CrackBerry Live: Checking out the latest BB10 game from the creator of Pixelated

By Simon Sage on 16 May 2013 04:12 pm EDT

Pixelated fans will want to check out the next game from creator Ebscer. Eric Harty was showing off Starbeams at BlackBerry Live 2013, a simple yet challenging puzzle game where players have to assign colors to points in a shape so that no two of them connected by a line are the same. It's pretty hard once you get to the later levels. We also chatted with Eric about his general impressions of the show from the perspective of an independent developer. 

Ebscer has a bunch of other games in BlackBerry World, so go ahead and take a look at what's there. There's still plenty more of our CrackBerry Live footage to see, so keep that CB browser tab open!

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CrackBerry Live: Checking out the latest BB10 game from the creator of Pixelated


I think there should be two or three standard questions you should ask all the developers you interview. These are the questions I would ask: (1) How long have you been developing, (2) How do you compare the current BB10 app dev tools to other tools you have used in the past? (3) if you have an app, or are working on an app, is it native? If not, what do you need to happen to consider building a BB10 native app?
I think you guys are missing out on the chance to, at minimum, get feedback from developers.
Just saying.

you guys did a great job with the live feeds at this event. and like java0317 said, have some set questions for developers / VP's / enterprise guests, plus a few minutes to openly share their own thoughts / feedback.

also another thing, which Adam is guilty of not doing in this video, is let the guest do 80% of the talking with minimal interruption from the host. Adam starts talking about stuff that the developer would have been more enthused to share himself - like how long he has been developing for BB, since what OS, most successful app, etc.

a couple of neat questions could have been:
- tell us a bit about yourself, how you started as a developer.
- what are some of your successful apps and what inspired you to make them?
- what has your experience been with developing for this platform?
- what are your next steps, new apps, new project?
- any closing thoughts?
- how do people find you?

i know this is the first time you guys are doing something like this, and i'm sure with practice you chaps will get much better. for a first time showing, it was amazing, and i'm looking forward to more of these in the future.


Some developers aren't enthused enough on their own so we try to keep the pace going. But yes, first time and it didn't turn out too bad :)

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Eric has some solid ideas for games, it'd be great to have him work with a graphic artist to add some sparkle to the apps to really make them stand out.