the past month or two. Ever since the announcement of the sale. Because the announcement two weeks before the end of the quarter indicated sales were poor.

This is not a BlackBerry only problem. Apple may get a slight blip from the iMorons buying iPhone 5S (sorry Kevin), and so they won't suffer to the extent of BlackBerry, but the fact is that the market is now saturated for premium smartphones, and so the market consists of people upgrading their phones - a significant reduction in volumes from previous years which has meant major carriers have missed sales targets for Apple.

Couple that with the rise of sub $100 Android phones, and BlackBerry is caught in a vice grip between the lower and premium end of the market.

In addition, only Samsung continues to innovate in this space. The new Note 3 for example, has significant additional sensors and features from either BlackBerry or Apple phones.

Combine that with the minimum sales contracts between Apple and major carriers that meant Verizon and AT&T refused to sell Z10 and Q10 devices unless you demanded the devices and you end up with todays announcement.

The good news is that BlackBerry is about to reduce costs to where they should have been for the past two years. The Verizon/Apple contracts appear to have run their course, so Verizon may well push the Z30. And BBM is about to go global. Lets hope todays announcement doesn't cripple the chances for BBM. And there's a billion dollars worth of Z10 phones that can now be sold at knock down prices to the carriers - who will no doubt suddenly start pushing the phones.

In addition BlackBerry has BES10, which if they ever get their act together could carve a niche in the MDM market.

But most importantly, BlackBerry has the major patents for Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC). For most of us this means nothing. But for those of us using RSA tokens to sign onto our corporate systems or anyone using HTTPS to connect to a secure site it will mean something before long because the RSA algorithm is apparently compromised.

In fact, these patents are so valuable it is rumoured the US government may not allow the patents to be enforced in the usual manner. Either way it has to be worth a fortune to BlackBerry.

It's all a question of timing. If the price falls a dollar or two more I think we can safely assume that the company will be taken private.

And it's pretty convenient that BlackBerry took the $1 billion inventory charge for product that has only been in the channels for a couple of months. This seems very early to take such a charge. And that charge results in the big loss that has caused the price drop today and reduced the corporations value by 20%. Coincidentally making it easier to arrange a buyout.

Honestly... all this news... plus the fact that my playbook just up and died on me... makes me so sad :( I hope BlackBerry survives. I plan on using my Z10 til the bitter end but I see all the nice new phones coming out... with all the nice apps... getting tired of sideloading... I feel myself wavering. I'm just so sad...

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It's hard for BlackBerry or any company to survive without apps. It's not all about hardware like it use to be. However I feel bb10 is one of the better platform that has not been given a chance..


Maybe the way BlackBerry is going survive the app problem is to keep updating the Android runtime so at least devs can develop for Android and BB10 at the same time.

I remember similar comments about Apple before Microsoft saved their ass. BlackBerry has BBM and it has a solid niche business. From that it can grow, if it has the wit to play to its strengths and learn from it Mistakes. And an investor sure wouldn't hurt.

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Count me as a "prosumer" (whatever that is). I'll gladly carry a Blackberry to get work done, and a second phone (Android most likely) as a secondary device; actually, I'm sort of already doing that. If Blackberry stops making phones, the world goes on and I'll switch to another platform, but I hope they will continue to make business centric devices with best-in-class communication and productivity.

Around 42:00 in, I think I heard Kevin suggest that BB should build a BB10 phone with hard buttons and a TrackPad? Well, you could knock me over with a feather... unless I misunderstood.

...and come on, Derek... comments that imply that a full slab touchscreen is more "advanced" than a BB10 device with hard buttons and a TrackPad make as as much sense as saying that TouchScreen PCs are "more advanced" than using a mouse... It's a new paradigm and has it's uses, but if you wanna see people scream give them Windows 8 PCs without a mouse and keyboard and tell them it's more "advanced" and if they don't want it they are stunted and can't "move on". Being efficient is out of style now? Well, I do declay-ah!

I guess you guys will be joining the vast numbers of former Blackberry owners like myself on an Android forum. I need to say that this is totally the fault of no one but RIM themselves. What killed this company was that awful tablet they tried to develop a few years back. At the time I was pining for RIM to come out with the phones that we are just NOW seeing. If they had, this would be a very different day. Instead, they put ALL their eggs in the basket of that POS tablet while spending little or nothing on handset/smartphone development. Meanwhile, Apple and especially Samsung poured everything they had into developing state of art and beyond smartphones. By the time RIM woke up to this, it was way too little, way too late. Yes, the new line of phones may be nice or whatever, but no one wants them or even knows how to want them. As a former BB owner and member of this site, I feel really, really bad and pissed off at RIM for screwing this up so badly.

The problem was that it was at the time that Android phones were advancing in leaps and bounds, while many of us former BB users were waiting , waiting, waiting for something new. RIM could have skipped that step or at least develop in parallel similar to Samsung instead of coming out with the BB10 2 YEARS LATE causing the company to crash and burn. The BB tablet was actually a crap shoot that came up snake-eyes and here we are having this conversation.

