CrackBerry Live: Chad Tetreault talks joining #TeamBlackBerry and supporting HTML5 apps

We chat with Chad, a recent hire that's handling BlackBerry developer support for HTML5 apps. 

By Simon Sage on 16 May 2013 10:02 am EDT

The BlackBerry Live 2013 interview train keeps on a-rollin' with Chad Tetreault. This time last year, Chad was an indie developer at mblware, which was probably best known for their JeeoSuite Wi-Fi remote file access app.

Since then, he's joined #TeamBlackBerry in a very real way as an Application Development Consultant. Basically, that means he helps HTML5 developers chew through whatever their problems may be, often through the community support forums. Be sure to take a listen and get a feel for what it's like on the inside of BlackBerry. 

CrackBerry Live is, err, live! Hop in, chat with our stars, and catch these interviews as they happen!



Chad's been really helpful and wrote some really nice articles on devblog.
Keep on! ;)


why are these not being pushed out on the podcast channel?

I get the imore and android central podcasts. I guess even in news distribution, BlackBerry is falling behind the big two in the mobile space.


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They aren't falling behind at all. Where the heck have you been?


Is this the famous Chad that froze the z10 for a moment during the Bbm stress test???? (Just kidding, just kidding! :D)

Great stuff guys, really nice these past two days showcasing all the work put into all this! Keep it up!
All the best!

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