CrackBerry Live: Bluetooth controllers and NFC-enabled poker on BlackBerry 10

We catch up with BlackBerry's Sean Paul Taylor on what's hot in BlackBerry gaming. 

By Simon Sage on 15 May 2013 10:21 am EDT

At another one of our BlackBerry Live 2013 interviews, I had the chance to talk with Sean Paul Taylor, R&D machine for gaming at BlackBerry. We had caught up at GDC earlier this year when they were chatting up Bluetooth controller support, and that's still very much a part of their message to game developers here in Orlando.

This go-around, they were demonstrating the Moga Pro controller working with the Z10. With all of the comfort of a console-style controller, you can play BB10 games with renewed precision, more screen real estate, and with HDMI out, you can enjoy these on the big screen. The important thing to note here is that HID support has been in BlackBerry 10 all along, but hasn't really been promoted. With any luck, BlackBerry Jam Americas will be an opportunity to spread the word.

After that, we talked with the Magmic guys and got the first demo of their hugely popular Texas Hold'em game using NFC to get players at the same table - just tap your phones together and ante up. 

All in all, it's a good time to be a gamer and packing a BlackBerry. Keep your eyes peeled on CrackBerry Live for more interviews later on today!

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CrackBerry Live: Bluetooth controllers and NFC-enabled poker on BlackBerry 10


This is good once you've connected your Z10 to a TV.

Couldn't see myself playing games with a controller on a small screen.

Just IMO

So plug it into the TV and play :P It kinda brings me back to the days of my old original GameBoy. I was always more than happy to play on that tiny screen.

Also, the I have the poker game and it's awesome. Would love to have more poker friends with the Z10 so I can play with them.

This is an amazing feature and the fact they are demonstrating with a Moga Pro controller (which seems to be the best ergonomic controller going for mobile devices)

If only BlackBerry can hopefully ram the message home to all the big names: -

EA, Gameloft, Fishlabs, Madfinger Games

Add Bluetooth controller support to your games!! If they did that, and do it soon, then the BlackBerry Z10 could be the killer portable games console!


Posted via CB10

Holy fu shit, this is awesome!!!! Major entertainment at my fingertips with that awesome controller!!! Now add multiplayer to the Z10 on every game so we can share with close friends and I'll dump my PS3

Posted with mah Z10!

I am glad they are supporting this, but disappointed that no dev's are shipping games with controller support yet.NOVA 3 with controller would be sweet.

When can we buy these controllers!!!!

NVM lol seems the controllers are available, just can;t support it yet

PS3 controller? It seems like they are avoiding talking about the most popular Bluetooth controller out there that most of us already have. So can we user our PS3 controller with this?

Pretty much when any game is released with controller support it would be good if you made a blog post about it. I'll wait for a couple more games then buy the controller. Im the type of guy who gets sucked into a game and plays it till its beaten. I dont wanna run out of games too quik lol

I haven't owned a handheld gaming device since maybe the first color gameboy. Touchscreen controls can be very frustrating. This will get me hooked again

So, this is harder than you think. When I was doing the Moga Pro review, it was hard finding games that listed HID support in their feature list. If they have it, it's something quiet that exists beneath the surface. This is part of the reason that I'm so  happy BlackBerry is going out of their way to push it as a marketable feature - then maybe developers will start talking about it in their changelogs etc. 

Any news from on high re sell through/demand trends for Q10 and Z10 ? Usually if Thorsten has something to crow about you hear him from far away, so silence on the topic is interesting.

Love the game controller. I can hardly wait for it to take off. I'm itching to a some of my games on the big screen.

Posted via CB10

Imagine hooking the Z10 up to a bigger screen via HDMI while using that controller..
That's what I call good mobile gaming