T Heins once said that iPhone was obsolete cause of the way u always had to go home to open a new app. Then he said tablets time had come and gone. It seems like hos time has come and gone. He may be. Good administrator to cut or preserve shareholders cash. Bit he's not an inventor. He has no feel or vision of the new technologies evolving and he has no idea what consumers want. Ad long as he is running the show the curtain will continue to fall. I see no in cling of any one at BlackBerry who has what it takes to turn the company around.
And the reason people are leaving BlackBerry in frustration is cause who wants to invest hundreds of dollars and a 3 year Contract on a dying platform where there r no apps and probably no support coming in the near future.
At this point I deeply regret getting my z10.

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A billion dollar asset write down is not the same thing as a billion dollar loss.

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The irony is they may have a chance with the prosumers- could have happened with the z30 but too lite on the specs and messaging.

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Does not help BlackBerry when Crackberry try to drive them even deeper into the ground. Let how we can get some better support from some where else.

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There is something really fishy in this entire press release. They recognized number of devices shipped earlier in the previous quarter. Now, it seems they are changing to number of devices shipped and sold. The actual number of devices sold are 5.7 million. Obviously, this is going to reduce the numbers for this quarter. It seems this stupid management wants to drive the price down intentionally so that someone buys the company and they get the hefty severance package. Also, I don't see the reason to write down the entire inventory for Z10 in one quarter to make the numbers look that bad. It's all about how the management gets paid and unfortunately the stupid board has structured it in such a way that the management gets rewarded for driving Blackberry to dust. What a fu*kig shame. Mr Heins should be put behind bars for this crime.

I think Blackberry shouldn't market its phones as smartphones but focus on values instead. I for one don't want to use an iPhone or Android phone because I want to work and be productive. Check and answer emails or use my browser to do work. I don't want to spend all my time everyday playing apps, or sharing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I want to work and I want a phone that would help me to work and not distract me from doing it. I think that BlackBerry should work on making people realize that apps aren't all that important. We need a phone that would help us be more productive because we all need to work harder these days. So BlackBerry shouldn't focus on getting apps like Instagram to work on BB10 but create apps that will help people work and create.

I don't know. I just want people to realize that it's not all about the apps and it's not good to be too dependent on them even if millions of people are online Facebooking or Tweeting everyday.


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Blackberry isn't going anywhere. It will evolve into a different form than everyone is familiar with, but remember... most people have short memories. Apple and Samsung's entire mobile business is built around this fact.

If more people played chess or Raumschach, they might figure out what's actually going on.

Up until now, I've been really optimistic. Whether it be BBM or something else, I just hope we having something that keeps BlackBerry afloat in the software services.

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Plan A did not work as planned. We thought BlackBerry owners of legacy devices would upgrade, at least. Why didn't they? No apps, perception of risk? BlackBerry does not appear to know it's consumers well. Plan B or C needs to be thoughtful. With this announcement, BlackBerry is ready for sale and rebirth. But to what? They need a vision. For me prosumer is not it. For me it is more simple: perfect the art and science of communicating while still having the best browser. Strengthen links and ease of grabbing android apps. Stay in good quality hardware.

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To think of it. Now give out z10 to all PlayBook owners. With BlackBerry bridge now functional literally give away stock on special promotion. Make sure these z10s get out there and soon. Spread the news.

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Best thing blackberry should do is to look for new marketing team. Bb10 devices are excellent better than others but people don't know yet about it.

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Scaling BB10 was part of the strategic review - did "scaling" mean "scaling down" then? or, is something brewing in terms of a partnership? Any insights to share on that?

Kevin, you haven't announced about who this visit to Asia is for (is it on behalf of Blackberry?); also, you seem to be pumped about the mystery device day before - what about all that? - since you knew what was coming for a while why the sudden flush of doom and gloom?

I'm sorry to say that that my lovely Z10 shall probably be my final BlackBerry, there's just too much uncertainty surrounding the company. It's just too much hard work owning a BB now!

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Well it is sad to note that the management of BlackBerry went ahead with announcement of Z30 when they would have already known of the results for the quarter. Poor corporate strategy and marketing. Listed companies should be careful when they do such things as announce something positive when they know there is going to be an announcement which will be viewed negatively. And also what is the need for Z30 when they are writing off Z10 inventory! Disappointing. BlackBerry should go for marketing to the second and thir tier consumers. Build up its consumer base and then come up with such high-end items to compete with giants like Sony!truly worrisome. 

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The Simplest path of blackberry should have been by adopting android as their OS , customize it majorly to give it a bb10 feel if they want , put bbm and enterprise services , build good hardware wih decent specs.. and voila ! it is so simple !!

Remember when T.H. hold the BlackBerry 10 presentation in January ? This man is so boring he just couldn't sell the great product to the people. His speech, his mimic and gestures were so artificial, that for some moment I felt ashamed of him. And of course there was Alicia Keys, I like her music, but wtf did Heins think bringing her on stage? It was ridiculous! T.H. needs to go. They gotta replace him with someone cool. Someone who can actually sell it to the people. Oh, and of course the 50 million will stay where they are!
Still I love blackberry, and I will stick with the company till the end.

