CrackBerry Live: Hookflash brings open-source cross-platform video chat to BlackBerry 10

Developers looking to do something with video chat now have one more tool at their disposal.

By Simon Sage on 15 May 2013 02:02 am EDT

One company we bumped into at BlackBerry Live 2013 was Hookflash. Using their OpenPeer SDK, they've managed to get video chat working between BlackBerry 10 and iOS in relatively little time.

Given it's still in a rough beta state, and we've seen video chat solutions on BlackBerry 10 before, what's really cool here is that the wholething is open-source. This opens the doors wide open to developers that have their own machinations in mind. For example, oen feature they see as coming down the line with their client is the ability to record video chats. As is, it's pretty cool to have another video chat option between iOS and BlackBerry 10, and no doubt it will be looking much better once it exits beta. 

Developers, if you're interested in cooking something up with OpenPeer, you can find more info on Hookflash's landing page. If you want to catch more interviews as they happen, be sure to swing by CrackBerry Live around tomorrow afternoon.

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CrackBerry Live: Hookflash brings open-source cross-platform video chat to BlackBerry 10


I hate to see a developer interested in doing good work for BlackBerry go to waste, what a shame...

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This is an SDK from within your app, not wasted or competing with BBM, think webex style, or client support etc

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Nice one will be looking into that.

By the way what do you means by oen source in the article. Right next to For example,

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Dear Crackberry friends, regarding the announcment of BB of the possibility of other platform like IOS and Android users will be able to use BBM on their devices, I would like to say that this a real unwise move from BB, speciellay when they just luanched their new platform BB 10, I believe this move shall drive away many BB users since they only think taht kept them using BB is the BBM, putting this great option into IOS and Android will 100% give will make them take taht bad dicision of leaving BB and for good this time, BB still have lots of chanlanges and developing to do to their new plattform to put them on the right road next to other plattforms and or to keep up with them and more than that is to beat them up but they need some time to do this as IOS and Andoid took them long time to be what they are now, even we still not close to make or get the aproval from Apple or Goolge but I advice the BB team and I'm using you here team of CB to advice them not to do this befor we see blackberry beating up other plattforms for real .. This new move might drive away current BB users to IOS and android but anly loyals like me will remian using it heheh

Don't worry man. Blackberry knows what they're doing.

This in app video chat doesn't go to waist with cross platform BBM. They did it for other platforms (that have facetime, Skype etc. ) aswell. There's other possibility for a video chat other then a stand alone video call.

Maybe while playing a game you want to make a quik call to your opponent. This way it's in app. I dunno, gotta think outside the box.

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its good to think this way, and true they know what they are doing best, but is it a wise move ? let's assume this: what if what I said came to reality? what if the BB userd drove away? can BB shut it down after they made the committment?

And what about the alternative? What if the iOS and Android users love bbm so much that they switch to BlackBerry? This is a great platform, and I didn't stay with BlackBerry just because of bbm. Stay positive!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Nice question my friend, however you have to know 2 things: 1. I will not leave BlackBerry what so ever and no matter happens, 2: blackberry have to have all the reasons to attract other platform users with other apps beside the BBM.. at this very moment t I don't think this is happening. In the way you handle the BlackBerry its much better than the other platforms but apps I don't think BlackBerry is doing a great job as the other platforms do, that's way I was saying BlackBerry has to work hard hard on what other platforms did and make a better job so BBM can't be the only reason for user to flip to BlackBerry mm but at end of the day if what you said cane to reality that will be a mega transform to BlackBerry and nobody will beat it up any more and will set again on the top of all.

I think it is a great idea for them to offer BBM to other platforms and there are a few reasons:
1) Its great for large corporate to clients who choose BES 10.1 to manage all their devices, now they will have a secure encrypted messaging platform included for use.
2) BBM Channels will have a larger audience and has a greater chance at growing to be something huge. Also, with corp clients a company could create a BBM Channel to communicate corp info to specific groups of employees or all employees and with using BBM they might be able to know which employees actually read the updates and are now aware of corp policy changes etc.
3) It’s a great proving grown for the BlackBerry NOC and demonstrating that they can handle large scale volume. This is greatly important for BlackBerry’s long term vision of Mobile Computing and having everything communicating with everything (IOT). For example when you are driving down the road with your Mercedes and you hit a pothole or the road get slippery with ice, the cars will be able to automatically communicate the information to other cars running QNX infotainment system further down the road. Eventually as everything get connected to the internet, like infrastructure, cars, medical equipment, houses, house hold appliances, the list goes on and one, there will be billions and billions of small messages passing through the net, and hopefully through blackberry’s proven secure NOC’s.
4) BBMMoney, if this works out really well in Indonesia we could see it spread around the world, and to be able to very simply and securely transfer funds to anybody on any platform through BBMMoney would be fantastic. BlackBerry would take a small cut of the fee’s and its currently much cheaper then any other option

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BBMMoney is not NFC based, it is message based. A secure money transfer facilitated by BBM. Think of it more like an email money transfer.

Last year wasn't the time to go cross platform with BBM. Now, with a slick and shiny new platform, BlackBerry can now make BBM available to all. It is the right move at the right time. Indeed, with BBM Channels, they now have a way to monetize BBM's move to other platforms. It is such a smart move! Kudos to them for dreaming this up. Those on other platforms will see the benefits of BBM and change their perception of BlackBerry as a company and as a premier smartphone manufacturer.

Great feedback, thanks to all for providing comments. Thanks again to the Crackberry team for posting the demo.

This is a developer toolkit, what you see above is a sample app built from that SDK (Software Development Kit), which is now available on Github as Open Source (meaning you get the source code, for free):

So, Open Peer is not an app. It's a suite of developer tools that will allow BB10 developers to build great features like P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Voice, Video and Messaging into their own apps. Someday we might see a Blackberry toolkit that does this for developers, but as of today Open Peer BB10 SDK stands alone.

Guys, this is not competitive and it could very well play nicely with BBM. We are working hard to with to bring Open Peer and WebRTC to the Blackberry platform, which will enable real-time communications not only across Blackberry & other mobile devices but also to WebRTC enabled browsers. In my humble opinion, Blackberry needs to get competitive (the other players are not standing still) and this new toolkit gives them the extra edge.

We think Blackberry has a tremendous future, which is why we poured our resources into the platform. We hope that this new Open Peer toolkit will drive more apps into Blackberry World, which in the end, is what this is really all about, isn't it?

Thanks again everyone, great feedback!

Great response, good job clearing it up for those who think this SDK is useless, they clearly do not understand the power of what your group has done.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Great stuff guys, thanks for all the hard work from your team! Really looking forward to this!

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One thing though, how do you guys make money or what do you guys get out of it since it's open source?

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So when is BlackBerry going to put video chat on z10 so we can use video chat to our playbook

Why BlackBerry never put the same video chat app as on playbook, onto z10?


Put bbm onto playbook?

I use faceflow it's cool can use on playbook through browser and use FF app on z10, make sure to create separate accounts and it works awesome.

Wish Skype would come to playbook.
Heck wish bb10 or 10.1 come to playbook soon

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The Z10 and PlayBook video chats are fully compatible. I don't understand your concerns. It's all there today!