CrackBerry Live: Mobile Innovation of the Year Winner DIRECTV

By Adam Zeis on 18 May 2013 07:57 am EDT

The BlackBerry Achievement awards were announced during BlackBerry Live 2013 and we had a chance to chat with a few of the winners, one of which being DIRECTV. A winner in the category of Mobile Innovation of the Year, DIRECTV has deployed their app to the over 4,000 employees in the company. The app allows technicians to manage an entire service call and work order process from their phones, and supports Bluetooth technology to validate and adjust satellite signal strength.

We talked to Javier of DIRECTV who told us a bit about the app and how it helps the technicians greatly by cutting down on paperwork and providing tools to better complete their tasks in the field. 

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CrackBerry Live: Mobile Innovation of the Year Winner DIRECTV


Perhaps you're not seeing the bigger picture my friend. You invite a company and their representatives to come to an event. Present them an award and essentially have them as a captive audience for a few hours or days to maybe have them catch the fever and drink the Kool aid. It's a solid move.

I work for a cable provider and we just moved to a HTML5 coded site for our install/service support.
Big improvement over what we used before.

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