CrackBerry Live: Hands-on with Samadhi relaxation apps

By Bla1ze on 16 May 2013 02:38 pm EDT

Everyone has stress in their lives and for some folks listening to some soothing sounds helps relax situations. Stopping by CrackBerry Live was Till Adam, Services Director at KDAB, to show us some apps he's been working on with Samadhi Group and Tasia Valenza. The apps are beautifully designed and if you enjoy tuning out the world in an attempt to regain some sanity, they should do the trick.

Right now, all of the apps are on sale for $0.99 and can be found in BlackBerry World. Check out the video above and be sure to stick around until the end -- there's an epic Star Trek tie in from Till and Kevin.

View all the Samadhi Group apps in BlackBerry World

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CrackBerry Live: Hands-on with Samadhi relaxation apps


Right, and this was better than 'first' how exactly? Because you didn't actually say 'first'? You probably could use some relaxation apps if you're that anxious to prevent 'first' with another comment just as irrelevant to the content. Tsk tsk.

While these do look and sound good -- future developers, please keep the bar high, look at '300 Sleep Relax Sounds' by Tesla on iPhone for what could be done (basically, create your own program from a multitude of elements.) These apps that only give you a selection of single tracks are getting a little boring, but many are still lovely and worthwhile nonetheless. You can download a bunch and run them simultaneously, as long as they'll still run as active frames.

Oh no, not steelers80 again, i noticed another post from him on CB 30 mins ago. As i never used this term in my not so young life, i think people would refer to him as a troll. There, i've said it.