CrackBerry Live: Bringing Office 365 and SharePoint to BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 19 May 2013 02:36 am EDT

We noticed the announcement at BlackBerry Live 2013 for Office 365 and SharePoint coming to BB10, so we met up with the co-founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen to get a closer look. sits on BES 10.1, allowing its users to access all sorts of day-to-day Office 365 information securely, as well as tapping into the SharePoint cloud collaboration service. also supports Android and iOS, plus Balance for BlackBerry, so it's perfectly suited to the mixed BYOD environment. SharePoint documents can be opened directly in the built-in Docs to Go suite, while search, contacts, and calendar are due for the next update. 

The nice thing about is that though this is geared primarily as an enterprise product, they have a fully functioning free sample app available in BlackBerry World right now, so BES admins can figure out if this is right for them without having to make any initial investments. Once they're ready to go, costs $4 per user per month.

The most compelling part of my talk with Yaacov was when he said their aim was to make it so folks weren't just "bringing their device to work, they're bringing their devices for work." There are certainly some tasks in which a smartphone can replace a laptop in a pinch, but I would be hesitant to rely on one as much as I would on a laptop for some tasks, especially document editing. 

Any of you guys currently using Office 365 or SharePoint at work? How badly are you hurting for a BlackBerry 10 client? For anyone interested, hit up for more details about their BES plans. 

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CrackBerry Live: Bringing Office 365 and SharePoint to BlackBerry 10


Yes. You've won a cookie. Pop by to pick it up.

On another note this is great news I've used webex on the z10 and have been jonesing for some Share point. Mmmmmmm.

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This is great as a lot of effort is going into collaboration with SharePoint. Now from bb10 one can stay connect to docs, projects etc as the team works. Sky drive for family etc. Good stuff.

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This is the answer I was looking for!!! This is great since I was hoping someone would ask. Now here's the thing. I'm in need of some new basket ball players and I was wondering...

6'8"....awesome.....i'm 6'2" you get better signal reception on your BBRY than us smaller humans. Haha

Yup, that's exactly what I was looking for. In fact, I was about to develop my solution (much much simpliest !) for a client need. I won't now, for sure !
BTW, it made me sell 2 BB10s; 1 Q10 and one Z10 !

Is this a port? Cannot approve this app in the bes software policy. Would love to be able to use it with blackberry balance to access sharepoint servers inside our network.

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So I have Office 365 Account and subscription. Can I access it on my Z10 now or I have to wait?

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I am currently using the free version of great app thanks guys. But I am definitely recommend the app to top management for purchasing the full version as soon as my BES is fully operational.

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It is nice to see this, but the app is not very responsive. It looks native but does not behave native. It was a bit frustrating to use as a result. The sharepoint 2013 web app on the other hand was quite decent. Sadly the Outlook, Word, Excel web apps will not open in the Z10 browser.

Posted via CB10 is totally native developed on Web Works. Office Web Apps indeed don't yet work in the BlackBerry browser but I have been told it will be fixed soon.

Okay, so based on my comments and other comments here, I have to correct myself. works far better than the sharepoint web app. It is quite a pleasure to use. There are situations where the touch controls are non responsive and I don't know why. It is what led to my prior comment. I have since tried it again just now and compared them. In a real work situation, I would choose in a heart beat. Keep up the good work.

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We use MS Office 365 but not Share Point so much. My Z10 has worked perfectly with MS O 365 since the day I got it. No issues whatsoever. I've downloaded the Harmonie app and will be looking at how we can integrate SP more in the future

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I currently use. Office 365 to integrate the BlackBerry Balance feature. $20 per month Enterprise 3 plan. Have never used Sharepoint.

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I use the freebie on my Z10 and can confirm it works nicely with SharePoint 2013, certainly much better than Microsoft's mobile site layout. The only drawback is that it basically just accesses any shared documents or pictures on a site but doesn’t display any wiki or blog posts in SP. So you might have to bounce back and forth between the app for files and the browser experience for page content. Overall, not a bad start.

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