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It just occurred to me that BlackBerry is playing a brilliant strategy. This billion dollar writedown lowers the stocks so it can be taken private.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry announces the flagship Z30 to get users excited.

Z10 hasn't been out that long, and already they're writing off stock? And Z10 is such an awesome phone, anyone who actually uses one loves it. It could only be for one reason, to take the company private asap.

Expect an announcement of a sale very soon!

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please, in how many hours time is BBM gonna be on android? can't wait any longer. thanks
pls, am new here

No the phones will always work until the actual phone dies, just like any home phone.

The only thing is if no other company takes BlackBerry to keep updates coming to the existing phones, then no more OS updates or anything will come down for the devices.

Now there maybe third party people who will hack QNX or better yet figure a way to load android onto the devices, who knows right.

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It's called layoffs to help retain cash, but the reason is to show to interested buyers that the company has more cash or basically worth more then previously or has more money basically.

This is selling a business 101: Make it more appealing to interested buyers.

The company is hurting and are just surviving right now, so if the option is to sell, most companies do layoffs, cut back on products, sell whatever most buyers not care to have and load up the bank account with the savings before a sale.

Now if the option was not to sell the company after doing all the above, then BlackBerry and whoever is in charge best have a Huge Successful Comeback Plan for the next year or two.

You make the call.

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Either way; I would never leave a wounded man in battle. They are in the biggest fight of their lives. They are fighting for survival. I love my Q10 and ill stay with this company till they close their doors. I have faith when the smoke clears we'll still be here.

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It's time for BlackBerry to focus. They need to downsize to a lean operation that can cater to the faithful, but still develop hardware and software to claw back some market share.

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There is no way that these numbers are real, they are purposely manipulating the stock to sell the company for a cheap price

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I wonder if Google could buy BlackBerry and merge the O/S to give the best mobile O/S with tons of Apps for the next 10 years. I think a Motorola phone with an Android / BlackBerry O/S and BBM would work.

I'm not sure if it is possible though? Does anyone know if it could be done?

CB10 on Z10 (Telus)

Contract on my 9900 is up for renewal mid-October and I can't say that all this negativity from all corners is persuading me to stick with BB.

Blackberry don't seem to have much positive to say about themselves. How can they expect users/consumers to?

No snap decisions from me. I will sit tight for the time being and hope.

I am very disappointed I bought this Z10. I'm ready to get a phone from a company that can support its customers needs. Apps and up-dates are lame. I feel foolish for my decision. I'm smart enough to have seen this coming.

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Prosumer is a portmanteau formed by contracting either the word professional or, less often, producer with the word consumer. For example, a prosumer grade digital camera is a "cross" between consumer grade and professional grade.

The term has also taken on multiple meanings in business and economics: the business sector sees the prosumer (professional–consumer) as a market segment, whereas economists see the prosumer (producer–consumer) as having greater independence from the mainstream economy. These differing meanings often describe the same people; consumers unusually interested in the products. It can also be used to differentiate the traditional passive consumer with an active consumer role more involved in the process, such as activity in the design or customization of the end product.

I take it personal too. No one likes their team to lose. My dad called me a "rebel" years ago for sticking with BlackBerry when iPhone was all the rage. To that I say kiss my ass, i'll be picking up a Z30, and I'm all BlackBerry until the entire hull of the ship is actually under water. Even then, as long as my Z10 and Z30 power up, I'm happier than a hog rolling in mud and shit. I won't waste a dime on classless products like Android and iPhone. I'm an individual, not a lemming.

So what does it mean that they want to downgrade the Zed 10 as more entry level? Why not leave as is?

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Pro consumer will just mean a higher priced hardware device that will push affordability out the door and again closing out an already large and active market that are using blackberrrys.
I like blackberry for the email efficiency true and I like the information management features like the contacts and calendars BUT goin pro consumer only may not be a good idea in my books. Wouldn't it make more sense to expand markets than reduce them and close it out to a certain market group? Does that really make sense?

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What sucks is the iPhone is terrible compared my z10, and now bberry will stop making such lovely devices :(

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You guys really believe bb10 has a future? 2.8M phones in 2 quarters?
So the total number of BB10 users so far is 2.8M,

You think app developers will develop app for BB10?

So, RIM has been on the decline for what, five years at least I'm the U.S., and, all of a sudden, with the release of of BlackBerry 10 and a few new phones, the company is going to close their doors? They might be busy pretty in up BlackBerry for a sale, but BlackBerry is not going anywhere.

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BlackBerry should focus focus in it's niche market "the prosumer". To get back into the consumer market, they should go into a partnership with a phone manufacturer to build the hard ware while BlackBerry focuses in the software.

Look at Samsung. They build the hardware while Google makes the software. You just can't compete with all those deep pockets. Apple and Microsoft can do it all by themselves Cuz they're mega rich.

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